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"Methods Are More Than Problems" 2000 Words

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"Methods Are More Than Problems" 2000 Words

Wu Ganlin raised such a question in "There are always more methods than problems". For everyone, when they encounter problems and difficulties, can they actively find a solution instead of using excuses to avoid responsibility. It is decisive for a person's success and development in the workplace. How to overcome the fear of the problem, how to use some thinking skills when encountering the problem, to find the target, to think by analogy, to cleverly transfer the problem, not only to despise the problem psychologically, to defeat the enemy with appropriate methods, but also to finally overcome the problem And challenges into opportunities. No matter how many problems there are, there are many ways to solve the problem. It is the enlightenment given to us by "There are always more methods than problems." In addition to teaching you how to solve problems in various ways. More importantly, let us understand a basic truth: there is nothing that cannot be done in the world, only people who cannot do it. A person who can handle affairs can easily navigate the situation of life in a complex and complicated environment, and everything is fierce, turning the impossible into possible, and finally achieving his purpose. The key is to see what methods, techniques, and methods you use. In most cases, the problem is objective, and at the same time it is the first excuse for most people to avoid responsibility and avoid efforts.

When we face a problem, we must first analyze the problem. Being good at analyzing the problem is the key to solving the problem. If we cannot analyze the problem correctly, we cannot find a correct solution to the problem, or it is impossible to find a solution to the problem. Only by correctly recognizing the problem and analyzing it correctly, can we find a solution to the problem according to the actual situation, and finally make the problem better solved. Solve problems and learn to keep improving. For a problem, there are sometimes many ways to solve it, which requires us to think about how to solve the problem in the best way. Don't rush to solve a new problem, you should think about how to solve the problem through different ideas. This book lists many methods of thinking, and there are many successful examples. Different aspects of the analysis of the problem, then the method of solving the problem is also different. In actual work, you need to analyze the problem in many aspects and levels, and then find a variety of methods to solve the problem. Finally, according to the actual work, determine the best method to use. Good way to solve this problem, and strive to achieve the desired effect.

There are always methods. If you always make excuses, maybe you will really do nothing under the background of excuses. Now that your determination has been made, practice it. Don't waste any more time. I think: Laziness may be the greatest enemy that prevents people from moving forward. Whenever I hear some lectures or see others' success, I always have sighs and passions, so sometimes I raise my pen and leave something. But more often I just excuse myself with a busy word. After reading "There are always more methods than problems", I understand that I have to learn to squeeze time from my busy schedule, let myself read more books, move my pen, and become smarter! Only action can bring you gain!

Facing difficulties, surpassing ourselves, and proactively solving are the only ways out. The truth is: there are always more ways than problems, and self-limitation is the biggest obstacle to success in life. The real opponent who prevents you from moving forward is yourself. Smart people dare to face problems, surpass themselves, actively find solutions to problems, with the tenacity of proactive solution, go all out to overcome difficulties. Like an eagle, he hovered in all directions and looked far away, instead of just like a duck, he could only do nothing except quack and complain all day.

Persistence is another secret of success. With the consciousness of turning complaints into action, we encounter many difficulties in finding ways, and sometimes even start to shake. In response to this situation, the book points out to us: When facing problems and difficulties, we should never say hard first, but first ask ourselves: Have I done my best? When you have really worked hard After struggling to overcome difficulties, you will find that the original limit of difficulties is actually just your own mental trance. As long as you work hard, the potential for development will grow.

As long as you are good at finding a way, problems can change. The book uses a lot of space to describe how to find a method, and a total of fourteen methods. These methods can open up our thinking and guide us how to find ways to solve problems. What impressed me most was Carnegie's experience of seizing opportunities and turning crisis into opportunity. As the owner of a steel company in the United States, Carnegie, when more and more nationwide strikes in the United States were hit, he took the opportunity to take effective measures to not only relieve himself from the strike Came out, and took the opportunity to merge many companies, its steel market share in the country jumped from 1/7 to 1/3. Carnegie's success in the steel industry tells us that when we encounter problems, it may be an adversity, but it is also an opportunity. A person's inherent potential can be maximized in adversity. Roman Roland said it well: Only people from the bottom can pass on the faith to the peak of spirit. Only through purgatory can open the way to heaven.

