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2000 words of Mao Zedong's "Serving the People"

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"Serving the People" After Reading 2000 Words

How many times I read the "Serving the People" by the Chairman, I really can't remember. I had this text when I was a kid, and I can do it well. I was also proud to have a schoolbag on my back written to serve the people on my way to school. But what really got me re-baptized mentally, emotionally, and spiritually was this rereading of "Serving the People."

The great work "Serving the People" was a speech delivered by Chairman Mao at the Yan'an Memorial to Comrade Zhang Side on September 8, 1944. It has been nearly 61 years. Zhang Side, September 5, 1944, died as a result of the collapse of the charcoal kiln. Chairman Mao held a memorial service for the ordinary Communist Party member and the Red Army soldier who burned charcoal, and gave a famous lecture, saying that he died for the benefit of the people, and his death was heavier than Taishan. From then on, "Serving the People" rang through the great rivers, north and south, inside and outside the Great Wall, and educated generations of Communist-Party-Party and revolutionary masses. 

As the vanguard of the Chinese working class, our party represents the development requirements of advanced social productive forces, represents the direction of China's advanced culture, and faithfully represents the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. As Chairman Mao said in "Serving the People": Our team is entirely for the liberation of the people and works thoroughly for the benefit of the people. The Communist-Party is a party that benefits the nation and the people. It has no selfish profit. Our party seized power for the liberation and freedom of the people. After the founding of New China, strengthening the ruling position is also for the prosperity and happiness of the people. Although serious mistakes have taken place, our party is a party that serves the people wholeheartedly, and it is also a clean party. She has the courage to uphold the truth for the benefit of the people and the courage to correct errors for the benefit of the people. That is what Chairman Mao said in "Serving the People", insisting on being good for the people's interests and correcting the wrong for the people's interests. It has won the sincere support and support of the overwhelming majority of the people.

Serving the people is the fundamental purpose of our party and the starting point and destination of all our party activities. The bourgeois party is a representative of the interests of the bourgeoisie and the minority. Due to the nature of the class and the limitations of history, it determines that its nature is to establish the party for its own sake and govern itself. In contrast, the proletariat can finally liberate itself only if it liberates all mankind. This determines that the interests represented by the proletarian party must be the interests of the vast majority of mankind. It must be the establishment of the party for the public, governing for the people, and serving the people wholeheartedly.

In order to serve the people wholeheartedly, it is necessary to establish ambitious communist ideals. The social system of communism is the most ideal and best social system for mankind. Realizing this system is the ultimate goal of the proletarian liberation struggle, and it is also the noblest and greatest ideal of our communists. As an inevitable trend in the development of human history, a communist society needs to go through a long historical process, which requires unremitting efforts of dozens or even generations. How many Communist-Party people have struggled for the cause of Communism, and have even given their precious lives. Ideals and beliefs are concrete manifestations of human subjective initiative. Ideals and beliefs have a great stimulating effect on people, and they cause people to have a strong will and emotion in their actions. This will and emotion is a strong spiritual motivation for people to carry out purposeful practical activities. A person who has established a lofty ideal and firm belief will inspire the tenacious spirit of struggle to achieve the ideal and the courage to overcome difficulties. He is full of confidence in victory and is willing to sacrifice everything for the realization of the ideal.

Re-reading "Serving the People", I deeply feel that to serve the people, we must strengthen the belief of communism and follow the Communist-Party. The party leads a bright avenue. Now there are some people in the society. It is wrong to argue that communism is too dim and socialism with Chinese characteristics is too abstract. History tells us that the way forward is not smooth. We must go forward in twists and turns. To eat, communism can certainly be achieved. Only by firmly establishing communist beliefs can we better serve the people, and serving the people is the foundation for us to move towards a communist society.

As a logistics staff at North University of China, I feel glorious. No one is high or low, but they have different divisions of work and different positions, and they can serve the school's teaching, scientific research, and teacher and student life. I feel very happy. The special thing about logistics in schools is that we not only serve the school's construction and development, but also undertake the task of educating and educating people. Therefore, I feel very glorious, and I also feel a heavy burden on my shoulders. Logistical work in colleges and universities is a very hard work, and it is often not understood and valued. In particular, it is also the food work in logistics. As the saying goes, it is difficult to adjust the public mouth, and the food work is not a good thing. At the same time, the people Taking food as the sky, everyone pays close attention to food. Food hygiene is related to everyone's life and health. Natural responsibility is also very important. Nevertheless, I have been doing logistics for more than ten years at North University of China. I have never been tired and tired of leaving food work. I am not assured. In 2003, I re-selected food work. I know that food is not good, but I am still young and I also like to work for food. I especially feel that serving teachers and students is my honor. In these years, I can make a little achievement in my work, which is inseparable from the concern of leaders, the development of the school, the help of comrades, and my own efforts.

