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"The West Chamber" reading notes 2000 words

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"The West Chamber" reading notes 2000 words

Zhang Sheng, the master of the first generation of hooligan talents, was born in the West Chamber, and became the name of the erected son. Under the flower of the West Chamber, Lang Yue took the lead, and the prodigal son Zhang Sheng stood up and blew his horn to attack classical love. The nihilistic ideals of love under the severe offensive of Zhang Sheng's clear utilitarian ideas suddenly collapsed like the Twin Towers in the United States. Zhang Sheng, who stood deep in the legends of the Tang and Song dynasties and the drama of the Yuan Dynasty, vomited softly and drowned the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, rather than saying "The West Chamber" is a tribute to romantic love, it is rather an elegy for romantic love.

I must be ashamed to admit that I have long been intoxicated with the prostitution and robbers of The West Chamber for a long time, and the weakest crown. The false splendor of the lovers in The West Chamber also made me admire. For nearly forty years this year, we have learned that the gangsters and all the relatives are the two poles of The West Chamber, and the connection between the two poles is our blind spot. The highly symbolized characters in The West Chamber refer to one side, and the signifier as the other side is forgotten by us.

Zhang Sheng's style is charming and feminine in The West Chamber. Just like the scholars of previous generations, Zhang Sheng is undoubtedly ill. He has self-evaluation of self-pity: he has learned articles and is still in the lake. The tension between the article and the wanderings confronted Zhang Sheng embarrassingly, and finally he wanted to find his own exit. Before he could find the exit, poor and lovely Zhang Sheng could only be the treasure of the golden sword and the sadness of the horse.

The wandering value will eventually find the destination; before that, the first reward for Zhang Sheng ’s wandering was revealed in Puji Temple as God was doomed, Zhang Junrui was brought with peach blossoms, and the amazingness of Puji Temple directly gave birth to a good song. poetry:

Moonlight Melting Night

Hua Mu Silent Spring

How to Pro Havoc

No one in the moon

This poem can be described as a solitary piece of the Tang Dynasty, which shows that Zhang Sheng's full text is not unfounded. Zhang Sheng rose with the feminine representative of the moon, and finally expressed his chest, and issued a soul-calling order to the people near the moon, which instantly established a passionate image. You hear, Zhang Sheng sings like a wandering singer: the night of the temple is so quiet, the flowers are lonely in the spring breeze, I am hungry and thirsty under the moon, why is there no crush to flirt? Zhang Sheng is bold and exaggerated To carry out sensationalism to the end, its practical spirit is unprecedented. A few years ago, Zhang Sheng ’s teacher also chanted the moon. He said: The moon is shining in front of my bed. I look at frost and salt. When I look up at the moon, I know that it has no hometown. The frost on the ground is suspected. Raise your head to look at the moon, and bow your head to think of your hometown). Compared to Zhang Sheng, the teacher seems out of bounds. After a few years, Zhang Sheng's students no longer chanted the moon. They only talked about the stars and vowed to give the lover a north-facing window so that he could see the stars. It had Zhang Sheng's poetry, but seemed too embarrassing. As for Yu Dafu's famous celebrity who had been drunk because of drunkenness, the beautiful woman who was afraid of being so tired seemed to be perverted, and developed to the point where I walked away gently / just as I came gently / I waved my sleeves / Do not take away the kind of desire to escape, the kind of small family spirit, the kind of cowardly cowardice, which shows that the hooligan talent has shown irreparable degradation. Zhang Sheng's Moonlight Rongrong Ye was seduced clearly. What he didn't expect was that there would be a beauty writer impromptuly singing on the other side of the West Chamber: I have been sexually thirsty for a long time. I feel even better when spring comes. You sing loudly there, I know you are a good person Brother (Lan Gui is lonely for a long time and has nothing to do with Fangchun. Those who are expected to groan should be sighed with pity). Sentences are like the nature of the heavens, revealing the extraordinary courage of beauties who dare to get on the thief boat.

Cultural rogues succeeded, albeit a little unexpectedly.

