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"Auto Spontaneous" After Reading 2000 Words

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"Auto Spontaneous" After Reading 2000 Words

Open the book "Automatic Spontaneous", smelling the scent of ink, unknowingly attracted. She elaborated around the eight words of diligence, dedication, loyalty, and self-confidence. As long as you taste these eight words carefully, you will find that they have been carefully refined, and each word has a deep philosophy. If each of us can take these eight words as the motto of our work, I believe that we will surely achieve our merits and achieve a lifetime!

Hard work: Hard work is the secret to open the door to success. Every successful person is a hard worker. The ancients: Qinneng can make up for it. Diligence is the reason for this. The book vividly illustrates some truths that are easily ignored by us through some small stories in life and work. In fact, we forget what we do for work and what is the meaning of work? Laziness, procrastination, escape. In a book called The Greatest Salesman in the World, I finally awakened that if lazy, it is tantamount to stealing food and clothes from someone I love. I am not a thief. I have love. Today is my last chance. I want to prove my love and greatness. Just as Hua Luogeng said: “Qinneng Buzhuo is good training, one point is hard. Diligence can eventually overcome temporary failures and setbacks, and ultimately succeed. If dreams are the starting line for success, and determination is the sound of guns at the start, then diligence is like the full force of the starter. Only when you persist to the last second can you achieve success. Madam Curie has said that she will never yield to any difficulty; Napoleon believes that the most difficult time is when we are not far from success; in Darwin's heart, the indomitable struggle is the only way to victory

Dedication: Dedication is a realm and a virtue. The professionalism at work will allow us to recognize the value of our work from the heart and actively work for our established work goals. Conscious work is a virtue. On the other hand, the spontaneous work will quickly make your work recognized by leaders and colleagues, and automatically show the loyalty to the work. The professionalism has been encouraged by the Chinese nation for thousands of years. We must treat professionalism with a positive attitude, and treat the ordinary in work as a pleasure, a challenge, a cultivation, a quality, In this way, they will be loyal to their duties at work, make outstanding contributions in ordinary jobs, and use the unique enthusiasm and endless simplicity of the employees to make each customer happy and return with satisfaction. Facing customers who don't talk about principles and swear, they should also be tolerant, smile, and tell us that we must be strong, be patient, be rational, use smiles to relieve grievances, use and reduce ice, and Change your heart with careful enthusiasm. Keep in mind this famous saying: why doing is always more important than how to do it. When you have n’t figured out why you are working, you ca n’t devote yourself to your work, so you ca n’t do your due diligence, let alone Not on spontaneous. Dedication can free oneself from mediocrity and transcend ordinaryness.

Loyalty: Self-realization and loyalty and dedication are not antithetical, but complementary and indispensable. Our work is for livelihood, but it is more valuable than livelihood. It is to fully tap our own potential in the daily work, give play to our talents, and form a conscious conduct of love and dedication, thus subjectively avoiding Cao Yingxin Phenomenon in Han Dynasty. No matter what occupation you are in, what position you are in, you should be proficient in all your business, determined to master all the issues in your professional field, and do integrity and purity. People are talented and unfaithful, not only ca n’t borrow their talents. It can help enterprises thrive, and may even cause losses and risks to enterprises. After reading this book, it will always bring you more or less encouragement, so that you will have a kind of comfort in the eternal youth. Some people say that loyalty is a kind of wisdom, and some people say that loyalty is an attitude. Others say that loyalty is a kind of gratitude and a responsibility. A country needs loyalty, a business needs loyalty, and a loyal person must be a grateful person. He is grateful; a loyal person must be a person of self-esteem and self-respect. He never despise himself and respect others.

Self-confidence: Self-confidence is an extremely sharp sword. It can split anything that is extremely hard. There is a classic statement that confidence is more important than gold and currency! It can be seen how important confidence is for a country, for a business, and for each of us. I once said: Success is not a race, but a journey step by step. The foundation of confidence is self-confidence, and self-confidence comes from oneself. Is there a sense of foresight, is there a sense of foresight, and is there preparation? Many times we will find that our most difficult enemy to defeat is ourselves, and our growth process is in Continually contend with your own thoughts. If you really need a successful, happy, happy, and fulfilling life, then start to grasp your thoughts well today, when you start to become more confident, more enthusiastic, When you are more tenacious, success will no longer be far away from you, let yourself dominate your thoughts, because, what kind of thought seeds you sow in your heart, you will definitely receive what kind of destiny. Sowing an idea, harvesting an action; Sowing an action, harvesting a habit; Sowing a habit, harvesting a character; Sowing a character, harvesting a destiny.