In short, no matter what we do in the future, we must not be afraid of difficulties and problems. We must do our best to solve problems encountered in our work. The book "Methods Are More Than Problems" is like a wise man around us, reminding us: only to find a way for success, not to make excuses for failure. Only in this way can we solve the problem and not be defeated by the problem. When you encounter difficulties, when you make excuses for yourself, and when you are discouraged, please read it. It will give you guidance, strength and confidence, and it will help you succeed. One big hand!

"Methods Are More Than Problems" 2000 Words

After joining the work, I don't have much time to read, and I also have fewer books to read. A few days ago, I read a good book, "Methods Are More Than Problems." This is a monograph on the working methods of first-class talents. The author is a well-known methodologist and international vocational trainer Mr. Wu Ganlin. The book explains the relationship between methods and problems, how to overcome psychological obstacles that cannot face problems, how to have effective methods to solve problems, and how to turn problems into opportunities. This book reads like a spring breeze and a sweet taste, which makes people feel a lot and benefit a lot.

First, methods and issues are the driving force for life.

Since ancient times, methods and problems have always been a symbiotic issue. In this regard, different people have different interpretations, some exaggerated, complained, others optimistic and positive response. Life is destined to deal with difficulties, problems, or difficulties that engulf cowards, or strong people to solve problems. There are always more methods than problems. It is the best interpretation of the relationship between methods and problems. It is a mentality that actively responds, strives forward, and never fails when facing difficulties. the spirit of. With this mentality and spirit, you will work hard, create extraordinary results by mastering the method, and have more and more confidence. Not only that, but they will never be afraid of difficulties and turn the difficulties they encounter into opportunities for further growth. There are always many problems in life, such as going to school, finding a job, making friends, family and career, etc. These big or small problems will always bother us at all times, but some people will complain about them and deal with them actively. If a person does not want to waste his life and live a full and meaningful life, when faced with difficulties, he needs courage and reason to find solutions. In the process of solving problems, we will continue to conquer difficulties, constantly surpass ourselves, constantly try, and constantly update. We will experience many things, learn more experience, observe the wonderful world, feel the value of life, and more importantly, We can truly experience this spirit. As a judge, we need this spirit even more: face the problem, find a way, and do everything possible to do everything in our working life, to the extreme, to be perfect. Many people will succeed as a result, and others will remain anonymous. When leaving the post, they can say they are worthy of their work and worthy of the sacred judgment.

2. Finding more methods and less excuses is the proper working attitude of every judge.

In work, first-rate people find ways, and those who are not in the past find excuses. The person who makes excuses is the least popular person in the unit, and the person who finds a way is the most popular person in the unit. The person making excuses will not take the initiative to find a solution to the problem, and even if there is a ready-made solution before him, it is difficult for him to accept it. In reality, employees can be divided into three types: one is dedicated employees who can find ways. They have wisdom and are willing to dedicate wisdom. There is no doubt that this type of staff is the best. The second is dedicated but lacking methods. They can dedicate sweat. This kind of employee unit needs but will not have much development. They are employees who are neither looking for a method nor being dedicated. They can't contribute anything. The final result can only be left. As judges, we should strive to be the first person and take the initiative to find solutions to problems. Our judgement needs exactly this kind of judges who do not make excuses and methods. Only judges with this spirit can maintain fairness and justice and the dignity of the law to the maximum extent. For many years, problems have always been our first excuse for evading our responsibilities and efforts. What lack of experience, insufficient accumulation, and insufficient solutions have become our best shields and amulets. We rarely consider whether we are trying our best and doing our best. Now think about it. The reason why there are few achievements at work, there are many problems at work, and things are difficult to do. We have not done our best to be one of the key factors. This requires us to change from finding excuses to finding methods in the shortest time.

Method is the source of advancing trials

In the new period and the new situation, the trial work is always accompanied by problems and difficulties. It is in the resolution of the problems and difficulties that the judge is true to the motherland, the party, the people, and the law. But at work, I often hear voices that can't be helped at all. There is no way, we seem to find a reason not to do it for ourselves, but it is also a way that prevents us from moving forward. Is there really no way? Or do we not use our brains to think of a way? Only a way will have a way, There is only one way to find it. When encountering difficulties and problems, take the initiative to find solutions instead of excuses to avoid, justify failures to justify failures, excuses to avoid and justify failures, justify double failures, and only find ways to have success. Success always belongs to the Someone looking for a way. Judicial work requires dedicated people, but it is not enough to have lofty ideals and professionalism. It is also important to pay special attention to methods, how to work better, and how to make more contributions to the maintenance of sacred law. This is objective. Every judge is required to be a busy person who talks about everything. Only in this way can he be efficient and valuable.

