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The sixth grade of the fourth volume of the Chinese language composition: "Robinson Crusoe" after reading 500 words

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Sixth-grade second-language Chinese Synchronous Composition: Impressions of Robinson Crusoe

In the summer, I read the book Robinson Crusoe. The stories in the book are wonderful and the content makes me understand a lot of truth.

This book is mainly about Robinson who was born in a British businessman's family. He did not want to be the same as his father, so he left the house to become a crew member. During a voyage, they unfortunately encountered a tornado, and Robinson and the ship were washed into a deserted island by the sea. Only Robinson survived on the ship. He had nothing but a knife, a pipe and a small box of tobacco leaves. But he did not give up hope of life, he went to the boat and took everything that could be taken down. In this way, he began to build tents, fences, utensils, grow food, raise livestock on the island, and build his own home on the island. Later, he saved a black man and named him Friday, and since then he has a new partner. In the end, he and Friday rescued a captain betrayed by the sailors, who together recaptured the ship and finally returned to their hometown.

After reading this book, I can't believe that Robinson's survivability is so strong. Can actually make bread, squeeze goat's milk, and make grapes into raisins on a deserted island. It's really unbelievable. I really admire Robinson, because he told us not to panic when suffering, as long as we persist, there will be a way.

After reading this book, I was deeply moved. It is commendable for a person to be in despair to be so confident in life, to face life bravely, and to create life. I realized that no matter when and where people are, no matter how difficult they are, they cannot be intimidated by difficulties. They must face the difficulties bravely, overcome them, and always maintain a positive, calm and optimistic attitude. Oppose and challenge doom.

500 words after reading Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a novel written from a realistic point of view. The hero Robinson wanted to be free and his parents were not allowed to choose a career for him. He sailed the sea alone. After fighting fiercely with the pirates, he was alone in the storm One person lives on a desert island.

He didn't panic too much on the island, but let himself calm down and face everything bravely and intelligently. He has good common sense in life and has read a lot of books. He knows how to protect himself, how to build his fort, how to hunt carefully, and how to reflect on his shortcomings through the Bible. He made a detailed plan for himself, so he was fulfilling every day on the island. He found Spanish gold and silver coins on the lost ship, as well as bread, barley biscuits, biscuits, wine, and countless foods such as cambodia and coconut wine.

In addition to being an animal companion on the island, he keeps parrots, puppies, kittens, and herds of goats. Due to the different environment on the island, he also learned to make clothes, and also found several sailor suits from the boat. He also recorded in detail his experience on the island, in the form of a diary. Later, due to lack of Mexican suspension. Life on the island is helpless. I don't think all of this is God's gain, but that Robinson's wit and bravery, good at imagination, hard work and constant reflection and innovation have created everything. In the confrontation with Cannibal Caribs, they fought bravely and defeated primitive with gun technology. It was taken Friday from the captives. A loyal servant who was treated well. They took in their father on Friday and a few Spaniards. In the end, because of the captain's large ship, Robinson was rescued from difficulties and became a famous rich man, a large-scale industry.

After reading Robinson Crusoe, I understand a truth. When faced with difficulties, I must calmly face down, use my common sense, wisdom, diligence, and knowledge, and wait for a good time, and I will certainly be rescued.

500 words after reading Robinson Crusoe

In these few days, I read "Robin Sun Crusoe", a fine book by British writer Defoe.

The protagonist of the story is an Englishman named Robinson. On a journey to South America, he encountered a strong wind and the ship was destroyed. However, Robinson was spared. He set up a tent on the island. This loneliness His life has strengthened Lu Binsun's sexuality, and it is this belief that has allowed him to live on the island for twenty-six years. Then he rescued another savage named "Friday" and rescued the captain with him, and eventually returned to England. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

I feel that since Lu Binsun can return to his homeland from an isolated island, it shows that he has a strong desire for survival and strong perseverance. He is indomitable, hard-working, hard-working, skillful, and freed himself. He had a strong curiosity, went through all kinds of hardships, overcame resistance to loneliness, and died a lifetime. In the face of difficulties and setbacks, Lu Binsun, who was alone, did what ordinary people could not do. Instead of giving up, he used his actual actions to rekindle the hope of life. This valuable character is worth every one of us to taste and ponder. Writer Di Fu outlines the image of Lu Binsun as a hero with vivid pen.

In life, if we encounter a situation similar to Robinson, can we turn the crisis into peace with optimism like him? No. We must learn to survive and have the ability to protect ourselves like Robinson. How to learn to survive? Survival needs to be honed in a harsh environment in order to learn. This may be like the rapid rivers in the road of life, blocking your way forward, and you are taking this opportunity to exercise yourself. In life, there are bound to be many things that need to be done independently. "Perseverance and hard work" is the only way to learn to survive.

After reading Robinson Crusoe, I have benefited a lot and feel how important survival is!

500 words after reading Robinson Crusoe

After reading Robinson Crusoe, I knew that Robinson was an optimistic person who would survive on his own. And he is also brave. Everyone knows that even if I drifted to the remote island, I usually renounced myself and waited to die ... but Rubin Xun survived on the remote island and had his own home and sheepfold. Put your life in Chile just to be organized. Is this worthy of our study? This book teaches me that the road of life cannot always be flat and always tripped over from time to time, but when you are tripped over, you think about how to get up and move forward instead of moving still This is also the case when you encounter problems. Thinking hard at the end will give you a feeling: "Liu An Hua Ming Yi Village".

I know that Robinson is still a brave and resolute person. After 27 years of living on the island, what is it that keeps him alive? Right, confident, strong and intelligent brain. Robinson has lived on these islands for 27 years, bravely confronted the harsh environment, I believe it can be done, as long as I am willing to work hard,

This book meets me. As long as people stick to it, they will win. I think that Lu Bingxun's strong optimism cannot be possessed by others. He has lived alone on the island for 27 years. If I am Robinson, I do n’t think I can live like him, I admire him, the wisdom he has made me unable to have, he can live on the island for so long, I like him, like her Optimism, his self-confidence, and his brave, forward-thinking personality without fear of loneliness are examples of my studies.

500 words after reading Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a representative work of British writer Defoe. After reading it, Robinson ’s positive and never-ending spirit of optimism deeply infected me.

"Robinson Crusoe" mainly talks about a British businessman. When sailing, he encountered a severe storm and drifted alone to a deserted island. On this desert island, he overcomes unexpected difficulties with his own hands and tenacious perseverance. After living on the island for 28 years, he finally returned to his hometown, England, one day after saving a captain.

From this article, I felt Robinson's positive and optimistic attitude towards life. When he was killed, he put the luck and unluckyness of his situation together and carefully compared them, so that he could face up mentally and rationally Difficulties in life. Not only is he optimistic, he is also tenacious. In the article, Robinson has experienced difficulties such as cave landslides, earthquakes on the island, and diseases. He has relied on his optimistic attitude to life and the scientific knowledge he has mastered. It is Robinson's quality that is not afraid of danger, tenacity, bravery.

If it was me and not Robinson on the desert island, I would not be as brave as Robinson, maybe I would lose hope, sit on the beach crying, give up myself, and finally wait for death .

Therefore, we should learn Robinson ’s attitude of facing life without fear of danger, facing reality, and optimism, instead of being pessimistic about life, not experiencing a little bit of wind and rain, and frustration. Whenever he encounters a little disappointment, he gives up hope for life, and gives up by himself. Eventually they can only fall into the abyss.

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