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500 words in Bambi

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500 words in Bambi

During the summer vacation, I read the book Bambi, and the story of Bambi is very enlightening and deeply felt.

This book tells the development process of Bambi, from Bambi to waking and playing with friends, tasted the pain of being unable to find her mother, the pain of losing her partner, and the fear of seeing her companion being killed by him. In the sweet, bitter, and spicy, Bambi gradually felt the cruelty and ruthlessness of the forest. The difficulty in resisting him with his partner, the difficulty in finding food in snowy days, made the spot ratio gradually grow, and slowly grew into a strong male deer. And while resisting with everyone, he felt the friendliness, love and unity of these animals, and also made Bibi understand that in order to survive here, it is necessary to accumulate survival experience and wit judgment. Under the training of the old deer king, Bambi became the next generation of deer king!

One of my favorite is the old deer king. He imparted his life-long experience to Bambi, selflessly, and he also helped many times when Bambi encountered danger. Although he was cold and ruthless on the surface, he didn't say anything about everything. He walked around in this huge forest, no one knew the whereabouts of him, but he was like a fire in his heart. When others need help most Help silently.

He is an animal killer, and he is us humans. We have killed so many animal homes for our own selfishness. Are the gorgeous leather clothes on the road made of animal fur? ! Didn't ancient times see so many animals extinct! With greed, there will be killing. Expect us to be animals, chased and killed, and what will happen to you all day?

This book made me understand that only by anthropomorphizing animals can we avoid the animalization of human beings. Both human and nature are inseparable from each other. Let me understand that animals are just as emotional as humans.

500 words in Bambi

During the summer vacation, my mother bought me a book called Little Deer Bambi. I always wanted to see it. I just fell in love when I opened the book. This book is based on the growth of Little Deer Bambi. Humanized stories and vivid language tell the animals that they support each other and try their best to sing love, life and harmony, which is very exciting.

This book mainly tells about the deer spotted born in the bushes of the forest, which only accommodates his mother and him, which is very narrow. His mother loved Bambi but concealed his life. With the fragrance of fresh leaves, flowers, green trees and moisturizing soil, his mother never mentioned his father, the deer king. Bambi has been living with her mother, her aunt, and her two little deer's. Until one day, when humans hunted and killed animals, her mother disappeared, and Bambi was very sad. During this period, the deer king appeared, and always Bambi Help him when he is in danger, and give Banby some inspiration and education words. Slowly, Banby grows up. Under the education of the old deer king, he becomes as strong and intelligent as the deer king, and finally becomes the deer king. .

This book not only shows the harmonious atmosphere in the forest, the warm support and interaction between animals, but also the jealousy among animals and the confusion and helplessness in the face of harsh environments and human killings.

After reading this book, I understand that in the face of difficulties, we must learn to be strong and independent. We must learn more and increase our skills. Only by working hard can we have a pair of strong wings and fly freely in the sky of life!

500 words in Bambi

I read a book Bambi with my daughter on the weekend. This book mainly describes the growth story of Bambi. It uses anthropomorphic methods to tell the friendship and unity among animals in vivid language, showing the innocence of childlike innocence and love everywhere.

Bambi has lived in a harmonious and beautiful forest since childhood. It is smart, kind, lively and lovely, naive and romantic, and lives happily and freely with friends in the large forest. It has a gentle, loving mother who teaches it various survival skills, helps it learn to be independent, strong, and learn to face difficulties and dangers alone.

One day, danger came, and the white devil (human) destroyed the tranquility of the forest, bringing fear and killing to the animals. Bambi's mother and cousin were killed by humans, which made Bambi very sad. Later, Bambi was also attacked by the hunter and was injured. Bambi's father, the Old Deer King, appeared. It taught Bambi the wisdom of survival, and the courage and strength not afraid of difficulties. After this trial, Bambi eventually grew into The brave new independent deer king in the forest.

This book is not only loved by children, but also deeply attracted to me because it is educational. It reminds me that in the process of children's growth, as parents, we must know how to let go and cultivate children's independent ability and the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties. Only by being self-reliant, independent, and facing various difficulties and tests in life, can we be healthy and strong. To grow. Another point is that we humans must have a kind heart, we must love animals, live with animals peacefully, and not be bloody or killed, so that everything in the world can live in harmony and endlessly. The world will become beautiful and harmonious.

