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"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words Junior High School

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"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words

One is not born for failure. One can be destroyed, but not defeated.

A simple story, an ordinary old fisherman, a big marlin, performed a seemingly simple and extraordinary story on the vast sea.

It tells of an old fisherman named San Diego who encountered a surprisingly large marlin after 84 consecutive days without a fish. After a full three days and three nights of fighting, the old man finally killed the marlin. However, on the way back, I unfortunately encountered a shark attack, and the old man bravely fought with the sharks, but when he returned to the port, the huge marlin had only a bare skeleton left.

Man can fail, but he cannot be defeated. The outer body can accept it, but the inner will is sacred and inviolable. This is an argument repeatedly emphasized in The Old Man and the Sea. That big marlin is like what we seek, that group of sharks is inevitable doom, the ever-changing and unpredictable sea is like the ever-changing, volatile human society, and there are so many people and old people who are brave. To catch what you ask for, never fail.

When you strive to pursue what you want to conquer or conquer what you want to conquer, it doesn't matter whether you finally catch a complete marlin or an empty skeleton, because the value of one's life is already there The process of hunting marlin is fully reflected. Has he tried and pursued for his ideal, is he not a winner? The old fisherman is the winner who dares to challenge his own defects and his courage and confidence. From the perspective of the secular view of victory, the old fisherman is not the final winner, because although he defeated the marlin at the beginning, the marlin finally let the shark eat, and he just brought the white marlin of the marlin Back on shore, that is to say, the shark is the winner. However, in the eyes of idealists, the old fisherman is the winner, because he has never been to the sea, to the marlins, and never to compromise and surrender to the sharks.

So one person can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated, never defeated!

"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words

The other day, I finished reading Hemingway's novel The Old Man and the Sea.

In this novel, I admire the will of the old fisherman very much. The old fisherman taught me that a person must have perseverance to succeed. "The Old Man and the Sea" describes an old fisherman who is almost sixty years old. When he was single and went out to fish, he caught a big fish but couldn't pull it up. After the old fisherman wrestled with this big fish for a few days, he discovered that it was a big marlin that was several times his own fishing boat. Although he knew it was difficult to win, he did not give up. Later, due to the fishy smell of the big marlin's wounds, several sharks rushed to eat, but the old man was still reluctant to give up like this, eventually highlighting the encirclement, bringing the big fish back to the fishing port, and admiring other fishermen. (yjnnfood.com After Reading Network)

When I read "The old fisherman thought: it is too close to the coast here, maybe there will be bigger fish farther ...", I admire the old fisherman very much because he has already hit A lot of fish, but he did not settle for the status quo, but moved towards a larger goal. We should be as ambitious as this old man to pursue better and bigger goals.

The bloody smell of big fish was smelled by a group of sharks. They swarmed to grab food. The old man ’s left hand was just cramping. He could only use his right hand, using a wooden stick, the swordfish ’s mouth and all other weapons that could be used for attack. Defend yourself and eventually drive the sharks away. But the big fish ’s flesh has already been eaten for more than half, and the old man also criticized his left hand with humor, “I should rest at work”. I was also impressed by the optimistic spirit of the old man. In life, some losses are unavoidable, and we should treat them with optimism instead of carelessly.

"The Old Man and the Sea" celebrates the spirit of the old fisherman who is not afraid of danger and hard work. We should also be like him, we cannot be satisfied with the status quo, we must be positive, we must be persistent in everything we do, and face difficulties when we encounter difficulties. It must not be abandoned halfway. Only in this way can we achieve greater success and victory.

"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words

The entire story of "The Old Man and the Sea" tells the story of an old Cuban fisherman, Santiago, who has been playing tricks on fate. The story also includes a boy who loved him.

The old fisherman was young, loved, distinguished, and fortunate. He took away the hero's plump and healthy skin over the years, but he could not take away his heroic physique, the nobility of his heart, and even his bravery and tenacity. . The little boy in the town has a deep affection and love for him. This precious true love is the spiritual pillar for the old fisherman to survive the challenge of life.

The old fisherman who turned in his luck was unable to catch fish in the offshore, so he decided to bravely go fishing farther alone by himself based on his own experience and judgment. After going through all kinds of dangers that ordinary people cannot tolerate, the old fisherman constantly challenged his physical and mental limits, and finally captured a huge "Dendoso" shark-the biggest one he has ever seen in his life.