Serving the people is not empty words. We need to work hard as always, thinking about the masses, doing things for the people, and serving the people. As Comrade Li Suli said, there is no end to serving the people. When I was young, I used to say a word from Uncle Lei Feng: Life is limited, but serving the people is unlimited. I want to put my limited life into unlimited service to the people. I will also use Lei Feng's words to spur myself, to learn from Li Suli and other outstanding Communist-Party members, and to serve the people all my life.

"Serving the People" After Reading 2000 Words

Reviewing Chairman Mao's article "Serving the People" was highly educated and inspired.

The great work "Serving the People" was a speech delivered by Chairman Mao while paying tribute to Comrade Zhang Side in Yan'an. Zhang Ende,

Sacrifice due to the collapse of the charcoal kiln on September 5, 1944. Chairman Mao held a memorial service for the ordinary Communist, a charcoal-burning Red Army soldier, and delivered a famous speech saying that he had died for the benefit of the people. His death was heavier than Tarzan. Since then, the book "Serving the People" has taught generations of Communists and revolutionary masses. Different times, different periods, and different job positions all require the ideology of serving the people wholeheartedly. As a party member and cadre, I think we should learn from Zhang Dede's spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly in the following aspects.

l Learn that he is indifferent to fame and fortune and treats gains and losses correctly. Zhang Side served in the army for 11 years. From the soldier to the squad leader, from the squad leader to the soldier, he never cares about the level of his position, and is proud of being able to work for the party. This is the ideal state of mind of a Communist Party member, forgetting to work for the benefit of the people. However, at present, a few people have serious thoughts on fame and fortune, gain and lose, and strive for rewards, honor, and status, and forget the responsibility that a Communist Party member should bear. We must abandon this thinking, keep in mind our sacred mission, indifferent to fame and fortune, regardless of gains and losses, work hard to do our job, and contribute to the cause of the party.

2. Learn that he always keeps in mind and serves the people wholeheartedly. Serving the people wholeheartedly is the fundamental reason why our party is deeply supported by the people across the country. It is the source of our party ’s strength from childhood to strength, and from weak to strong. Ideological and political guarantees are also important reasons why the Communist Party of China can always maintain its advanced nature. Now, a few of our party members and cadres use power for personal gain, fake public funds, and engage in privileges everywhere, affecting the party's image, damaging the party's reputation, and losing the people's trust. As a party member and cadre, we must always ask ourselves based on the standards of party members, be a good example for the masses, always represent the interests of the people and serve the people wholeheartedly.

3. Learn how to treat comrades correctly with lofty proletarian feelings. Zhang Side dared to give advice to the leaders. He was distressed about the mistakes of his comrades. He cared about his father as much as his father. Light. His good character of being good to others makes the spirit of serving the people nourish, warm, and inspire us like nectar.

4. Learn what he does and love. Zhang Side has fought, spun and burned charcoal. No matter in the front line of combat or logistic service, he always works hard, works hard and grumbles. It all starts from the needs of the party and the people. This ideological state is always worth our learning. Millions of people like him who are down-to-earth and silent. Work differs only in terms of division of labor and no distinction between high and low. It is necessary to proceed from the needs of the party and the people, not from personal preferences and interests. Remove impetuous wind in the work and work down-to-earth.

Zhang Side is an ordinary fighter, but after his sacrifice, Chairman Mao wrote articles to commemorate him. Zhang Side is great! What Zhang Side does are some trivial trivial things, but there are great highlights in these trivial trivia. He regards public affairs and other people's affairs as his own. As long as he sees the needs of others, he will take the initiative to care and do it. It is a hero to go to the front line to fight with a Japanese devil with a real sword. Zhang Side is doing a very ordinary, but indispensable little thing in the rear, but also a hero. No matter where he is, he said, the front line is under his feet. Yes, you can do great things in the ordinary by doing your own thing, doing what you need to do, and putting the front line at your feet. Zhang Side is ordinary, but who can say that he is not great!

