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"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

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"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

Some time ago, my mother bought me a copy of Yang Hongying's very campus novel "Very Girl". According to her, she wanted to let me know more about the personality of adolescent girls. Sure enough, this book let me know a lot of common sense and understand the personality of many girls.

"Very Girl", in the form of a composition, vividly and vividly depicts the subtle changes in the psychological growth of Ran Dongyang, a sixth-year girl, from a young girl to a young girl. Ran Dongyang in the article is a kind and gentle girl. Although she is not the most beautiful and intelligent student, she can make everyone like her. Mei Xiaoya is a close friend of Ran Dongyang. She grew up in an unfortunate family, but she bravely shouldered the burden of life. In her association, Ran Dongyang tasted the hardship of life and experienced strength. Mo Xiner, Ran Dongyang's good friend, a very intelligent girl, in order to save her parents' marriage, she worked hard to be a beloved girl. There are also boys with different personalities such as Wu Mian, Jing Doudou, and Ma Jia. They impressed the readers like the protagonist, making "Very Girl" even more exciting.

This book writes the little secrets of adolescent girls in light pen tunes, as well as the pain and joy in campus families. Makes me feel real, like our own lives. After reading this book, I understand that a person who is kind and wise will always be recognized by others, and I also understand that in life we must learn to be independent and learn not to bow our heads in the face of setbacks.

This book not only made me understand some physiological changes of adolescence, but also made me understand how to live. I hope to read more of such good books, so that I can gradually grow up in the education of love.

"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

I really like A Very Girl written by Aunt Yang Hongying. The chapter that impressed me the most is "The Tips on Dressing."

Glamour girl Ran Dongyang and her mom go shopping on the street. Ran Taiyang likes to wear jeans, so she decides to buy jeans. Mom wants to buy suits. In Ran Dongyang's eyes, mom wears suits all year round, so this time she recommends casual clothes to her mom. Originally, her mother thought she was thirty-eight years old, and it might be funny to wear casual clothes, but after Ran Dongyang's repeated persuasion, her mother decided to buy casual clothes.

After leaving, my mother chose a beige silk trousers in the "single braid" store, and a light brown linen with geometric figures on the "bright eyes" store. This dress and that Beige trousers really match! Mom also feels very satisfied and very beautiful. Next, I went to buy Ran Dongyang's jeans and went to several places. Ran Dongyang could not find the right jeans. Finally, I found a good-looking one in the "Flower Belief Wind" shop, but when worn on Ran Dongyang, the lines on the hips and legs were distorted. Later, Ran Dongyang tried many more in many stores and couldn't find suitable jeans. In the end, Mom chose Ran Dongyang with a loose strap jeans, and Ran Dongyang agreed.

After reading this, I got an important revelation, that is: Only the one that suits me is the most beautiful and the best.

"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

Today, my mother bought me a book, Very Girl. The book "Very Girl" is about the personality of several girls. Two-sided girl Mo Xiner, glamour girl Ran Dongyang, two little witches, Liu Huizi and Qin Tianyue. Narrow girl Daan, beautiful girl Sally, Ai Wei, not pretty girl Yuan Xiaozhu, strong girl Mei Xiaoya, eight gown girl Lorina, and timid girl Gu Yafei and Ren Sisi. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

Ran Dongyang is the most envious of these girls. Her advantages are smart, tolerant, friendly, empathetic, and of course her beautiful. Her greatest ability is to be able to make dishes (including Western food) that surprise her parents.

My favorite story in this book is looking for reasons to be happy and sunny days. The reason for looking for happiness is about some psychological changes before Ran Dongyang's menstruation, and his attitude towards mother and father. Then the mother wrote a letter to her, telling her how to adjust herself when she was in a bad mood, it was a good mother. One of my favorite words on sunny days is to smile at me in the mirror. Many people once praised me as smiling beautifully. Yes, no matter what difficult things you encounter in your life, why not think about good things when you are sad or sad! Excessive negative emotions are not good for your body. Why not give yourself a reason for happiness like this? If a person has a positive and optimistic attitude and thinks about everything in a positive direction, there will be boundless hope. Enjoy the sunshine of life. Be a positive person.