The image of Sun Feihu's hooligan proletariat originated from Liu Gao of Han Gaozu. In the past, when Han Gaozu was still Liu San, because he was envious of the Emperor ’s soldiers and horses, he had his wicked thoughts about his husband, so it can be seen that Liu San did not rebel against the current system but only vented his filth Evil desire inside. Comparing Xiang Yu's arrogance that can be replaced by each other, the spiritual realm of the two is judged to be cloudless. However, Liu San's cry was the party charter of the rogue proletariat. Under the millennium, he passed along and paid for it. Under such a code of conduct, hooligan proletarians can never but destroy the old order and have no chance of creating a new order. The rogue proletariat gathers in the mountains and forests, breaks homes, and writes rebellious and meaningless poems on the vast land of ancient China.

For example, Hong Xiuquan, the failure of the imperial examinations made him see the cannibalism of the imperial examinations and germinated his evil desires. Without any illusions about the old order, Hong Xiuquan started the struggle under the name of religion and achieved a seemingly brilliant victory. Then came the uncontrollable onset of desire, which has always turned the Far East into the largest brothel (Zhu Dake). The emperor took turns to sit, and the faith of coming to my home next year created a batch of rogue proletarians, and also ruined a batch of rogue proletarians. They followed the path of evil, and were finally destroyed by evil. Therefore, Cangtian is dead, Huang Tiantang stands, I hate the rich and the poor, and now it is Ru Junzhi, it is nothing more than the scary tiger skin banner used by rogue proletarians.

Therefore, Zhang Sheng's relationship with matchmaker is complex and simple. The relationship between Zhang Sheng and matchmaker is wolf and jackal. Zhang Sheng thinks that he is using matchmaker and praying mantis to catch cicada. Do you know that the cardinal is behind? Without Zhang Sheng, matchmaker can only be a maid forever, it is Zhang Sheng who brought matchmaker After the change of fate, when Zhang Sheng successfully occupied Cui Yingying, the matchmaker finally found the dignity of being a kind of dignity to defeat the enemy psychologically and self. The matchmaker is not using Zhang Sheng to complete the great cause of peaceful evolution. Therefore, Zhang Sheng is not an official from Ximen, and the matchmaker is not a prince who talks about style for the sake of twelve silver. Is it possible that Zhang Sheng's hooligan jokes will make you lay on the bed and give such a powerful actress to a smart matchmaker? How ridiculous! Zhang Sheng also thought to himself: If you are a sympathetic lady, Luo account, how willing to let you lie on the bed? Ah yeah! The zizi is really not enough and conspiracy! The female heroine is like the red maiden who uses your food? (Therefore, we can also infer that Jia Baoyu used such a sentence to the girl Zijuan (Why did Lin Daiyu become furious when she said?) The matchmaker waited for the psychological superiority of the rich and the right to speak to the Cui family. Matchmaker, this Sun Feihu lurking in the system, is waiting for the opportunity to peacefully evolve Yingying, which is the spiritual basis for matchmaker's wanton prostitution.

When Cui Zhang's Yunyu was acting as an east window incident, after Cui's loss, the matchmaker's attitude towards the thunderous old woman immediately turned 180 degrees. She not only denied her great achievements in Cui Zhang's sexual affairs, but also refused to undertake Any moral responsibility that Yingying lost.

"The West Chamber" reading notes 2000 words

He couldn't sleep at night, so he sat down and read the West Chamber silently. After thinking about it, she was really euphemistic, and her lips and teeth remained fragrant.