He loved the fish so much that he felt so many similarities between them. "It lives by eating live fish. It is not a scavenger, nor like some sharks, it only knows to swim around to satisfy appetite. It is beautiful and sublime, and is not afraid to see anything." These words outline the old Fisherman admired the human norms: light, sloppy, heroic and noble.

As the old fisherman thought: everything kills other things, but in a different way. Fishing fed the old fisherman and killed him soon. At present, we human beings are developing natural resources in large quantities. If we do not arbitrarily mine with love for nature, will we also kill ourselves as a result?

Does the old fisherman's behavior not exactly represent human behavior in nature? Isn't he thinking and thinking exactly what our human spirit often does?

Although, in the end people can only see the big tail of the Dendoso shark standing upright behind the boat stern, the fish's exposed spine is like a white line, and the black head with a protruding long mouth, Between this end and nothing. However, people can still truly feel the mighty shore of this fish and the power of fishermen, which shocked the bright!

"A man can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated." The old man's last sentence was philosophical. As the music master Beethoven said, "I can be destroyed, but I cannot be conquered." These cannot be defeated is courage, these cannot be conquered are noble. Even more intriguing is that the boy made the old man survive! "Love" is the driving force for human survival!

"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words

Failure is terrible in the eyes of many people. Once mad, it can defeat people's fighting spirit, make people completely collapse, and lose hope for life. If failure cannot defeat you, but you are trampled under your feet, then success must belong to you.

The old man portrayed by the famous writer Hemingway in The Old Man and the Sea is an example of dare to fight against failure.

"The Old Man and the Sea" mainly talks about an old fisherman named Sandygo who made a special fishing trip. After not catching a fish for eighty-four days in a row, the next day he was very lucky to catch a huge marlin. That marlin was the largest fish he ever caught. That fish was 2 feet longer than his boat! Marlin was big and naturally strong. It dragged the old man and the boat for two days and two nights on the sea. In the past two days and two nights, the old man has experienced a difficult test that he has never experienced. Marlins struggled on the sea in an attempt to escape back to the sea. The old man was exhausted and fleshy to subdue the marlin, but he did not give in to the marlin. With tenacious will, he finally drew the marlin and tied it to the bow. Fortunately, however, nothing has happened, waiting for the elderly is a greater test. A group of big sharks smelling the bloody flew into a deadly battle with the old man who had fleshed. In the end, although the old man's life was saved, the sharks ate the marlin, and the old man dragged it back was a bare skeleton ...

The path of life is tortuous and bumpy. It is not uncommon to encounter failure. We should always have a strong, unyielding heart to face failure, and success will surely come to us.

"Old Man and the Sea" After Reading 600 Words

The light boat flattened, and at the edge of the endless sea, a lonely figure of a white-haired old man was in the boat. This is my first impression of San Diego, an ordinary old man in the protagonist in "The Old Man and the Sea", "He is thin and thin, and has deep wrinkles on his neck. There are many brown spots on the cheek." Author Hemingway He was portrayed so ordinary, but after I finished reading, I never dared to say that he was ordinary again.

The old man in San Diego made a living from fishing, but once he did not catch a fish for 84 days. With a firm belief and superb technology, after 84 days of nothing, he finally caught a huge marlin. This is a big fish that the old man has never seen or heard of, which is two feet longer than his boat, and has won both material and spiritual victory. But the fish was very strong and powerful. The marlin fish dragged away in a small boat and drifted away for two days and two nights. San Diego experienced a difficult test that he never experienced in these two days and two nights. The fish was stabbed and tied to the bow. However, a shark was encountered, and only the skeleton was eaten of the old man's hard work.

Why did the author Hemingway fail the old man? According to the old man in the book, he said, "A man is not born to be defeated. A man can be destroyed as much as possible, but he cannot be defeated." I think this is probably the author Want to tell us the truth.

The commendable thing is that, with the loss of his labors in Ningcheng, he can also optimistically say that he will build an iron anchor with a supervisor, and use it to deal with those disgusting scums. Surprising. I think: Is n’t our generation of students in the sea of books using different learning methods to weave a big fishing net to catch the big fish of knowledge. What do we do if we steal fish like a shark during our study? "The rut of the front car, the lesson of the rear car." At the crucial crossroads, won't we defeat ourselves like San Diego?

While studying, I also felt what is happiness: "When a person is doing things, happiness is not the last success. Happiness lies in the pursuit." Isn't the old man San Diego the same?

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