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500 words of Lu Xun's "Bring Doctrine" reading notes

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500 Words of Reading Notes

Lu Xun was a great thinker and writer in China in the 20th century. During the Anti-Japanese War, someone used a gun to fight the enemy's invasion, and he used a pen to fight foreign aggression and oppression. He has a unique point of view and a keen perspective. He vividly describes the darkness of society, the direction of China's progress, and the psychological changes of the Chinese. His novels not only awaken Chinese people's numb souls, but also bring a lasting light to the dark sky.

In "Bring Doctrine," Lu Xun portrays the retreatism of old China and the doctrine of sending away after the country has been broken by guns. Sorrow and indignation over the fall of China. Hong Kong and Macao were forced to become colonies. At the same time, we also felt some of the things that were sent. The only things that could be sent were British opium, German waste guns, French powder, American movies, and Japan. There are all kinds of small things printed completely in domestic products. These sent things make the people more decadent and lose their fighting spirit. Just then, a powerful pen wrote that it would be better to bring it. We are thinking and fighting spirit. In order to rejuvenate the motherland, we should remove its dregs, take its best practices, learn from each other, and continuously develop our military and economic forces, so that the oceans can be used for China and ancient times for today.

Think about what a great person Lu Xun is. His thoughts can be used to this day. Doesn't our society need the same kind of doctrine? From an early age, we can learn from others in our study and life. Experiences and practices can be flexibly used, so that you can make your life rich and colorful, and study to a higher level. From the perspective of the country, the country's construction and economic development can also learn from the successful experiences of foreign countries and learn from them. In this way, we can also take less detours and make great strides forward. Let society develop better and make people's lives happier.

500 Words of Reading Notes

We have to use our brains, take a look, and bring them!

The biggest pain in life is that one's thoughts are ruled by others' thoughts! This is not to say that we reject all thoughts, and we can use the doctrine in treating other people ’s ideas! Lu Xun wrote wonderfully when he explained the doctrine:

He possesses, picks. When I see shark fins, I do n’t just throw them on the road to show their commonality. As long as there are nourishments, I also eat them like radish and cabbage with my friends, but do n’t use it to feast the guests. In order to see its complete revolution, it was only sent to the pharmacy for the treatment of diseases, but it did not sell the cream, which was sold out. There are only smoke guns and smoke lamps. Although the form is different from that of India, Persia, and Arabia, it can really be regarded as a national culture. If you travel around the world with your back, someone will definitely watch it, but I think, in addition to sending it to the museum, The rest can be ruined. There is also a group of aunts, who are also very pleased to ask them to separate. Otherwise, there may be some crises in the use of doctrine.

The thought of treating others can also be studied and selected. What I want to emphasize here is that research is the basis of selection, and it is not ideologically influential. It is necessary to absorb what is useful to you!

In this age of materialism, some people give up their thoughts for some of their original desires. This is a great sadness!

In history, many people have lost their noble lives in order to maintain their own ideas! And more people live under the dominance of others' ideas!

Human beings are essentially different from animals because they have thoughts. We often scold people like this: Why are you a beast! Why do you call a beast? Because beasts have no own thoughts!

In Chinese society, there are many great men in thought, but more people are slaves to thought! Because rulers know the power of thought, they are all good at ruling the people with thought! Therefore, most people are still numb! So I said: wake up!

500 Words of Reading Notes

At the beginning of this article, Mr. Lu Xun opened his eyes to the corruption of the Chinese government at the beginning of the article. "Retreatism" did not go by itself, and no one else was allowed to come. In the later years, it could be even better. What became "sendism"? Several masters went abroad with antiques and said that they "carried forward the country." Later, it was simply going abroad with living people instead of antiques.

In the second paragraph of the article, Mr. Lu Xun generally had a sense of ridicule, "Why no one in our country said aloud according to the etiquette and etiquette exchange": "Bring it here ?!" "Although it is not a bad thing to send out, Nietzsche said Ever he is the sun. " Mr. Lu Xun also criticized him as "crazy" here, which made me laugh out loud. However, think again, Mr. is justified, Nietzsche is not the sun, China is not the sun either. Lu Xun's criticism is reasonable and valuable. We should say "take it" to the countries that ask us! Mr. Lu Xun Duan deserves my applause: "In short, we want to bring it. We want to either use it, store it, or destroy it!"

