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"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 600 words after reading

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"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 600 words after reading

The Frog Legion describes three boys forming a "Frog Legion". The three little boys pay special attention to low-carbon environmental protection, waste utilization, and special attention to the crisis of the planet. One of the three boys, Jin Xinxin, used a disposable can to make a lampshade for a desk lamp and a rotten hanger to make a teacher's pointer. He only took a bath once a week. In fact, we just need to use more brains to give the waste a second life and make them treasures. In this way, you can save more garbage in one year.

Now, how many adults hang on to low-carbon environmental protection. But they were all speechless, all immersed in the enjoyment of high technology. Maybe they don't know that high technology has brought a crisis to the planet. People now rely too much on high technology. They don't know that high technology has cost us beautiful scenery. Among them, air conditioning is related to many modern diseases. In order to make summer into winter and winter into summer, people not only consume more energy, but also emit carbon dioxide. Putting aside these, the earth ’s desert is spreading due to excessive tree felling every year; geological hazards occur frequently; annual emissions of toxic substances exceed the standard, leading to the emergence of voids in the ozone layer and large areas of air pollution ... Do people still want to Do these amazing changes continue? Sister Sunshine also wrote in the book: The nearby river was polluted because of the chemical plant, and the water was not only bubbling, but also cloudy in color. Not only did Sister Sunshine say, Grandpa Xu Gang also said: Now it is a desire to see the dragonfly.

Do you still want to see the blue rivers and green vegetable fields? Do you want to smell the sweet air? Quickly get rid of the bad habits.

Humans! Come and wake up from enjoying air-conditioning and environmentally friendly life! Protecting our homes is important. Don't wait until the earth-this beautiful home is completely ruined and regret it.

"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 600 words after reading

The protagonist of "Frog Army Loves the Earth", everyone must know: Jinxin Xin, Hua Wangde and Qin Chaoyi. The three of them formed the "frog army", which mainly promoted the protection of the environment, and played a small drama to this end. Even "Stupid Child" Jinxin has made a small environmental protection invention of "Sprite Lampshade". Finally, because of their efforts, more and more people are protecting the environment, and the planet is getting healthier ...

After reading this story, I smiled. The smile contained moving and shame, more admiration. I admire Jin Xin, Hua Wang De and Qin Chao Yi. They are only one year older than me, but for the sake of the planet, they are not just one more than me. They are not for themselves, nor for one person, but for our homeland, for everyone! If everyone in the world becomes "Einstein" and there is no cleaner, what kind of world would it be? How about it? Is it still clean and tidy? At the time of closing the book, I also realized one thing: who would bear the burden of humiliation every day in order not to pollute the body of others, and let the flying dust drill into his lung That man has an ordinary name: cleaner.

Not only cleaners, more volunteers are willing to contribute to environmental protection. They are not afraid of the severe cold and heat, and every day they raise the banner to promote the phrase "protect the environment and start with me", and how many people regard this phrase as the wind around us? For every inhabitant on the planet, we have a responsibility to The messy earth has once again become a spotless wonderland on earth. Don't always think that this is not a big deal, one day you will understand. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

For our Mother Earth, and for the fact that the oxygen on which we live does not all turn into carbon dioxide, please have more trees and more publicity to protect our common homeland, the earth!

"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 600 words after reading

The book "The Frog Corps Loves the Earth" tells the story: Huawangde, Qin Chaoyi and Jinxin Xin of Class Six (4) first formed a scientific trio in order to compete with the famous Maruko Legion Therefore, it was renamed the Frog Corps, and its goals are environmental protection and low carbon. Although stupid child Jinxin was stupid, he also started to act. He picked the cans home one by one and was scolded by his parents. But once, the lampshade of his desk lamp was broken. He made a lampshade with a can, and his mother praised him. Once Uncle Liu came to his house and saw the lampshade he made himself, and praised him. Another time, the class leader Huang Xiaoyue broke the pointer, and the stupid child Jinxin made a pointer for the teacher with an old hanger. Someone at the school said he did a bad job, but Mr. Hu praised him for his environmental protection when he saw the pointer. The Frog Legion gradually became famous in the school and was invited to perform in another class.

After reading the book, we closed the book and thought of our planet. The planet is now damaged by air pollution and reduced water. The waste of water is amazing: a tightly closed faucet can drain 1 to 6 cubic meters of water a month; a leaky toilet can drain 3 to 25 cubic meters of water a month; if there are 600,000 The faucets are not tight, 200,000 toilets leak, and hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water can be lost in a year. Therefore, water in countless reservoirs and rivers and lakes in our country is gradually decreasing. So we need to save water and not let the last drop of water become our tears. We do not just want to save water, but also environmentally friendly, so there are a variety of items a second life.

Please take action to protect water resources. Protection of water resources is tantamount to protect themselves, equal to protect our only home - the Earth.

"Frog Legion Love the Earth" book review 600 words

Book, we grew up with me, tall, a good book is to make people benefit.

