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Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

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Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

"Celebrity Biography" was written by French writer Roman Roland. The book contains three well-known characters in the world: Beethoven, Michelangelo, Tolstoy.

Of the three characters that moved me the most was Beethoven, a musical genius. As a child, his father discovered that he had a musical talent, so he let Beethoven practice the piano every day. But then he ignored Beethoven's mood and kept trying to train him into a genius. Sometimes he kept Beethoven and the violin in the same room. This was what caused Beethoven's grumpy and weirdness. Unfortunately, he soon lost his ears, which was undoubtedly the biggest blow for a musician. But not long after, he devoted all his energy to music creation.

Beethoven's life is tragic, but why did he succeed? I think his success is because he has a spirit of struggle, extraordinary perseverance, and has no fear of facing difficulties. In life, if we encounter difficulties, we often ask others for help instead of facing them independently, but Beethoven's quirky character makes him not many friends, so when facing difficulties, he can only fight alone, but this makes him learn In order to learn what others don't, we should learn the spirit of Beethoven.

Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

The Book of Celebrities consists of Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Tolstoy. The three main characters in the book are the most talented and great people in different times in human history. The author's moving strokes depict the tortuous and great lives of Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Tolstoy, showing their lofty courage to face the darkness, fight against fate, and the passion of life erupting in the struggle. Good morning quotes positive energy

Beethoven was deaf in his ears during his youth. He was in poverty, loneliness, and misfortune, but he overcame difficulties with a tenacious will and did not bow to doom. Although destiny brought him suffering, he turned it into a happy piece of music that will last forever. Michelangelo has been sent by the Pope throughout his life, and has always been overloaded. His creation was accompanied by poverty, disease, exhaustion, alienation of enemies, and lovelessness of relatives ... However, he did not give up his efforts and created immortal masterpieces with blood and tears. In the end, Michelangelo achieved success, and his work has become an insurmountable peak in the history of Western art. Tolstoy has a good family, but he has always cared about the suffering people. He is willing to give up everything, break through the world, and use his life to pursue faith, truth, and justice, which can be described as "the most sober realist" "genius artist".

This biography tells people that on the journey of life sorrow and distress, without giving up, not retreating, always with a kind, loving, and struggling heart, you can reach the peak of life.

Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

"Celebrities" wrote three celebrities-Beethoven, Michelangelo and Tolstoy. They all live in a time of war, peace, freedom and democracy are their common pursuits, and they often make their own political opinions. "Le Saint" Beethoven was plagued by deafness and abandoned by love in his life, but he vowed "to choke fate's throat". Then he created world-famous movements, such as "Moonlight Sonata", "Ninth Symphony", and "Ode to Joy", which celebrates happiness for others. The great sculptor and painter Michelangelo, whose character is hard to understand, has an unyielding fighting spirit and a strong will, but succumbed to the Pope's feet and fled for fear of war, but it is such a duality that makes him look great And humble. Tolstoy is author Roman. Roland's apocalypse, this very caring and seeing the poor suffering, his "rich and noble" couldn't help pitying tears, and finally wandered in the face of truth and love. They both experienced a life of suffering and wanted to end their lives, but the beliefs in their hearts could not stop them. With their unique flash points, they created great masterpieces that were praised by future generations.

And what we want to learn are these charming flash points. Don't be easily defeated by the difficulties in front of you, and don't be frightened by a little setback. You should persevere and march forward towards your ideal. The interpretation of "Celebrity Biography", I think it should be this.

Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

Today I read the book of celebrities. This biography mainly describes the sufferings of the three great figures, Beethoven; Tolstoy; Michelangelo, and praises their tenacious will and tenacity. Unforgettable character.

Although the three people in this book are musicians; one is a painter; one is a writer. But in their different jobs, they are all great explorers and have achieved great achievements. Although, on their successful journey, their path was not smooth: "loneliness, loneliness, and loneliness" in Beethoven's will reflected his tragic experience. Michelangelo suffered from his torture in his later years. Tolstoy He was baffled for insisting on the truth. However, they have one thing in common: never give up in adversity, and do not sink negatively because of temporary sorrow. This is what Dad often says.

After reading this book, I realized its unique charm. The tragic encounters of the three heroes in the book seem to be close at hand. I do n’t know how Roman Roland wrote it. Such beautiful words, I really admire it.

Roman Roland's work actually tells us a truth: "The more tragic fate and painful encounters, the more able to hone human will." When we encounter difficulties, we should think of the three heroes in this book. Overcome difficulties like them and work hard.

Although this book is over, we should put this truth in our hearts, overcome difficulties, and move towards the goal.

Reading the "Celebrity Biography" with 400 words

During this holiday, I read Romance Roland's "Celebrities", describing the lives of three great men, including "Beethoven", "Michelangelo" and "Tolstoy". (Jumei.com WWw.ju73.CoM)

Beethoven ’s painful writing of life-fighting music left an endless enjoyment for future generations; Michelangelo created an indelible good work; Tolstoy paints thousands of words in his novels Life is small and great. They used their works to sow the seeds of love to the world, and at the same time accused society of injustice, and they did not bow to fate. Facing the sorrows of the world, they didn't have a trace of trembling and fear. Their heroic qualities were like raging waves, just like the gale, and they continued to sound the joyful and brisk horn.

They never want others to talk about their pain. In fact, their pain is beyond anyone's imagination. They firmly believe that as long as their soul can persevere and decisive, and will not perish with grief, then they will be able to break through the bondage of the physical body, Sublime Realm.

As Beethoven, who choked his fate, told us: "Oh, man, you should keep improving."

These people have experienced a long period of suffering, or miserable fate tormented on human bodies and souls, and tempered their hearts on the barren and sinful iron skin.

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