I think every word has indescribable beauty. English is often gorgeous and exquisite, covering everything, but even a small word can make people feel shocked. The realm of reading English is dominated by enthusiasm, searching along the branches and branches, and maybe a delicate flower blooms in a certain branch. And Chinese, hazy, simple and simple. If you mourn a few sentences, you must raise your eyebrows for contemplation. Put down the book, or slap or laugh, or get angry from it, or love. Such a sense of intoxication and elegance is only found in ancient Chinese. Reading "The West Chamber" today, I only feel that the lyrics are gorgeous and poetic. The style is like the beauty of flowers, beautiful and bright, and it is worthy to be called the double literary double with the Red House. The beauty of Yuan Qu lies in its integration of melody, Tang poetry and Song poetry, and legendary novels, which naturally generate a different kind of interest. The language of the West Chamber touched quietly with gorgeous and sincere words. Sometimes it is quiet, sometimes strong, sometimes lingering, sometimes flying, it is really beautiful and thousands of styles. Write down some good words here to chant:

Wedge: The flowers and waters flow red, there are many kinds of worries, and there is no resentment against the east wind.

First sight: make fun of everyone, (single) with incense shoulders, only flowers smile.

Just like the sound of a magpie, it is pitiful to take a step. Xia Wu's waist is delicate and soft, she is so charming, she looks like a weeping willow before the evening breeze.

Coquettish flower interpretation, gentle jade fragrance.

To the poem: Yuyu is dust-free, Yinhe Xieying, the moonlight is empty, the flower is full of court; Luo Yan is cold, and his heart is alert.

Spring sorrow: Falling into red, the wind is drifting, and the pond is dreaming, and the threshold leaves spring; the butterfly powder is lightly drenched with flying snow, and the scent of swallows swells the flower dust; the spring mood is short, the willow is long, and the flower is shade Far and near.

Acacia: Acacia turns into hatred, and I get Yaoqin. Fun is in spring again, Fang Xiner also moved. This situation can not be violated, why should Fang Yu be blessed?

Tryst: The moon is moving, and the jade is here. Suspended business eyes, anxious feelings, mind and body, nowhere to arrange;

The spring is full of crispy breasts, the spring is full of eyebrows, but the earth is jade. Apricot face peach cheeks, riding the moonlight, Jiao Didi Hu appeared red and white. Under the incense steps, lazy walk moss, bow shoes crest crest.

Parting: Biyuntian, Huanghuadi, westerly wind. North geese fly south. Who is Xiaolai dyed by Frost Forest? Always tears away.

Dripping red tears, wetter than Sima Tsingtao. Shrike went to Yanxi to fly, before asking for the return date. Although there are thousands of miles in the eyes, and a glass of wine before death. Drunk before drinking, my eyes bleed, my heart became gray.

The plot of "The West Chamber" now seems to be nothing but a gifted woman and a family member. If Wang Shifu's writing is outstanding, the characters are delicate and subtle, and on paper, such subjects can easily be reduced to lyrical and elegant art. The Chinese people's emotions have always been implicit and forbearing. It can never be as passionate as Greek art and indulge like crazy. In the era of orthodox Confucianism, the West Chamber sang how much a strong desire for true love. When referring to The West Chamber, we must not mention the Biography of Yingying. One is happy and the other is abandoned. Although everyone hopes that a lover will eventually become a dependent, after all, the ending of Yingying Biography is more true. The great reunion of The West Chamber is the eternal gifted talent of a Chinese literati. It exists in the yellowish villain book of childhood. In the ancient drama of grandfather humming casually, in the slapstick and drumming slapstick drama, but But it was not in the shallowness of amorous talents. I have no time to ask whether Zhang Sheng is Yuan Zhen and whether Yingying is a lover who was once in trouble in the sea. It is just that Chinese literati used to be affectionate in their self-confidence, vowed before love, and passionate, but in the end, under the prestige of the world, most of them were just the romantic affair of the past, and they sang it now. I think that the feeling is eager, the thoughts are lingering, the thought that the acacia is separated from the smoke, the high-rise red sleeves, the jasper red notes, all really look like a cloud, a flashy dream. And I always thought that as long as there was love, no matter how far away, there was always a trace in the memory, deep or shallow, or unwilling or forgiving, or remembering it, or pretending to disappear, and sometime, somewhere, remembering, only like People drink water, knowing only the cold and warm. In "Biography of Yingying", Zhang Sheng said that the heavenly destiny is also a stunner. If he is not demon, he will be demon to others, degrading the poor love to the evil demon. And Yingying had a lot of pain in tearing his intestines. Since autumn has come, he often loses himself in a loud noise, or laughs reluctantly, and spends his free time in tears. Even between dreams and sleeps, I also feel sobbing and sobbing, and love cannot be applied. Treasure is precious! Treasure is worthy! Life has a rare true temperament. At this point, the front line must be clear and clear.

