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"Mysterious Island" 600 words after reading

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Mysterious Island after reading 600 words

I like Jules Verne's works the most, because his works are sci-fi, but they are not divorced from reality, and now these science fictions have become reality. Among them, I like his "Mysterious Island" most. It impressed me.

The main content of this masterpiece of "Mysterious Island" is this: The story tells that during the American Civil War, there were five northerners trapped in the Yugoslav Army, and one of them was a child who escaped with a balloon at a chance. They were blown down by a storm on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean, but instead of despair, they united and helped each other, using everyone's wisdom and clever labor, from bare hands to making pottery, glass, wind mills, telegraph machines, etc. To build a happy life. In the years spent on these deserted islands by the victims, a mysterious figure was always helping them at the moment of crisis. This was Captain Nemo, who had lived in a cave on the island before their arrival. Finally, in a volcanic eruption, these people were almost killed, and they were rescued only when the Duncan commanded by Captain Grant's son Robert. After returning to the United States, the islanders resumed their business on the island.

The author writes this novel to express the infinite creativity of mankind and the tremendous power of science that will enable mankind to build an ideal society.

After reading this novel, I felt the hope of my country's rapid development. In the past, our country continued to have wars. Now, our country is a peaceful country and no one has invaded it. This is precisely because our country has a rapid military development. In the past, our people were called by foreigners as sick men of East Asia. Now, no one calls it like this any more. This is precisely because our country is richer and stronger than before. In the past, China did not have a satellite. Now, we continue to produce many satellites. This is precisely because China's science is constantly progressing.

In the past, China ’s clothes were worn and worn, and puddings were still worn. Now, some of us wear mink coats, and some of them are brand-name warm clothes. This is precisely because we all have jobs, and the environment is good, and our income is also Many of these cases can foresee the future hopes of our motherland. I believe that our country's science and technology will make our lives more comfortable and more suitable for everyone.

Let us join hands for the future of the motherland and contribute to the motherland together!

We have carefully prepared 200 words for mysterious island after reading. I hope that everyone will be inspired and improve their writing skills.

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