Recently I read a book called "The Frog Legion love the earth." Sunshine sister Wu Meizhen is only recently out of the book. I like the cover when I see it. Cover highlight the characteristics of the earth, colors and animals on the cover correspond to each other, the Earth is so vibrant. There is also a beautiful crystal blue sphere on it, isn't it our earth? The three children of the "Frog Legion" are guarding the planet. It is in this environment that the topic "Frog Legion Loves the Earth" comes to life. Showed it.

Opening this book, it mainly writes about what the members of the "frog army" do for environmental protection. In order to compete with the "Maruko Corps" in the class, Huawangde renamed the "Science Trio" to the Frog Corps, and adopted environmental protection and energy saving as the purpose of the "Frog Corps." Jinxin Xin, nicknamed "Stupid Child", is also passionate about environmental protection. He has won everyone's appreciation for some of his environmental protection behaviors. Even the two teachers in the book, Teacher Hu and Teacher Shi, look at him with great respect. Although Dad did not agree with his behavior, he always believed that learning was the most important. However, "Stupid Kid" Jinxin still shines a bright light on environmental protection and energy saving.

After reading this book, I have a lot of thoughts. Yes, in the old countryside, there were small trees on both sides of the road. The stream "Ding Ding, Ding Ding" played the harp. There was a large-sized large-sized golden-yellow rapeseed flower in the farm garden. The house is everywhere. However, the countryside is now more and more in line with the city, and the trees have been cut down, leaving only some solitary stumps. The clear stream no longer plays the piano, leaving only a poor moan. The farmhouse vegetable garden was transformed into a chemical plant, and the wood-made houses were all turned into high-rise buildings made of reinforced concrete.

The earth is the homeland on which we depend. If we are over-exploited and destroyed, one day the resources on the earth will be exhausted, and we humans will die. There should be no more suitable world for us than the earth! I call on everyone to protect our planet like the "frog army" so that it will not be harmed again.

"Frog Legion Loves the Earth" 600 words after reading

I usually read the books written by Sister Sunshine most often. The books she wrote are very authentic and very close to life. Among them, the "Sister Sunshine Little Study" series is the most interesting and fun one she wrote. set. There are many humorous and funny dialogues in the book, which can draw people from their troubles and anger to a sea of joy every time. In addition, the rich content and twists and turns of the story make people bored. Recently, I learned from Sister Sunshine's QQ space that "Sister Sunshine Little Study" added a new recruit called "The Frog Army Loves the Earth." As soon as I heard the title of the book, a movie came to mind two years ago called "The Yangtze River No. 7 Love Earth". I didn't expect the names to be so similar, which strengthened my curiosity about this book. When a new book is released, of course I can't sit back and wait. After school, I ran to the bookstore and bought the book. It took me a few hours to read it. After reading it, I felt deeply and understood a lot of knowledge about the environmental protection of the earth and the crisis the earth is facing. This book is mainly written on the theme of low-carbon environmental protection. After watching it, I also became a pessimist. As a resident of the global village, I have to worry and fear for the future of the earth. Human beings are greedy, vanity, and do whatever they can to get money. They do n’t know how many innocent animals have been hunted. The behavior of living bears and taking cruel tigers has made me hate human beings. They are full of disrespect for animals. They thought that animals were born to serve our humanity. No big deal. They also use their fur to make clothes, luxury goods, purses, and sell them at high prices. Hey ~ these ignorant humans! Haven't you noticed yet? Those tsunami, earthquakes and floods are actually nature's anger. One day, human beings will blame themselves for their heinous crimes, but it is all too late.

This book mainly talks about how Huawangde competed with the famous Maruko Corps in his class, he renamed the scientific trio to the Frog Corps, and set environmental protection and low carbon as the combination purpose. The stupid child Jinxin made everyone look impressive with his series of seemingly stupid behaviors, even Teacher Hu and Teacher Shi praised him. Although Dad disagreed with his behavior, the stupid child glowed again. Among them, my favorite is the stupid kid Jinxin. For environmental protection, he transformed the old clothes hanger into a pointer and gave it to the teacher. In order to make this pointer, he also hurt his finger, but the students did not appreciate it when they saw it, all described in ugly words, but he still insisted on giving it to Teacher Hu. His unwavering willpower and the courage to never cry when faced with difficulties have deeply moved us. From him, I also understand a truth: it doesn't matter if he is stupid, but if he has self-confidence, courage and indomitable willpower, with them, he can be invincible for a long time. place.

I think the little frogs of the Frog Corps are worth our study. In order to save water, they take baths no more than three times a week; under the suggestion of Mr. Hu, they insisted on writing with a pen; when dictating, instead of dictating with white paper, they used test papers to reduce logging. Let ’s take a dictation of the blank part and look at us again. Why is the gap between the Earth people so big? If everyone has the frog army as environmentally friendly, nature will never be angry again.

Wake up, humans! We all have only one earth. (Scientists have already studied. With the current technology and environment, only the earth is suitable for human survival. Even if there is water, no oxygen, no atmosphere) If it is destroyed, everyone can only wait for death.

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