After thinking about it, the passionate nature will not fully blame the gifted scholar. In traditional Chinese concepts, men are determined to be in the Quartet, and they have the world in their hearts. Children are long-term lovers. Women are only the sustenance of ancient scholars and writers when they were disappointed. Love is not the complementarity of the lives of two equal individuals, but a temporary need of life. As a result, Du Mu can naturally be a lucky man, and Yuan Zhen can forget his deep affection. In the class, the old gentleman mentioned the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign literary affairs. Everyone laughed, but his heart was inexplicably sad. Except for a few people who are good and evil, who can be more good and inferior than others? There are several people who can proudly say like Shen Congwen that I have walked many roads, walked many bridges, and seen many clouds in my life. , Have drank a lot of wine, but have only loved a person of the right age? The world is changeable, and all sentient beings are afraid of loneliness. Some people fill their lives with fame and fortune, spend the world, and feel contented. And someone needs something in their hearts, and loves what they love to feel happy. Looking around the red dust, everyone is pursuing poorly, working hard, except that what they want is different. I understand that love should be two independent individuals who understand each other's shortcomings and imperfections, but they cannot be separated in that way. Tolerance and care in their hearts are for a person who belongs to his own life. Simple, laughing and scolding, twilight, oil and salt vinegar. Wake up in the morning and kiss the lover's face by the pillow. Push open the window and see the shining sunlight on the leaves. This is raw and nothing else. In this messy and dirty world, there is a person you love, willing to go through all the hardships of livelihood for him (her), just so dangling and growing old together.

"The West Chamber" reading notes 2000 words

When people talk about classic love in literature, they have to say Liang Zhu, Romeo and Julia, Peony Pavilion and West Chamber. As the representative of anti-feudal etiquette, The West Chamber is also talked about.

Speaking of the ancient people's view of love, today's people will involuntarily associate with Gu Banmen's words to their parents' matchmaker. It is true that the power of ritualism in the feudal tradition cannot be resisted. In ancient China, the love of many obsessive men and women was strangled by feudal ritualism. But "The West Chamber" made us refreshed and refreshed. Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying met, met, fell in love, and fell in love. In the end, they crossed the wall of feudal etiquette and entered the palace of marriage. A lover eventually became a family member. Let us modernly call the filigree to see the toad late for the swan Wei Weiguang has to say that The West Chamber is a good inspirational book.

Let me talk about the encounter between Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying. Zhang Sheng was originally from Xiluo and was the son of Shangshu Shu. His parents died and his family was poor. He went to Beijing to take the test by himself, passing by here, and suddenly remembered that Du Que was in Puguan at the turn of the eight weeks, so he stayed. I heard the second brother in the No. 1 shop said that there is a general rescue temple, which is the Emperor's Incense Courtyard. The scenery is very beautiful. One day, the lady and matchmaker went out to play outside the hall, and happened to meet the scholar Zhang Sheng. A beautiful love begins with play. Good love has a good beginning, tragedy love is guessing the beginning but not the end. Zhang Sheng is lucky and guesses the end. Of course, that silly kid's stupid is very envious of my generation today. Now you dare to call a phone number with a beautiful woman you do n’t know on the street. If you dare to follow the others and not be treated as a pervert, I will worship you as a teacher. .

Let's talk about the process of meeting to fall in love. One day, Mrs. Cui served as a dojo for the dead husband. The husband and wife were very strict in governing the family. There was no man in or out of the dojo. Zhang Sheng was guilty again and slipped in. At this time the fasting dojo was ready, and the wife and lady were ready to enter the incense. Zhang Sheng thought: Miss is a woman who still has the heart to report her parents; Xiaosheng has drifted into the sea for several years. Since her parents died, there has not been any reported paper money.