Fourth, as long as you are good at finding ways, problems can also change opportunities.

Mr. Wu Ganlin used a lot of space in the book to explain how to find a method. There are 14 methods in total. These methods can open up our thinking and guide us how to find solutions to problems. What impressed me the most was Carnegie's experience of turning difficulties into opportunities and turning crisis into opportunity: Carnegie, the boss of a steel company in the United States, has been increasing strikes across the country. All steel companies are When it was hit, it took advantage of this opportunity to take effective measures to not only free itself from the strike problem, but also take the opportunity to merge many companies, and its steel market share in the country jumped from 1/7 to 1 / 3. This success story tells us: When we encounter a problem, it may be an adversity, but it is also an opportunity. A person's inner potential will be most stimulated in adversity. Roman Roland said it well: Only after going through numerous difficult trials can he reach the pinnacle of success, and only through purgatory can he open the way to heaven. In fact, every line in society has its own hardships and difficulties, and it encounters tedious and complicated issues. Every case we handle is also advanced in the resolution of countless difficult issues. The idea advocated by "Methods Are More Than Problems" has found a strong fulcrum for us to solve problems. As long as the spirit does not slide, there are always more methods than problems. As long as we have such confidence and courage, use our wisdom to find methods There will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome, no problems that cannot be solved, and only in this way can we achieve results in the trial work and create a world.

Reading "There are always more methods than problems" has made me realize more deeply that no matter what work we do, we should not be afraid of difficulties and problems. We must firmly believe that there are always more methods than problems. I recommend this book to my colleagues. I hope that everyone can learn from this book and be a person who is faced with difficulties, perseverance, indomitableness, and pioneering spirit, and will add glory to his life and the trial of the Republic. One stroke.

"Methods Are More Than Problems" 2000 Words

After reading Wu Ganlin's "There are always more methods than problems", I am so excited. I would like to share my experience with you. The book expounds from three aspects: brainstorming ideas, prioritizing, grasping major contradictions, and learning to solve problems innovatively. If you have the cognition and wisdom of these three aspects, you will have a brand new working attitude, work hard with spontaneous spirit, and you will create extraordinary performance by mastering methods, and therefore have more and more The more self-confidence, not only that, you will not be afraid of difficulties from now on, but will also turn the problems you encounter into opportunities for your further growth and development.

First, use your brain to find a way.

"Methods Are More Than Problems" on the one hand is epistemology and on the other hand methodologies, both of which are equally important. Why face the same problem, some people can solve it quickly, while others can't solve it? The key lies in the methods and skills to solve the problem. The first is to read and read rare and good books such as "Methods Are More Than Problems", and learn the methods and the essence of problem solving from it. The second is to pay attention to observation and listening normally, to learn modestly and to learn from the mature experience of colleagues around you to solve problems. The third is to communicate more, to strengthen vertical and horizontal communication, to make friends and get information from it; the fourth is to summarize and summarize the experiences and lessons of yourself and others, and pay attention to accumulating good ways and techniques to solve problems.

2. Prioritize and prioritize major contradictions.

There are a lot of problems. Which one is solved first and which one is solved later is not just a simple sequence problem. It not only involves methods and techniques, but also determines efficiency and effectiveness. The key is to grasp the main contradictions, first solve the issues that are of great importance to the overall situation, have great responsibilities, and then solve the issues that are relatively important and urgent. Some problems are solved immediately, and other problems are solved easily; some problems are solved by the way, and one or some other small problems are solved by the way. Therefore, do not grab your eyebrows or beards, keep cutting them, or make them messy. We must always keep a clear head, not to be intimidated or buried by the problem, but to outline and be able to handle it easily.

3. Learn to solve problems creatively.

Many professional activities today, especially finding suitable ways to solve problems, increasingly require innovation. Solving problems innovatively requires an innovative thinking action, that is, we treat a problem, and in the case of correct analysis, we must consider the problem with innovative thinking, then the effect of solving the problem may be better . Just like the v-type thinking mentioned in the book. This letter is very magical to express the positive meaning of thinking turn: the left half represents downward; the right half represents upward. From the trend on the left, it should have been downward, but stopped at the bottom, and changed to upward. This is a turn from a negative state to a positive state. The following description impressed me more: the first arrow from left to right represents the problem; the arrow from the upper left to the lower right corner represents the extension of the problem and its negative impact on the parties. If you are governed by these emotions, you must give up on things. The bottom of the V character means that you stopped complaining. The arrow on the right represents that not only saw the opportunity brought by this problem, but also began to create actively.