500 words in Bambi

Recently, I read the book "Bambi of Fawn". This book is about the harmonious atmosphere in the forest and the warm care and friendship between the animals. It also shows the jealousy of the animals. Possessiveness, struggle and confrontation The confusion and helplessness of the environment and terrible humans. Let me introduce what I like!

In the face of the birth of a new life, every mother will be extremely surprised and loved, and Baba ’s birth i will bring surprises; it also allows it to withstand the physical pain, and the words of a magpie tell the hard work of all mothers. The deer mother loved Bambi so much that Bambi quickly adapted to the forest. How beautiful the forest is in the early summer! How carefree Bambi is. Happy Bambi has endless questions, and her mother always answers them tirelessly. The kind and lovely Bambi saw a cruel phenomenon in nature for the first time. He was very afraid. Fortunately, his mother was beside him. Bambi was not only curious but also good at observation and thinking. It saw the other side of life. There There are deaths and quarrels. Bambi knows a lot of knowledge in this world. The aging deer king taught all skills to Bambi. The old deer stabbed the hunter with his antlers and risked his life. class. The old deer king left Bambi to help Bambi overcome the difficulties. Seeing the strong and brave Bambi, the old deer king left the world with peace of mind. After undergoing various ordeals, Bambi finally succeeded in relying on her perseverance and wisdom to become the deer king.

This book tells us that demons love nature and animals. Have wit judgment, calm and calm mind.

500 words in Bambi

I was shocked at first glance at this book, and my desire to read it forced me to look at this book like squeezing toothpaste after finishing homework every day.

I admit that this Austrian writer Felix Salten's work has easily conquered me. I read a little greedily every day, dozens of pages a day, lying in bed and thinking for a while, it was evocative. . This writer has shaped a world of small spots with imaginary imagination. This is a work full of love, which explores the existence and meaning of life. When we think about ourselves, we feel that the protagonist is close, as if we are ourselves.

"Bambi Deer" tells the growth story of a deer. The story starts from Bambi, and it tells it to spend spring, summer, autumn and winter with its partners in the forest. It understands the complexity and cruelty of the outside world. It also gave the soul a baptism. He had a difficult understanding of animals and mysteries.

In fact, I think about it myself. I am also like the protagonist. When I was born, my parents took care of me. That is to say, I was afraid to drop it in my hand, and I was afraid to melt it in my mouth. Then there was a period of time that required me to learn simple self-care, and time passed quickly. I went to kindergarten in an instant, and received enlightenment education in kindergarten. That was a place that affected my life. Mom and dad and the teacher came to teach me, Time, I went to primary school. During this time, you must take care of yourself and be able to take care of yourself. Mom and Dad have time to rest for a while.

I really want to thank my parents. They raised me and raised them. I also have to work hard. I still have a long way to go!

500 words in Bambi

"Bambi of Fawn" writes the story of a deer's growth. From fawn's birth to growing up, it has learned to be strong and understood many things.

This little deer is called Bambi. It is a smart and kind little stag, and always asks his mother about deer and about the forest. However, the danger is coming. The terrible gunshots have broken the tranquility and beauty of the forest. It is people, it is us. It brings fear and killing to the animals in the jungle, but it is just to satisfy our own money bag. Should we? Protect the animals From now on, don't wait for them to go extinct before protecting them, it's too late!

With the growth of Bambi, the mother ’s attitude towards Bambi has changed greatly. When Bambi is coquettling or tired of her mother, the mother will tell it: "Child, you have grown up and cannot be entangled all day It ’s my mother. You have to learn to live independently and be strong! ”Yeah! We also have to learn to be independent. We must be strong and not rely solely on our parents. Just like the flowers in the greenhouse, how beautiful is its vitality. Weeds up the mountain?

When I saw her deer is about to leave, Bambi's words gave me a lot of inspiration: the road of life is long and long, there will always be many intersections, there will always be someone to accompany you for a journey, but in the end Only you. There will always be times when we wave goodbye, just like the saying "there is no banquet in the world", there will always be times when we are alone ... so we must learn to be strong.

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