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Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

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Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

In the summer, I read an essay with the name "Who is the cutest person".

The main content of this article is: a soldier of a company of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army in the battle of Songgufeng, using the body burned by petrol bombs to throw at the enemy all; the soldier Ma Yuxiang rescued the Korean children from the fire; Eating fried noodles while talking about the ideal lively clips and so on.

Among them, I was most encouraged by the battle of Songgufeng. The blood of the warriors reddened the hill, and finally the bullets were burned out. The swarming enemies occupied the hill, and the petrol bombs dropped by the plane on the head burned the soldiers, but the soldiers were burning with the burning pain , Pounce on the enemy, hug the enemy, let the fire on his body burn the enemy to death. In the end, the guns on the position were broken safely, and the parts were full of mountains. Some of the martyrs' bodies held the enemy's waist, some held the enemy's head, some caught the enemy's neck, and some knocked the enemy down. On the ground, there was a warrior. He also held a grenade tightly in his hand. The body was covered with brain, and the brain of the American devil who died with him cracked and smeared the ground. Another warrior had half an ear of the enemy in his mouth.

After reading this article, I am proud and proud of the brave and fearless soldiers, I am extremely hurt and sorry for the sacrificed warriors, and I am proud of our increasingly strong motherland. We should cherish this beautiful, carefree life now. We must be happy to read and study, and cherish this hard-won time. We must be serious in our studies, do our own things in life, unite and help classmates, and be a teacher ’s assistant. The little master of the motherland comes to ask herself to be the cutest person!

Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

Today, I read a reportage "Who is the cutest person" by Wei Wei, a famous contemporary writer. This reportage made me feel excited and deeply moved me.

The author of "Who is the cutest person" wrote that during the Anti-American and Aid Korea period, the author witnessed the heroism and heroic deeds of Chinese volunteer soldiers on the Korean battlefield. Their hatred of the enemy and their love for the Korean people are vividly displayed before us.

In the battle of Songgufeng, the volunteer soldiers faced the "population of enemies" at the last moment when they ran out of food. The soldiers threw their guns and screamed with flames on their hats. The enemy embraced and let the fire on him burn the enemy occupying the position. ... the corpses of the martyrs retained various poses, including those who hugged the enemy's waist, those who hugged the enemy's head, and half of the enemy's ears in their mouths ... which proved their resistance to the invaders. The deep hatred inspired the spirit of revolutionary heroes who wanted to overwhelm the enemy without yielding.

Ma Yuxiang, who was only 21 years old, stormed the blazing fire to rescue North Korean women and children, showing the love of volunteer soldiers to the Korean people. There are also talks between the author and the soldiers, "We eat snow here just for the people of our motherland not to eat snow." "I squatting in the air-raid shelter here, the people of the motherland can stay in the air-raid shelter." "As long as the people are happy, that is our greatest happiness." From these ordinary words, let me see the beautiful hearts of the soldiers and the noble qualities of dedication to the motherland! These ordinary and great soldiers, It's our cutest person!

After reading this article, I shed tears. I think that our happy lives today are exchanged with blood by countless martyrs! They threw their heads, sprinkled blood, defeated the invaders, and defended the sacred frontier of the motherland! With the prosperity of our great motherland today! With our carefree and happy life! We have to pay tribute to them! Whether it is the past, present, or future, our soldiers, defenders of the motherland, they will always be us The cutest person! I must also study hard and do my part for our great motherland in the future!

Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

During this time I read a book called "Who is the cutest person". This is a tearful book and a very touching book. The articles in the book have moved me for a long time.

The main contents of this book are: During the period of resistance to the United States and aid to the DPRK, the United States launched a large-scale war of aggression against North Korea, and the Chinese people's history was rescued by the order of the motherland. In this vast war, the soldiers of the Volunteer Army relied on their boundless love for the motherland and the people without fear of sacrifice, and bravely killed the enemy, and finally achieved victory.

What touched me most in the book was: Song Gufeng fighting. It is about a volunteer army team fighting desperately to prevent the enemy army from escaping. In the face of the enemy ’s huge equipment, the volunteer army team didn't have a little tremor. You only know a dozen of them! But in the end they are still Failed. However, the hero's volunteers did not yield until they were burned by the fire, and instead they used their bodies to hold the enemy and the enemy together with Jing. There was only one idea in their hearts. We must win anyway. After reading, my heart was completely shaken. This kind of spirit, this kind of courage, how many people do not have!