As long as the concept and essence of this book can be fully understood, I believe we will use it for life, because he will awaken people's re-understanding of work, implant the concepts of hard work, dedication, loyalty, and self-confidence, and ultimately affect people's code of conduct . Whenever I walk into the ICBC compound and work with sincerity, I am so far-sighted. Whenever I see the high morale of the employees and the hardworking and dedicated energy, I cherish the opportunity to work, and work spontaneously in the workplace. Work, recognize the value of work, and feel that work will have a wonderful feeling.

"Auto Spontaneous" After Reading 2000 Words

After reading the book "Automatic Spontaneous", I have benefited a lot and felt deeply. I have a new understanding and improvement in ideology. After reading "Automatic Spontaneous". The author of "Automatic Spontaneity" gave a vivid description of how to treat his work as an enterprise employee, how to fully tap his own potential, and devote himself to work with simple sentences and vivid workplace examples. , To win the appreciation of the boss with excellent results. Although the author is from the perspective of a business person, the professional ethics that an excellent practitioner elaborates should be possessed by each of us. When I read this book, I combined my own actual work and contrasted myself. The original work thinking mode, repeated comparative thinking, specifically have the following points:

First of all, automatic work is first of all an attitude problem, and this attitude comes down to two types: active and passive. There is such a story, "go all out" and "best effort", telling the story of dogs and rabbits. The hunting dogs only did their best to complete the tasks assigned by the hunters, while the rabbits went all out for their own lives and won the lives. If each of us treats work as if it is an indispensable part of our lives, we will go all out to work actively, the enthusiasm and action of work, hard work and diligence become natural things, and we also You will get more happiness and reward from work.

Secondly, hard work is another embodiment of "autonomous work". Everyone is likely to have different work experience, different working methods, different starting points, different abilities, etc., but one thing is the same. That is to work hard and down-to-earth. As the book says: If you always keep a hard working attitude, you will be praised and praised by others, you will win the boss's attention, and you will also get a most valuable asset-self-confidence. Anyone has to make unremitting efforts to gain something. The result depends on the degree of hard work of this person. There is no such thing as chance and coincidence. We cannot passively wait for opportunities. We must rely on our own hard work and hard work to create. Opportunity to create the future.

Again, work efficiently. Working spontaneously is not enough. It is not enough to have enthusiasm and motivation. To work, you must have results and effectiveness. To improve work efficiency, of course, you must have a reasonable and pragmatic work plan, and then implement it in accordance with the work plan. I think another magic weapon for improving productivity is: "Do it now, do it now". "Now" is to complete your work tasks in a timely manner and without delay; "hands on" is to put into action practically, not an idea or an idea in your mind, because you do n’t do it because you think about it. " "Hands on" is the actual implementation. "If you want to avoid a chore, then you should start with this chore and do it immediately, otherwise, things will continue to bother you and make you feel cumbersome and unwilling to do it." Such is the case at work. It is often encountered. The more you drag and drop, the more difficult it will be in the future, because its timeliness is weakened, the backlog is increased, and it will affect the efficiency of other tasks. Therefore, we must develop a "do it now" work habit, form the concept of completing work within the time limit, determine the time required to do everything, and require ourselves to complete within the time limit.

Finally, a correct understanding of work values. I used to think that salary is important. After reading this book, I realized that accumulating experience and talents in the work, and fostering a serious and responsible attitude are the basis of continuous success and the true value of work. How superficial my previous thoughts were, that work should be measured entirely in terms of monetary remuneration, and I did not expect that when I was working, in addition to salary, I gained skills, experience, and even a series of tasks such as happiness. Remuneration, which cannot be given no matter how high the salary. At work, some people will complain that they have done a lot of work, very annoying and tired, think that they are working for the company, for the leadership, that every customer who calls is in trouble, so they will be frustrated when they work. Perfunctory. As a result, everyday is still very busy, tired, and annoying, my mood is getting worse and worse, and work becomes a burden. In fact, as long as we change our perspective on work. Think about your sense of accomplishment when you have solved one problem after another and completed one task after another; think about the fulfillment when you have gained new knowledge and valuable experience in your daily work; think about yourself In the course of daily work, I met some new customers and learned another communication skill from other partners. We will feel that work is actually a joy and we are making progress every day. "If you don't accumulate steps, you won't go for thousands of miles; if you don't accumulate small streams, you won't become a river or sea." It is this accumulation of experience that leads us to success. Regarding work as fun and as a cornerstone to success, we will consciously accumulate a little bit of experience at work, and we will work hard to improve our abilities through learning. We live not just to eat, drink and play; we do not just work to earn three meals a day, we want to realize our ideals and reflect our value in work. The individual is in the collective of the unit, and the value of the individual is inseparable from the collective goal. The individual's efforts will promote the completion of the collective goal, and the achievement of the collective goal is also a reflection of personal value. Unify personal values and collective goals, no longer think of who you are working for, but reflect your own value in your work.

