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"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" After reading 1000 words

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"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" After reading 1000 words

Although I have heard Mr. Yue Xiaodong's book "The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" for a long time, I haven't really read it yet. When I knew the name of the book, I wondered: Why is it called "the feeling of ascending to the sky"? I opened the book with great curiosity. The answer turned out to be this way: Psychological counseling is to make people feel as good as possible. This is also the mood of psychological counseling. The goal of psychological counseling is to make people better understand themselves, develop themselves, and inspire themselves.

The book describes the author's case for consulting students at Harvard University. Each consulting case has grown both the visitor and the consultant and learned a lot. From the book, I also learned more about psychological counseling:

First of all, I do n’t know how the layout of the counseling place will be so important: “I ’ve arranged it warmly and artistically. I want to let people enter my room to relax and relax. Hint is important. " Secondly, psychological counseling is not "telling others what to do" as I imagined, but to help the inquirer to discuss the problem, and to promote the inquirer to think independently, in the end, "take your own ideas." It is as if the author was subjectively subjective in the beginning, which is very inappropriate. Also, you cannot do things based on experience, it is a taboo for psychological counseling ...

I am most interested in the case of "sexual orientation". Although we learned from physiological psychology that human sexual orientation has a great relationship with genetic factors and non-genetic biological factors, I did not think about psychological factors, sociological factors, and conscious choices. I have not been able to understand homosexuals before looking at this case. Although homosexuals cannot be discriminated against, many people discriminate and prejudice them because they do not understand this phenomenon.

However, do most of us really understand the inner world of homosexuals? Usually gay (lesbian) or bisexual people are afraid, abnormal and lonely when they first realize that their sexual orientation is different from social norms. But to a certain extent, one cannot choose between homosexual orientation and heterosexual orientation. Although homosexuality is not explicitly prohibited in law in China, heterosexuality is the prerequisite for legislation in our country. Therefore, our country does not support homosexuality, and discrimination and social prejudice against homosexuality are still inevitable.

"Homosexuality is not an uncommon thing. It is a personal life choice. It is the same as you have the right to choose your dance partner or business partner." This is a girl at the Harvard Gay Association. Feel. In the United States, many people's choice of sexual orientation is just a fashionable pursuit-they just want to try it. In the author's analysis of Tom's case, he found that his involvement in homosexuality was only a superficial phenomenon, and that his generational conflict with his father and the adolescent's rebellious psychology were the underlying factors. These are the things that surprised me the most. Homosexuality has great appeal to some people in order to advocate self and unconventionality, to show a person's personality and rebellious spirit! I think, if asexuality can also show personality, presumably will also be popular in the United States!

From this book, I understand that many things are not what I imagine! I thought I had a little understanding of psychological counseling, but I didn't expect to know anything about it. The author is also continuously learning while consulting with the inquiries. There are many things we are all unknown. When helping others, maybe we have to try to understand a strange world and at the same time we have grown up.

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" After reading 1000 words

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" is a collection of consulting cases of Dr. Yue Xiaodong's psychological counseling at Harvard University. This book features 10 representative consulting cases he did during his time at Harvard. Since I chose this major in college, I have always had a strong interest in the subject of psychology, and I have read many books on this subject. However, I have recently read "The Feeling of Ascending to the Heaven", which is different from previous feelings. The previous books are very theoretical and difficult to understand. Dr. Yue introduced readers to the basic theories and methods of psychological counseling in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-understand manner. Although this book is not very long, in 10 cases it has covered many aspects of psychological counseling, including human-centered therapy, analytical methods, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, reality therapy, Gestalt therapy, cross therapy, etc. Explanation of the main schools of counseling and treatment and their methods. Dr. Yue cleverly runs through these theories through vivid and concrete vivid cases, so that readers at different levels can appreciate the infinite charm of the magical skills of psychological counseling, and bring me the feeling of flying in the cloud-the growth of self, It also brought deeper thoughts.

Each visitor in the book uses a different consultation method, which reflects the complexity of human psychology. It needs to solve psychological problems from different perspectives, just like a polygon mirror. For each unique individual, the problem that cannot be replicated requires the consultant to make different prescriptions each time and cannot be constrained by experience. This is both responsible to the visitor and the consultant himself. In the practice of consulting, the author also often looks at himself with a third eye and supervision, and constantly increases his cultivation and promotes his own growth.

