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"Love Education" reading notes about 400 words

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"Education of Love" was written in the form of a diary in the eyes of an Italian fourth grader, Anlico, from the first day of the fourth grade. This article consists of three parts: the school year diary of the protagonist An Li Ke; the exhortations and inspirational words written by his parents and his sister in his diary; Wonderful and touching little story.

"Education of Love" tells emotional stories. The book tells us in a child's tone: Quality education is the education of love.

Some classmates are pursuing fashion, and their parents say a few words, then they are offensive. Some classmates ignore them because they criticize a few words. They cannot feel the love their parents have for them. Some classmates said: They do not have the same language as their parents, and their love for him is decreasing. In fact, there are many ways to express love: reprimand and nagging are the language unique to parents. Don't make any excuses, and don't justify generation gaps and social gaps at any age, because these generation gaps and gaps may not be caused by your parents, but by you.

Everyone should honor their parents, because they pay too much for you, too much. And you can report too little, too little. Those who do not respect their parents will not be respected by others. Reward does not mean that something big has to be done. A word of thanks, a word of love, a certificate of merit, and a transcript may be the best report they want. Love education reading notes about 400 words

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