At any time, the problem is always the first excuse for many people to evade responsibilities and efforts, but an excellent employee must have the advocacy idea: no excuses and methods, there are always more methods than problems.

Although this book is about how to create first-class employees, I still have a great inspiration for me as a teacher: There are some small things that will inevitably happen to the children we face, and how the problem-solving methods will directly affect the growth of children. And usually we are more used to finding reasons from children.

Why make excuses? Either be lazy and cozy, or find yourself steps, so that human potential cannot be developed in a situation where there is no way back. Excuses only make people accustomed to delaying, habitually shirk responsibility, habitually pass on negligence, and habitually harm others. Do you say that such people can be recognized by leaders and colleagues and become the backbone of school and even education? Make excuses and justify it. Over time, when doing things, the first reaction of the underlying consciousness is an excuse for not doing or not doing well, and always tolerate yourself everywhere, to the end, leaving only laziness, selfishness, and no success. This danger looks I can't see, I can't touch, but it can cause your life to be in a dark place. Therefore, we should change the excuse to the method, not to say that the method is better than the problem? Only by not finding the excuse to find the method, can we truly reflect a responsible and dedicated work spirit as a teacher, and an honest and proactive work attitude , A perfect, positive execution ability. For an insightful manager, what you need is not your various explanations, but your action, a corrective action with practical effect.

Yes, there are always more methods than problems. Education is nothing short of earth-shattering, and it remains so today. As a kindergarten teacher, I usually do such small things as morning inspection, education activities, life activities, outdoor activities. There may be small conflicts and quarrels among children, and you need to mediate. But because we are facing a living child every day, there are always problems like this and how do we solve them? Find ways and actively look for ways. If this method doesn't work, try that method. If young children have poor self-care ability when they first enter middle school, Teacher Chen and I will arrange the children to be children on duty. First ask them to take care of the natural corner, then divide the bowls and clean the tables for the children, and finally form a class routine featuring music. There can be many ways, and there are always many ways to suit this problem. The teacher's continuous accumulation of experience in searching and seeking will become a good teacher over time.

If there are often children in class who do not concentrate on listening, how to deal with this small matter? Is it a habit to remind: ; ; children, please listen carefully. Do you think about it? Is the child not paying attention to the lecture for the same reason as the child not paying attention to the lecture? Is it because he encountered a sad or annoying thing that he couldn't calm down to listen? Is it because he didn't like the lesson? The content? Is it because the teacher has a problem with the teaching design? Is it because the teaching process is not difficult and can not attract the happiness of his thinking? Is it because the teacher's self-esteem is hurt by his inadvertent actions or words? He is not well enough to listen quietly? Should you ask yourself if this method is appropriate?

In other words, each of us teachers must put into work, and do everything possible to do such a small thing well. Every teacher who does a good job of such a trivial matter is the backbone of Chinese education. Together, we can do a good job of such a trivial education and do it in place, and we can make parents feel relieved and satisfied with the great things of Chinese education. When you do your best to do the little things in education, you start real education. The education that can affect people is often hidden in those little things. We may recall that the indelible things left by the teacher to you in our impressions are those inadvertent little things: a brief and peaceful conversation, a move, a look, an expectation, a smile, and there is a lot of teacher concentration The deep truth conveys the spark of short-distance spiritual communication between teachers and students. Through these small things, education enters the human soul and continues to affect people's lives.

Reading the book "There are always more methods than problems" has made me feel more deeply. As a kindergarten teacher, we can't even make excuses, because our job is to serve children, society and parents. The child is the flower of the motherland and the successor of the future. We must use the meticulous love to warm the heart of each child. Even if we encounter problems or difficulties, as long as we firmly believe that there are more methods than problems, we will never be defeated. For the pioneering person, all difficulties will be defeated. Education is like this. It is the art of education to think through and handle small things. Take the child seriously, touch the child's head every day, and get in touch with the child intimately every day, ready to go to class every day, think about how to teach every day, keep track of the education every day, every day Do n’t make excuses for doing these little things, but look for better ways to be a good teacher who can do the little things of education. Let us add a lot of glory to our lives and the cause of early childhood education. !

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