In my opinion, psychological counseling is a work that makes people happy and growing. Making people happy is a prelude to psychological counseling, and making people grow is the main theme of psychological counseling. Psychological counseling seeks to make individuals use unpleasant experiences as opportunities for self-growth. It tries its best to make people take an active view of the frustrations and sufferings of individuals, see the vitality from the crisis, and the hope from the difficulties. Psychological counseling is also to help people learn to view dialectically the sorrows and worries in life. But all this is not obtained by persuasion but by inspiration. In Maslow's words, psychological counseling is to make people "peak experience"!

In a case where she helped a student who was so guilty for her roommate's suicide get rid of the mental torture she blame, and discovered a story. Teacher Yue Xiaodong tells us from his own experience that when consulting, we must always maintain an objective attitude, and always pay attention to the principle of consultation is to "help others"! When we comfort others, we often say "forget the past", "people should "Looking forward" actually let you keep in mind forever and become an "unfinished complex". On the contrary, when we can let that person talk about the pain and find the root together, we have the feeling of comprehension at once, which is the taste of "outright cheerfulness". Closing the wound over and over again will eventually lead to a comprehensive ulcer and outbreak, and finding the crux and exit will give people a sense of relaxation and solidity. When Jiasha was guilty for her cousin's suicide, her parents just let her not think about it, but it became her pain. Fortunately, after her roommate's suicide deepened her guilt, Jiasha met Teacher Yue Xiaodong , Can finally find the connection between these two events, release the bad emotions that have been stagnating. Regarding the psychological shadow, we must not hold the attitude of "big things become smaller, small things become smaller". An event that seems to bring only minor ripples, and if not handled, will one day erupt and set off a storm.

For many things, "knowing" and "doing" are two different things, as is psychological counseling. People who have learned psychological counseling generally know that they are not soothing, not giving advice, or helping make decisions. However, many people still make such mistakes unconsciously or consciously during the consultation process. I think this is a mistake that consultants tend to make more easily, and a problem that is more difficult to deal with in consultation. Because the principle of consultation is: don't advise the visitor, don't help the visitor to make a decision, but in fact, the so-called consultant may help the visitor make a decision consciously or unconsciously.

In short, I think this is a psychological counseling book that is worth reading again and again, because every time you read it, you may have different experiences and new insights. It tells you what is really psychological counseling. A person's life path may be changed by a few words! Most of the problems in daily life are actually psychological problems. The happiness of life is not a contest of money and fame. It originally comes from our inner peace. Heaven exists in everyone's heart. Recalling my work in the past two years, I have also provided some psychological guidance and help to students during their growth. There are also some successful cases and obvious changes in students. So I have secretly confessed my achievements and pride. But after reading this book carefully, I found myself small and ignorant. Teachers are not God, not saviors, and cannot be the masters of students and parents. Our work should be inspiration and guidance, not persuasion. I think reading and studying this book will be a new starting point and milestone for me.

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" After reading 1000 words

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" is a collection of consulting cases of Dr. Yue Xiaodong's psychological counseling at Harvard University. He selected 10 representative counseling cases made during Harvard University to tell us about his theory and experience of psychological counseling, as well as common problems encountered in counseling. He introduced psychology in an easy-to-understand way. Basic theories and methods of consulting. Although this is a non-academic monograph, I think this book can correct the misunderstandings of non-psychologists about psychological counseling and guide common counselors to walk out of common misunderstandings, and also allow psychologists to have more psychological counseling Understand. The book is not very long, but in 10 cases it has covered many aspects of psychological counseling, including psychological counseling on humanistic therapy, analytical methods, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, reality therapy, gestalt therapy, cross therapy, etc. Explain with the main schools of treatment and their methods. In addition, Dr. Xiaodong Yue cleverly permeated the theory of psychological counseling in each case, and the specific image was vivid and easy to understand. At the same time, he also fused the problems encountered in psychological counseling and the solutions, which was very enlightening. It is known as the introductory book for all psychological counseling enthusiasts. It has made thousands of people in China begin to understand psychological counseling and has changed the lives of many people. Its long-term popularity is a testament to the thirst for truly excellent books on psychology.

