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400 Words after Reading Disciples

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Disciples feel 400 words after reading

Recently, I read a book called Disciples Regulations. The Disciples Regulations is called China's national studies. It is a very popular textbook for enlightenment in the Qing Dynasty in China. A few sentences are written like this:

"Parents teach, they need to listen, parents must be responsible, they must obey." This sentence means: parents 'teachings should be respectfully and carefully understood; parents' blame and criticism should be accepted with humility and obedience. Now living conditions are good. Many children of the same age are unwilling to study hard and are very playful. The homework assigned by the teacher is not completed in time, and even if they do not listen to the teacher and parents, their academic performance cannot be improved. Good morning mind speech positive energy

"Spoofful words, dirty words, market qi, cut it off." This sentence means: if you are bitter and mean, and if you are not clean, don't say it. The bad habits of vulgar and rogue must be resolutely abrogated. Many children often like to swear, neither civilized nor polite, as the saying goes: habit becomes natural. If you keep talking bad words, you can't change this bad habit when you grow up.

"Every person must love, and heaven and earth must bear together." This sentence means that no matter what people must care for each other, because we live under the same sky and live on the same land. No matter how good or bad their grades or family conditions are, our elementary school students should develop an excellent character of modesty, prudence, caring and loving each other from an early age, unite together, and grow up to contribute to the country.

There are many good sentences in the book Disciples, and the meaning is very profound. It is worth my life to learn.

Disciples feel 400 words after reading

Disciple Rules, it is a basic book that teaches us how to be human. Everyone can understand how you should be a person. Not only will your own self-cultivation be improved, but your family will also be happy and happy, and your children and grandchildren will be able to prosper.

Therefore, in ancient times, they attached great importance to children's education and knew how to teach children well from an early age. Why do they pay so much attention? Because the child is born, he is not polluted by society, and he is pure. At this time you teach him well, you teach him good, and he is good; you teach him evil, and he becomes evil. If you teach him to read, he will catch it; if you teach him to love his brothers and sisters, he will love him. Tell him a story and he can remember it firmly. So if you miss this period of learning for children, it's a pity.

We also see a lot of parents worrying that their children are hard to teach and do n’t know how to teach them; they are also worried that there are so many temptations in society. Even if they teach at home, they may not be able to resist the temptations outside. So in this case, if every parent is a parent, he has a sense of self-consciousness. What introspection? With that sense of sorrow, how do you start your children from home and fundamentally. Every parent can do so, and go further. Parents also learn the "discipline rules," and you can set a good example by setting an example for your children to follow suit. This can be said to complement each other.

Therefore, the most important thing in a person's life is to know how to be a person;

Disciples feel 400 words after reading

During the winter vacation, I read the "Disciples Regulations" carefully and felt benefited a lot.

Disciple's Rule was written by Li Yuxiu in the Qing Dynasty, and was originally called "Xun Meng Wen". As the name suggests, it tells us the etiquette and norms we should have in dealing with people, living in the world, and studying.

The paragraph that impressed me the most was that in the "Letter", everything is said first. Fraud and arrogance can be frustrated. Because these few words show that whenever you speak, you must first talk about credit, and those fraudulent and fancy rhetoric cannot be used. For example, in our daily life, we must keep in mind the things we have agreed with others, and we must do it. We also learned a little story of Grandma Song Qingling in the textbook of the third grade. I ca n’t break the promise. I introduced Grandma Song Qingling ’s promise to teach Xiaozhen the flower basket when she was young. Go and see the story of her favorite pigeon. From this story, I understand how important it is to be honest and trustworthy. If you lose faith with others, then others will not trust you, and everything you do may touch the nails and fall back, not so smoothly; and if you are honest and trustworthy, then the opposite is true, everything you do will go well, even if you do it wrong In the future, someone will guide you in the direction of success.

The Disciples Rule has made me understand a lot of etiquette for dealing with others, so I will read this book more in the future, not only to understand it, but also to act in accordance with the etiquette in the book, to be an honest and trustworthy person.

Disciples feel 400 words after reading

The etiquette standard of "discipline rules" is the fundamental of being a man. Just like a big tree, a tree can only flourish if its roots are firmly in place. As a person, only by establishing the most basic morals, a person with a humble, respectful, kind and loving heart, will be invincible in future life and work. If his own will is arbitrary, then he will not be accepted by others, and his life will not be happy.

After I learned the disciples rules, I felt that I had the responsibility and obligation to pass on this cultural treasure on the basis of a correct understanding of ancient Chinese culture. I sincerely hope that each of us educators can recognize this and start from the little bit of our class education to help each student establish a correct outlook on life.

Everyone living on the land of China is always affected by traditional culture. After all, culture is a continuous process. It's like a Chinese teacher saying, "Whether it's a family member or a Yamanomura, whether he knows a word or a word, he is educating in Confucian culture with every word and every action." In this sentence, I feel deeper and deeper.

An idea lasted for thousands of years on the Chinese land. Where might the people here remain unaffected? Although traditional culture has been repeatedly robbed in recent times, she still has a strong vitality on the Chinese land. Traditional culture will be our foundation, and it will make our society more prosperous and stronger.

Disciples feel 400 words after reading

"Disciple Regulations" is a book written by Confucius' disciples based on the words and deeds of ancient educators. Recently, the teacher also asked us to recite, in order to let us remember how to be a real good person. Beautiful sentence

As soon as I read "Parents call, don't slow down. Parents, don't be lazy." I thought of myself: my mother asked me to come over and I walked slowly. My mother asked me to do something, and I dragged on. Today's work will be done tomorrow and tomorrow's work will be done tomorrow. Until I read those two words, my mother said one and I did n’t say two, which helped me!

I read "Parents teach, you must listen. Parents blame, you must obey." I rarely quarrel with my parents. Instead, I listen to my parents' opinions, slowly correct my shortcomings, enhance my strengths, and make me as fast as possible. Dot becomes a good student.

I read, "Though things are small, don't do anything wrong. If you do something wrong, you will lose money." I rarely take the initiative. I used to do whatever I wanted to do, and now I have to ask my superiors, my parents, whether this can be done. Yes, then I will do it; no, then I will not do it.

All in all, the book Disciples has helped me a lot. Turned me from a naughty child into a standard student.

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