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"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

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"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

I spent five days this week reading the book "Education of Love." When I finished reading this good book that teaches people how to be human, I felt deeply:

This book was written by Italian writer Amicis. The book "Education of Love" reflects the people of all walks of life and their relationships through the diary of a primary school student, their living conditions and their Different attitudes, different emotions and different approaches to various things, it is through the simple description of life that makes people feel how much human beings need to help each other, care and understand each other!

There are many author's little friends inside. They are cute and reasonable children. Although some are poor, some are rich, some are disabled, and some are backward in learning. But the author never cares about it. He has fun with them and learns happily. And I got education from happiness and joy. The book "Education of Love" created a seemingly small but not ordinary person: little stonesmith, little blacksmith, son of charcoal seller, young drummer, etc. These ordinary people In many touching events, my character stirred up a strong feeling in my heart.

Love, like air, is by our side every day, and because of its invisibleness, it is always ignored by us. In fact, his meaning has been integrated into life. Can't sleep

"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

This holiday, I read "Education of Love" by Amicis, and it made me know many stories of love.

The article was written in a diary, telling a story of a little boy named Enrico growing up. In his year, he discovered the true love of the motherland, parents, teachers, friends. The diary records the education and enlightenment of the elders on the children. Attached to the diary, they also wrote their devoted teaching articles in the second person. It shaped people with love and guided us to always maintain an aggressive and kind heart.

Every little story in the book Love Education tells a different kind of love. Especially the monthly story is very moving, and "Mother's Search" moved me even more. A child who was only eleven years old left alone from Genoa to the Americas. How much love would it take to support him! But when he got there, his mother went with the homeowner to another place. Another thing moved me: Lopez, a second-year student, rescued him in front of the car in order to save a first-year student who was standing on the street, but he had his leg broken by the car. The principal praised him as a sacrifice. Helping friends with their own lives.

There is a lot of love around us, but we do n’t observe it carefully and are often ignored by us. If you feel more love, you have more warmth; if you give more love, you have more happiness. In the future, let us bathe in the ocean together!

"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

There are all kinds of books on my bookshelf, but what touched me the most was "Education of Love", which is a book that explains love.

The author of "Education of Love" is Amicis. He wrote a year-long experience of Italian fourth-year pupil Enrico in a diary. He described all the touching stories that happened in school, class, and home. The parents ’love and hope for their daughter, the love and friendship between teachers, students, friends, and classmates, and the sacred love for the motherland, are all left on the paper and moving. Until the end of Enric, everyone was very sad, and I was so sad for this.

Love is boundless; love is by your side. Please look at: the light of spring shines on you; the green leaves of summer cover you; the wind of autumn refreshes you; the snow of winter delights you. Isn't this love? Isn't this already full of love?

As Roland puts it: what is the flame of love, without it everything will turn into darkness. There is also what Penshall said: Love others and be loved by others, that's all, this is the law of the universe, we only exist for love, people who love consolation, fear nothing, anyone.

After reading this book, I realized love and made me realize love. Only about loving others can I get the love of others.

"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

"Education of Love" was written by a famous Italian writer Amicis. It uses a diary to tell more than a hundred touching stories that happened between fourth grade students, teachers and parents. They all have noble qualities. They love the motherland, respect the old, love the young and be helpful. The protagonist Anric is a good, compassionate child who is positive, helpful and helpful. Although each story in it is not long, it contains a profound truth that makes us seem to be integrated into it.

After reading this famous book, the most profound thing I felt was "love". It turns out that there are many kinds of love, including love for the great motherland, friendship between friends, love between classmates, kind and kind motherhood, generosity of fatherly love, and love for the sick and the weak ...

Therefore, we must all follow their example to serve the motherland. To serve the motherland, we must start by thanking the people around us, the teachers who have given us rich knowledge, the parents who raised us as adults, the classmates who have helped us, and the society and the motherland like them in the future. Become the backbone of the motherland!

Ah! After reading "Education of Love", it seemed to make me taste a rich and delicious "spiritual meal". I believe that as long as we each give a little love, the world will become better!

"Education of Love" after reading 400 words

I read a very touching book called "The Education of Love." There are 120 touching stories in it. After reading them, I think it is a really good book.

"Education of Love" is also a meaningful book. It looks at the beauty and ugliness around us from the perspective of a primary school student. It can let us know how to deal with people. It can make us a person of good moral character, let us know all the integrity of character.

Let's take the story of "Snowball"! The book says that Carloffe accidentally hit an old man's eyes when he snowballed on the road. When the police came to Carlofe, he did not dare to admit that he had hit himself. The old man was injured, but then he thought about it, and Caron went to persuade him to apologize. He lowered his head and whispered an apology to the old man. The old man saw him as an honest child, and not only ignored him, but praised him for being a good honest boy.

Just like Carlophy, he will be a good apology if he does something wrong. This story tells me: I apologize honestly for doing something wrong. If I do something dishonesty, it will slowly go bad, and I will do it again. After reading this story, I was greatly inspired and I felt it was a good book. Archaic sentence

There are many stories in the book "Education of Love" that let us know how to care for our families and classmates. This book, which describes the love stories of Italian students and parents, has taught us how to be a courageous, energetic, and upright person.

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