In the book, the first thing that impressed me was the content of the conversation between Dr. Yue Xiaodong and an American psychological counseling professor during his flight to Boston University. From the conversation, Yue Xiaodong heard the description of psychological counseling for the first time, which was the feeling of ascending to heaven. Feeling driving in the clouds, feeling that I am standing on top of the world, feeling good about myself, and it is precisely because of this description that one cannot help step by step to understand the true face of psychological consultation covered with a layer of mystery. In the process of reading, I couldn't help but be touched by Dr. Yue Xiaodong's meticulous work attitude. At the same time, I was deeply moved by his ascendant feeling of helping others to unblock their psychology, bring happiness, help others to help themselves!

For example, in For Whom Do You Feel Guilty, Dr. Yue Xiaodong originally used real-life therapy, but later discovered that the visitor was still unable to adjust his psychological problems, and later he used analytical therapies to finally discover the source of the problem. In "Ask You Still Love Me", the author mainly used cognitive therapy, but in the process of consultation, the author interspersed with analytical therapy. In "I Want to Transfer from Harvard University", Yue Xiaodong talked about one with his own experience. The problem of anti-empathy is a mistake that consultants tend to make, and it is also a difficult problem to deal with in counseling. He told the reader frankly the problems he encountered in counselling and some mistakes he made. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

A helping heart is the most precious. When you see someone else's heart locked in a cage, help him or her find the key to regain freedom. Such as the author of Mu Xian. When I read this book, I was telling the truth that I was broadcasting an issue of "Sister and Brother". My brother saved his soul when he took the step of finding his sister. Now looking at gcdf skills, it might not be the concept of helping others. Helping others in action is simple, but helping others in spirit is not simple. Wisdom is really needed, otherwise it is counterproductive, just like the harmful love that our parents have for their children.

After reading ten cases in one breath, I finally realized why the title of this book is ascending. Because those people who have been carrying heavy psychological problems for a long time have found themselves again with the help of others, walking out of the hell of inferiority and self-pity, and marching into a paradise of self-esteem and confidence. Does it feel like heaven? The author personally felt that these visitors were happy every day and grew up day by day. Isn't it also a feeling of ascending to heaven? And we are not experiencing a kind of flying in the clouds from this book. The wonderful feeling is also the feeling of ascending to the sky.

May everyone come to experience this ascension!

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" After reading 1000 words

"The Feeling of Ascending to Heaven" by Teacher Yue; every time I read a case, my thinking changed a bit, but when I finished reading this book, my heart was full of doubts, what did I understand? Where did the initial sense of satisfaction go? Looking back, my biggest gain was: "Psychological counseling is not about making decisions for people, but to help counselors and guide them to make the right decisions. There must be no anti-empathy. Emotion. "Psychological counseling is different from general comfort. It must not only make people happy, but also make them grow. Psychological counseling must make people feel good about themselves, as if they feel ascending to heaven. The reason it gives counselors" ascending to heaven " Feeling "is:

Psychological counseling does not seek to learn from others, but to enlighten others. Psychological counseling is not to make decisions for others, but to help others make decisions. The primary task of psychological counseling is to communicate with thoughts, not psychological analysis. You must respect each other before talking. The premise is that your relationship with each other is not a patient, and the relationship between you is a friend; psychological counseling is the spiritual enjoyment of modern people, not something unseen; psychological counseling can enhance one's self-reliance and not rely on others; Psychological counseling can not only help others grow, but also help oneself grow up; Psychological counseling should listen more and talk less, not speak more;

From the nine cases throughout the book, first of all, I think we need to reach an emotional resonance with the consultant before we have room for action; we will talk coldly without regard to the feelings of the consultant, and it will give people a cold attitude. Feeling, always talking about the counselor's feelings will give the counselor a sense of confusion. The original motivation of the counselor is that you can tell him: what he should do and how to choose, but the first task as a counselor is to help the counselor. The person sees the essence of things and helps him make a decision; the two should complement each other, which is the skill of psychological counseling and the wisdom of mutual comfort.

Secondly, from the case of Monica, I know how I can help the friends around me properly; when we comfort or persuade the friends around me, sometimes we should not always say that the past has passed, forget it, We should look forward. There are always unforgettable reasons for things. We need to find ways to find out the unforgettable reasons, and then find ways to help our friends overcome this psychological barrier!

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