Zhang Sheng knew from the monk that Miss Yingying went to the garden every night to burn incense. The night was quiet and the moon was clear. The monks fell asleep. Zhang Sheng came to the back garden to watch the lady burn incense. Immediately chanted a poem: the moonlight melts the night, the flowers are silent and the spring is silent; how can I approach the haunting soul without seeing the people in the moon? People, should sigh. Zhang Sheng studied hard every night, and touched Miss Cui Yingying. She had a love for Zhang Sheng.

I have to say that the ancient girl was so deceived, a little poem, hard to read every night can make her love. Of course, this is also due to the natural attraction between young men and women, and it is also a natural wonder. After having admiration, they began to refuse to return and welcome each other in shame. This matchmaker is the only one who can count on me. I hope that Zhang Sheng, who has only stupidity and no plan, and Miss Yingying, who wants to cross the border and can't pass his own courtesy, teach me. The matchmaker's dare to love, hate, and straightforward rate are quite like the style of children, even if it is not the current women.

Then there was Sun Xinhu who wanted to grab Yingying, Zhang Sheng found his buddies to save Yingying, but the old lady regretted what she said. In my opinion, the old woman is very reasonable. The old lady said that no matter who it is, as long as she can kill the thief and sweep away the evil spirits, when he assigned the lady to him, there was a premise. Cui Yingying wanted to commit suicide. The old lady said this sentence psychologically. It is not a big mistake to dispel Cui Yingying's urge to commit suicide afterwards. Moreover, a man who is robbed while on fire is not much different from Sun Xinhu in nature. As soon as the old lady regretted it, Zhang Sheng couldn't take it anymore. The big-mouthed meat was lost and the cooked ducks flew. This makes no sense. The saddest thing is the level of the mother-in-law.

This time, Zhang Sheng became ill. As for the severity of the disease, judging from his posture of turning over the wall, it is estimated that it is not light. Yingying blame him for falling over the wall, showing that his movements are not so chic. However, this disease is worth it. Zhang Sheng's successful description of Ying Ying aroused Yingying's sympathy and succeeded in overturning the wall! Finally, even the future mother-in-law compromised. As long as Zhang Sheng could test for a name, they would all be happy.

Zhang Sheng and Cui Yingying's success in love can be said to have captured the peace of the heavens and the earth. Tianshi happened to encounter Cui Yingying's incense on the Pusavi Temple. The wall of the temple is very short. The winding path is really a tryst holy place. The effort to tie the red line is first-rate. A few episodes of it have become Zhang Sheng's stepping stones. Sun Xinhu completed Zhang Sheng's hero to save the United States. The obstruction of the old lady allowed Cui Yingying to rebel in the rebellious period.

Modern people always think that the ancients were pedantic. Both men and women did not accept the love of their parents, and their parents could not be violated. Men are poems and righteousness, women are hidden in the boudoir, and their feet are embroidered. But I saw from the "The West Chamber" the ancients 'true thirst for love. They agreed that the lady is a gentleman who is very good, and despite her first opinion, the parents' lives, they still bravely go over. In fact, most of the feudal etiquette that maimed women came from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Our country's ancient style is simple and unpretentious, conforming to the natural way and endlessly. Confucius said: Poetry is not evil. That is the most essential beauty of our Chinese nation.

It is said that the ancients paid attention to the opinions of the door. Now, why do n’t people now? There is no house car ticket to talk about love, love is better than Jin Jian? It is out of date. People's material desires are getting heavier and heavier, and love has become a material appendage. This is a sad thing.

Reading the West Chamber, we praise Zhang Shengyingying for turning over the shackles of feudal ethics. Then, should we alleviate our desire for material money and love the simplicity of love, which makes our lives more pure.

These are some of my thoughts when I read The West Chamber, and I talked briefly about some of my views on love. If you are too radical, it is really careless. At the end of the article, I wish my loved ones loyal relatives.

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