This essay requires us to chew and think repeatedly, otherwise, you will not feel the exquisiteness of this article, or the painstaking intentions of Mr. Lu Xun. I have scrutinized it four times, and I only understand a little or two. In Mr. Lu Xun's writing, this essay is no longer an ordinary essay. This "Bring Doctrine" is a mirror to expose social corruption, a sharp blade to cut off the underworld of society, and a verdict on the countries that asked us to stop drinking. The Chinese are not cowards, we have to reach out and say "Bring" loudly and resolutely! We don't want to "retreat", we want to kick off "send to doctrine", we want to "bring"! Nietzsche went crazy, China can't! We have to say aloud, "Bring here, bring here, bring it here!" To promote the national spirit, our Chinese nation is a country of flesh and blood and flesh and bones! If you send it, you must bring it, we are not the weak!

Carry forward our spirit of democracy, shout like Mr. Lu Xun, let the world know us, show our style to the world, and let those fools listen to our raving China— "Bring it!"

500 Words of Reading Notes

Heredism is an essay written by Lu Xun and 1934, which includes the sixth volume of "The Complete Works of Lu Xun" and "Jiejieting Essays".

At that time, Mr. Lu Xun lived in the Zhabei imperialist cross-border road-building area in Shanghai, which was called a semi-rental area. Mr. Lu Xun had a strong national pride and wrote this article when he saw foreign invaders carrying their culture to brainwash the Chinese people.

"Bring Doctrine" was written mainly for certain wrong attitudes towards foreign cultures at the time. He opposes both the idea of total westernization without principles and the tendency to blindly reject and refuse to accept foreign cultures. He advocates using the brain, showing his vision, and taking it as his own doctrine.

In fact, the doctrine of taking the doctrine is to take its essence and remove its dregs from the foreign culture, which always has his duality. With the deepening of globalization, the collision and blending of cultures is more frequent. If you blindly deny it, you can only lag behind with the world's cultural trends, and only continue to communicate, the culture can progress.

At present, when the Chinese drink delicious and feel Christmas, foreigners will also be happy to eat an authentic Chinese dish, will bargain in the Chinese food market, will eat dumplings in the New Year, and enjoy Peking Opera. When we face the new culture, we do not do escapism, we turn a blind eye to it, we deny improper nihilism; let us not become capitulationism, we inherit it in its entirety. It is not advisable to gradually marginalize local culture in foreign cultures.

No matter when and where Lu Xun's takeoverism correctly guides our attitude towards culture, we will be firmly a takeoverist for a long time in the future, so that these cultures can enrich ourselves and make Keep improving.

500 Words of Reading Notes

The antonym of "bring it" is "send it". Now that there is "send it", there should be "send it". The real difference between "bringing" and "sending" is: one active and one passive. This difference is small, but big difference.

It is also the opening of China ’s door. Why does “reform and opening up” improve China ’s comprehensive national strength, but the “opium war” has become a shame for the Chinese? This is because “reform and opening up” was brought and the “opium war” was sent. Come. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

We as students should also understand this principle: we must take the initiative to learn, and not be led by teachers and parents. Take a more realistic example. Some students in the same class are hard-working and hard-working, and the students who are not afraid to ask must have good grades, but the grades of the classmates whose teachers must stay in the classroom every day are not much better. This is "active" and "passive" I do not deny that there are innate factors, but I believe this is also very rare.

It ’s also learning, we should also figure out “I want to learn” or “Want me to learn”

Sending too much, you may feel bored, even afraid, and study. We are bored and afraid to learn, and the consequences are unimaginable. It can be measured, so we might as well study as an interest or a pleasure, why should we be so tired of our bodies and minds? Slowly "take it", for a long time, "more", the results will go up .


Mr. Lu Xun once commented on "Bring Doctrine": "We must learn to choose. For good things, such as advanced technology in the West, we must" take "and take. For both good and bad, we can Take the good side, such as opium, and send it to the pharmacy. We will give up the useless "auntie".

Indeed, today is in the period of reform and opening up. The outside world is very exciting, but we have to learn to make choices. Just like opening a window, we must not only breathe fresh air, but also prevent flying insects from entering the screen window.

Modern people like to pack themselves and package themselves into "foreign" goods. They think they are avant-garde and "cool", but they don't know they are just taking the dross of others.

There was once a report: Millions of instant noodle factories purchased a set of flow-through machines for making instant noodles from abroad, but they couldn't be installed. It took me a while to know that it was a machine that was eliminated in the 1970s abroad. The loss of such "taking" is really painful, so we have to use our brains and set our sights on ourselves!

Confucius said, "Choose those who are good and follow them, and change those who are not good." The ancients still do, so what about us?

If we say that "taking the dross" just makes us lose face, then the "taking the dross" of that factory has caused huge losses to the country. Such "learning" must be made. We have to learn how to "take it"!

In the wave of modern open economy, there will be more new things to come in, and our teenagers are in the stage of strong plasticity, strong curiosity, and strong ability to imitate, so we must learn to choose, choose the best, and let go of their dross.

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