In short, as an enterprise employee, we must correct working attitudes and change bad working habits; improve business skills and improve deficiencies; mobilize subjective will and abandon negative emotions. For work, for ourselves, we should do: face yesterday, have a clear conscience; face today, double cherish; face tomorrow, full of confidence! Cherish the opportunity of work, work spontaneously in the job, and be solid Work, recognize the value of work, you will feel a wonderful feeling of work.

The book "Automatic Spontaneity" also has many incisive discussions. Each sentence in the book can be used as an incentive for our daily work, allowing us to continuously improve and improve. I think, I will read this book over and over again, and draw nutrition from it, and break through myself.

"Auto Spontaneous" After Reading 2000 Words

The ancients: It ’s helpful to open the book. When I held the book "Automatic Spontaneity", the first thing that caught my eye was the four large white characters against the green tone pattern: automatic spontaneity, and what drove me through this book was Interpretation of two small lines of automatic spontaneity: What is spontaneous spontaneity? That is, no one asks, forces you to be conscious and do your job well.

As a teacher of Binzhou Experimental Kindergarten, as an experimenter of the top ten famous gardens, how can I fulfill the above concise words and do my job well? I will read the whole book several times. Later, I gained a deeper understanding of work, colleagues, leaders, parents, children, and myself, and also set myself higher goals:

Treating work: diligence, enthusiasm, determination and gain, this is the law of cause and effect. I will be more diligent in my work, with all-out efforts, excellence, and flame-like enthusiasm, starting from little things, doing ordinary and great early childhood education, and treating my career as a life journey In the fun of the day, the day and night with the children as a source of happiness, from which you can search and discover the true meaning of your business, exercise your will, enrich your thinking, enhance your wisdom, Cultivate your own ability, reshape your own personality and charm, and show your talents, because these are truly invaluable. Seek your own value in work, learn from the lessons of failure, and sum up successful experiences, as revealed by successful people ’s experience. Truth: Only through hardships and hardships can we achieve the greatest happiness in the world, and the greatest achievements, and only through experience can we succeed. Also as the song sings through the storm, see the rainbow. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

Treat colleagues: honesty and honesty: the source of Jiuding, sincerity makes people respectfully. Trust: Words must be believed. People believe without trust. Believers are heart-warming. Trust between each other makes colleagues feel comfortable.

It is a fate for everyone to come together to work and study from five lakes and four seas. It is an opportunity given by God. As a member of the large cohesive team of Binzhou Experimental Kindergarten, I will be honest and sincere with my sisters. Commitment and sincere cooperation, find the cause from yourself in all things, draw on the strengths of others, make up for the shortcomings, and constantly enrich ourselves and enrich ourselves, so that our experimental sail will rise higher, the experimental boat will go farther, and the experimental Singing triumphant, the experimenter is not easy!

Treat Leadership: Be loyal and understand the greatest law of success rules treat others as yourself. That is, thinking about others in all things and thinking from the standpoint of others. Loyalty is another trait that brings self-satisfaction and self-respect. It is the spiritual strength that accompanies us 24 hours a day. It is a sense of professional responsibility. As an experimenter, while doing my job well and properly handling the relationship with colleagues, in the face of the busy, intelligent and intelligent leader, we can provide us with a superior and comfortable working and living environment, both mentally and materially. , We should be full of gratitude, return them with loyalty, treat them with a little more understanding, appreciation and heartfelt praise, learn from them, and learn their style of perseverance, tenacity and resolute popularity. Because there are not many big things in the kindergarten that require us to use wisdom to make decisions, but there are many small things that our front-line teachers need to implement with practical actions. This requires us to integrate loyalty with hard work and diligence to assist the pilot to enhance the team's Cohesion and promotion of competitiveness are the highlights of the top ten famous parks.