In short, there are a lot of stories in this book, and I read a lot to understand, such as how to be a helpful, self-improving, and cute girl. Right!

"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

During the summer vacation, I bought a very campus series "Very Girl" written by Yang Hongying.

This book attracted me not only because of its beautiful and cute cover, but also because its content is close to our lives. The protagonists of Very Girls are eight little girls, each with their own personality and characteristics. Of these eight girls, two of my favorites are Ran Dongyang, a charming girl, and Mei Xiaoya, a strong girl. Ran Dongyang is called a charming girl because she is gentle, kind, and helpful; she is also filial to her parents. On her 12th birthday, she remembered that this day was also the day of the mother ’s good Friday, so she bought 12 A pink carnation was given to her mother; she also helped Mei Xiaoya, a poor family, work hard and study together. The strong girl Mei Xiaoya was born in a single-parent family, her parents divorced, and her mother was laid off, but the cruel reality did not bring her down. Instead, she became more sensible, diligent, and strong, taking care of mothers with asthma, and supporting herself. In these two girls, I learned the spirit of being helpful and not bowing to fate.

Teacher Yang Hongying's text has this magic. The book "Very Girl" is close to the life of our girls. I have read this book more than 5 times, but I never tire of reading it. Every time I read it, I will have different feelings. .

"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

Occasionally, I found a book "Very Girl" on the bookshelf of my sister, and I asked my sister, "Sister, can you lend me" Very Girl "?" My sister said, "Okay, But it ca n’t be broken. ”I said happily,“ Okay, I swear. ”After that, I took the book happily () and sat on the sofa.

Ran Dongyang is a gentle, kind, upright, and helpful little girl, and she is very happy, and her classmates are very envious of her. Ran Dongyang is a very helpful person: Once, Ran Dongyang's classmate Ma Jia, there is no adult in the family, he and his younger brother are left, and the younger brother is only 1 year old. The child changed diapers, how to feed the child milk, and Ran Dongyang gave up the opportunity to go to Hainan Island, and stayed to help Ma Jia take care of his younger brother.

My favorite Chia girl, Di An: Di An often sees grievances and helps. Once, during a music class, someone put chewing gum on Ai Wei's new skirt and was discovered by Diane, but Diane had already found out that it was the ghost of Mickey Mouse, and Diane and Ai Wei went to Mickey Mouse to settle the accounts, but Mickey Mouse knew that Ai Wei was very soft, so she pretended to be pitiful, but I didn't expect Ai Wei to forgive Mickey Mouse. Dai An was so annoyed that Ivy was lost. Finally, the two of them went to Mickey Mouse to settle the bill the next day. Mickey Mouse had no choice but to take Ai Wei's new skirt home and wash it. I did not expect this gum The worse it got, the worse it got. Mickey Mouse had not been washed all night, and his hands were swollen. Di'an and Ivy looked at Mickey Mouse's hands and laughed, and finally decided to forgive the Mickey Mouse.

"Very Girl" 400 characters after reading

Listening to my classmates, Yang Hongying's book will make you read it a hundred times without getting tired, so I bought Yang Hongying's "Very Girl".

When I got home, I opened the book and read it with interest. The main character in this book is Ran Dongyang. Ran Dongyang is a happy child with a good family background. He lives a carefree and happy life every day. I admire Diane and Mei Xiaoya in the book most. Diane was a poor child. She had no father since she was a child, and there was no man in the family, so she never cried, and wanted to be a boy to protect her family. Mei Xiaoya is also a poor child, but very strong, she can support her own family and take care of her mother who has asthma. But I think the poorest is Mo Xiner. Mo Xiner ’s family is the richest, but her parents have to be separated, saying that as long as she is obedient, her father and mother will not be separated, so she will work hard and be afraid She is not good. Mom and dad have to separate.

This book taught me how to report the hard work of raising our parents, how to take care of myself, so that I should bear all kinds of trivial matters in my life.

This is how I feel when I read The Very Girl, and in the future, I will read more extracurricular books that are good for us.

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