If you ask me, "Who is the cutest person? I will certainly answer without hesitation, that is, the great volunteers. Think of their simple smiles, and the oath to protect the motherland , Protect the voices of people, those who have become embarrassed for the motherland, who can not admit that they are the cutest people? Why are all the lovely volunteers they have paid for? To protect our motherland!

I have to compliment them again: You, the Chinese People's Volunteer Army soldiers, are the loveliest and loveliest person in the world, and your spirit will continue to be passed on.

Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

In this book, the author reports the heroic deeds on the battlefield of resistance to the United States and the DPRK with affectionate and poetic brushstrokes, reveals the noble soul of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, and celebrates the flesh and blood friendship of the Chinese and Korean peoples. It inspires the fighting spirit of the majority of commanders in the North Korean front line and encourages the people of the motherland to work hard to produce and support the drive ahead. Over the 60 years of vicissitudes, it has lasted forever, and has had a huge impact on the minds and thoughts of generations.

The most impressive thing in this book is the 4,000-word prose-style battlefield newsletter "Who is the cutest person". This article in the selected textbook reads eloquently and poetically. Emotions are real and simple, and passion is high. It selected three real events that occurred on the Korean battlefield at the time, and sang about how the heroic Chinese People's Volunteers fought in blood, held their positions with life and blood, and never stepped back. At the same time, they warmly praised the friendship between China and North Korea, which made people feel extremely warm. "Who is the cutest person" makes a good historical review of the war against the US-Aid Korea. It is no longer just an article, but a cultural symbol of that era. The reason why it is so touching is not only the special background of that era, but also because the author's sincere, full and even hot emotional expression can be seen everywhere in the words. At that time, no matter in the field or in the countryside, whether it was in the campus or the factory, there were people reading this red classic everywhere. The Chinese People's Volunteer Army in the text overnight became a national idol of that era. This article triggered an upsurge of military support for the entire people.

"Yi Yi Xi Yi De Qing Qing" is another lyric communication work in this book. It truly records the historical footage of the Chinese People ’s Volunteer Army and the Korean people reluctant to yell at others, and enthusiastically praises the great friendship that the people of China and North Korea have formed with their blood. In Kaige, the author came to North Korea for the third time. At this point, the armistice agreement has been signed, and the Chinese People's Volunteers are about to leave North Korea and return to the embrace of the motherland. It's so hard for each other to leave. The soldiers made two embroidered handkerchiefs for the Korean People's Army, and the killing warriors picked up the embroidery needles, one stitch by one, and embroidered them with reluctance. The two embroidered handkerchiefs were finally embroidered. They also wrote a poem: "Rough hand embroidery is deeper at night, embroidering stitches after stitches. Needlework is inseparable, and the friendship between China and North Korea is deeper than the sea." The Korean people were holding off Red Hot Dan to see off the volunteer army in tears and see off their dearest friends. The friendship between China and North Korea deeper than the sea is touching!

In the world, there are always some touches, no matter how the years change, but always retain the memory; in the red dust, there are always some words, with the passage of time, but still exudes the ink to highlight the power. Just like this book.

Wei Wei, great poet, writer, and warrior. Reading this book, in the tide that stirred the soul, I deeply felt that Wei Wei and the soldiers in his pen are the most lovely people in our hearts!

Reading "Who is the cutest person" has 600 words

Each piece of history is like a piece of human memory. It may be full of glory, or it may be full of pain. With the passage of time, most of them are gradually forgotten until they are trapped in the dust. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

However, there is always some history worth remembering, just as there are always some memories worthy of deepening. "Who is the cutest person" shows us such a period of history-in a way unique to the era of writing, simple but powerful.

For a long time in the peace era, people will easily forget the suffering and pain of the war era, and even forget that era. The children on this day are often impatient to hear the grandpa's old story of aid to the DPRK; the words of the author on this day mostly refer to lively and beautiful boys and girls, not blood-stained soldiers.

The past sufferings and sorrows must be forgotten, because it is impossible to create a new future because of the heavy past. But the war has brought us more than just this. Wei Wei used words to show our descendants what was precious and memorable in the war-torn days.

There are such a group of people who carry the heavy mission and trust entrusted to them by the party and the country and go to a foreign country to bathe in the blood; they live in an extremely difficult living environment without complaints and are optimistic; they are even thousands of miles away I still care about my homeland and love the motherland. They are "our soldiers" and "our cutest people."

The most adorable people in this group embody the spirit and soul of that era. If there is anything that can be immortal without having to be carved on a stone tablet, I firmly believe that it is them.

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