Treat parents: The success of enthusiastic communication depends not so much on the talents of the people as on the enthusiasm of the people. The success of parent work is also secondary. As a qualified early childhood worker, properly handle parental work

It is also very important. Because it directly affects the teaching effect and the normal work of the class. Gold and silver cups are not as good as parents 'praise, and gold and silver awards are not as good as parents' praise. I will implement the concepts in the book "Automatic Voluntary" into my actual work, do my parents' work with my enthusiasm, communicate with parents in case of trouble, and pay attention to the flexibility, diversity and artistry of the method. Adapt to the ability of parents to accept at different levels, and strive to infect parents from multiple perspectives, including persuasion and behavior, persuade and educate parents, and at the same time ask parents for advice, solicit parents' opinions and suggestions for kindergartens, classes, and teachers, so as to change them If not, reluctantly. Learn the essence of your own work, and treat your parents with an open heart, especially when there is a misunderstanding or communication in your homeland, try to find more reasons from yourself, think more about transpositions, and work hard to The hidden dangers disappeared and exhausted. The hometown created a happy and relaxed teaching atmosphere that is conducive to the healthy development of the child. The parents are at ease, the teacher is at ease, the child is happy, and the hometown will be taught together and the child will grow up. I am glorious!

Treating children: Caring, caring, loving is the most beautiful language in the world. It is even more important for young children. Take what I have and insist on doing more and giving more for the children every day, even if it is a light caress, a warm word, a smiling smile, a paragraph The beautiful story and a beautiful song and dance will hit the sparks of love in the hearts of the children, bringing the children closer to the teacher, and also making it easier for the teachers to enter the childlike world, find their shining points, and pluck and harmoniously move. Symphony of the Heart. At the same time, the age characteristics of children also determine that it is very important for adults to double their care. The great man said: The body is the capital of revolution. The weight of this sentence is more verified in today's society. So my children and I tried the three good strategies of eating, playing, and learning together, striving to achieve health and safety is the prerequisite, growing up happily, being diligent and asking the mind, and being smart and smart. It is based on this, putting understanding and respect for children first, leaning down to look at children from their eyes, and giving the child the power of knowledge and exploration. If children are a group of cute birds, I would like to turn them into a clear blue sky. If the children are small boats, I would like to turn into a vast blue ocean, because we are both mentors and good friends. The common aspirations between me and the children are: Big friends, little children, we are all good friends, good friends, holding hands, caring for each other forever! What pleases me is that my children and I have experienced that success. joy.

Treat yourself: overcome self-confidence with tenacity, dominate your own thoughts, and treat yourself with enthusiasm, because enthusiasm is the most dynamic factor in the achievement of all great achievements. It integrates into every invention, every painting, every statue In every great poem, every novel or article that astounds the world, it is a spiritual force, it keeps people awake, makes the whole body's nerves in a state of excitement, and carries out what they desire. It does not tolerate any interference that would prevent the achievement of the stated goal. I will focus on the cause of preschool education with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, reshape self-expression, strengthen self-confidence and tenacity in doing things, regard struggle and hard work as the joy and glory of life, and give myself a sense of mission and self-confidence Your heart keeps you young forever, and your heart is always filled with a flaming sun, making your career and your life brilliant every day!

"Auto Spontaneous" After Reading 2000 Words

The book "Automatic Spontaneity" is very informative and is a good book worth reading for business owners and managers. The so-called "spontaneous spontaneity" means that no one asks and compels you to do your own thing consciously and outstandingly, and realizes the service concept as a real action without reservation. This book tells us how to be proactive from four aspects-diligence, dedication, loyalty, and self-confidence.

1. Be diligent in your work

Don't work for salary. Work is more important than salary. Giving up now is gaining for the future. Many parents now, like children, have instilled a concept: study hard to find a good job in the future. What is good work, what pays well and works comfortably is good work. This completely gives the child a wrong direction, thinking that as long as the grade is good, they can be based on society. Schools should help students set higher goals. If a person works for the immediate benefit and does not have higher goals, this is not a good life choice. Limited to the immediate interests will make us stand still, so we must do every little thing around us, learn some good ideas and rich experience from daily work, and improve ourselves. The quality of work determines the quality of life. Work hard and be aggressive in your work. Only by going through hardships and hardships can you obtain the world ’s greatest happiness and achieve the greatest achievements; only after experiencing hard work can you succeed.

Don't look down on your work, take work as your life interest. People always divide work into five or six grades, thinking that sitting in the office is decent work, and sweeping the street outside is low-level work. Any legitimate job is equal and respectable. As long as we work honestly, no one can downplay its value. Work itself has no distinction between high and low, and it is people who rank them. Therefore, whether we can do a good job depends on our own attitude. If we go to work with an attitude of excellence and enthusiasm, I believe that no matter what kind of work, we will not feel hard.

2. Be dedicated to the company

Dedication is to respect your own work and take your work as your own career. It is embodied in professional ethics such as loyalty, due diligence, conscientiousness, meticulousness, good start and end, and a sense of mission and moral responsibility. When we turn professionalism into a habit, we can learn more knowledge, accumulate more experience, and find happiness in the process of devoting ourselves to work. Success or failure often depends on personal personality. Honest and dedicated reputation is the greatest wealth in life. Treat the work with the attitude of the master and the winner, and the work can naturally be better.

No matter what profession we are in, we should be proficient in it. Familiar with and proficient in all of your business can earn a good reputation and a secret weapon of potential success. If the exhibition is tight and not specialized, maybe we know everything, but nothing can be perfect. In addition, no matter what kind of work you do, you should do it wholeheartedly and with due diligence to do better. How to do one thing well is to concentrate on doing one thing for a period of time and do it well. If we are meticulous in doing things, we can quickly develop rigorous character and gain extraordinary intelligence; no matter what we do, we must do our best, because it determines the success or failure of a person's future career. Go ahead and do your own thing in a situation where no one asks and compels you! This is the professionalism of a high-quality staff. This professionalism is worth promoting and learning in any enterprise!

3. Be loyal to your boss

The boss and the employee are not opposites. Give the boss sympathy and understanding, and appreciate and praise his boss. Once the employee is deducted from the salary, the first reaction is that the boss is too much! So this bad mood will be brought into the work, which affects the efficiency of the work. Modern companies pay attention to the strength of the team. If employees fail to reach a consensus with the boss, they will have emotions. With emotions, they will resist, and with resistance, they will not be able to work together! As a result, the company's effectiveness will be damaged. If the company's effectiveness is compromised, there may be layoffs, with the end result being laid-off employees. Therefore, the interests of employees and the boss are consistent, and only if this concept is recognized by employees, a company can achieve long-term success. One of the greatest laws of success is to treat others like yourself, that is, to think for others in everything and think from the standpoint of others. Whatever we do, we have to be in the mind of others, because compassion and tolerance are a virtue. Gratitude is not only a virtue. Gratitude is a basic condition for being a person! Gratitude is a rich life. It is a profound feeling that can enhance personal charm, open the door to magical power, and discover infinite intelligence. Gratitude is like a habit and attitude like other popular materials.

Every boss has its own advantages and merits. As an boss's employee, he should also learn from the boss with an open mind! Every boss is not destined to be his boss as soon as he is born. They are from the front line of production. Employees started. In the end, we must succeed in the success. We should treat them with equal eyes and carefully study the highlights of them. Only by learning to appreciate and praise our bosses will we be more passionate about working.

4. Treat yourself with confidence

You are your own worst enemy, dominate your mind, and do not become a psychological slave. The biggest enemy is myself, and I think many people have this feeling. On the road to study, there are always so many levels that make us afraid. The middle school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, and the fourth or sixth level of the university, they are the pursuit of many people, but also the fear. Some people could easily pass, but because of lack of self-confidence, they were overstretched in the test room, which caused problems of all kinds. This shows that self-confidence can have a significant impact on a person's life. Therefore, believing in yourself and believing in yourself is half done. We should not be our own psychological slaves, and we should not limit ourselves to the rules and regulations we limit. There is always something unsatisfactory in work and life. Just believe in yourself and don't succumb to the evil forces around you, as the book says: "This world gives green light to those who really have a sense of mission and self-confidence. The future looks so bleak, they always believe that they can turn their ideal vision into reality. "I think we all hope so. Then be confident!

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