Serving the people is concrete. Some people say that they do the public's business as long as they need to do it regardless of size. This is to serve the people. Some people say that doing what is good for others is for the people. Others say that doing it outside their own position is good for them. Social things are for the people. Around us, in our work, there are many small things that need to be done, but they are very ordinary. If you see it, do it silently, and continue to do it, for decades like a day, he is a great man. This is serving the people.

In short, times are changing, and our lofty ideals cannot be changed. We should establish the correct outlook on life, world outlook, values, power, status, and the right attitude to the job, the right work, the right comrades, the right status, the success and frustration, and the spirit of serving the people in their own posts Carry forward.

"Serving the People" After Reading 2000 Words

More than sixty years ago, the glorious chapter of Comrade Mao Zedong's "Serving the People" answered and resolved why the Chinese Communist Party and its army had fought? Why was it a revolution? Today, more than sixty years later, "Serving the People" The influence and role of "has become a distinctive symbol and sole purpose of the Chinese Communists. There is only one reason for this. We work thoroughly for the benefit of the people. So far, history has gone through more than half a century, and profound changes have taken place in society. However, although the revolution has been won, the people have been liberated, the country has become stronger, and the people's lives have become more prosperous, but the Communists have served the people. The mind still cannot change, the goal of working for the benefit of the people still cannot change, and the vows and determination to dedicate themselves to the cause of the party and the people in order to realize the two pioneers remain unchanged. From then on, the names of the Chinese Communists will always be closely linked to serving the people.

Feeling one: The idea of serving the people is shaping a noble soul.

The five characters of serving the people embodies the lifelong pursuit of Communists. Why join the party? In order to be a noble person, a pure person, a person out of low-level tastes, a person who is beneficial to the people, a person who is upright and upright.

Someone likewise said that the ideological soul of Communists is gold, because their souls are firmly rooted in the practice of Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, and the three important ideas. It is made of special materials. . The fundamental purpose of this great practice is to serve the people. Comrade Xiaoping said: I am the son of the people. Communists should be the sons of the people. The sons of the people serve the people. Above and beyond their responsibilities, it is reasonable. It is noble and difficult to do practical things for the people and do good things instead of bad things. . The noble soul of the Chinese Communists must be forged in the infinite service of the people.

Feeling two: Serving the people must represent the people's fundamental interests.

The criterion for measuring the behavior of Communists serving the people is that, regardless of their position, or their contribution, it depends on whether you have the masses in your heart and whether they represent the most fundamental interests of the masses. Comrade Zhang Side is an ordinary fighter and an ordinary party member, but he is dedicated to the interests of the people, and people will learn from him and commemorate him. Today, as a Communist Party member, we must unswervingly implement the important thinking of the Three Represents, implement and implement the party's mass line, and we must keep in mind the interests of the people when thinking about problems, formulating policies, decision-making plans, and research and development. Above all else, representing the fundamental interests of the people is the highest duty of a Communist. And we must never deviate from the mass line, go against the wishes of the masses, or infringe on the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people for the performance and political achievements of the few. The code of conduct of the Communists must be based on the scientific outlook on development, combine the long-term interests of the country, the nation, and the people with realistic aspirations, and properly handle the relationship between development and social stability, long-term interests, and immediate difficulties. Only actions that meet the fundamental interests of the people are of practical significance and historical value, and are the only scientific and correct.

Feeling 3: Practice serves the people and is close to the masses.

Serving the people must start with the big things and start with small things. Big things and small things should be handled close to the masses. Judging from major events, trusting the awareness and wisdom of the people and relying on the strength of the people to solve the country, nation, society and all major issues, this is serving the people's fundamental interests. In the war years, Comrade Mao Zedong launched a mass war against the people, liberated the people in suffering, and liberated the whole of China. This was focused on national affairs and people's livelihood. In such a major event, the party and the people formed a long-standing relationship. The people supported the party, the party represented the people's interests, and the party-mass relationship was very close. Judging from the little things, the people and the party must care about the common people's living, living, living, and living. Communists must be people-oriented and people-oriented in their daily work and life, and must not compete with the people for profit. Only when Communists endure hardships and enjoy the latter can their party members' exemplary role be fully reflected. As long as conditions permit, we must do everything possible to help the masses to solve difficult problems. For those that cannot be resolved temporarily, we must explain clearly to the masses, so that the party's policies are close to the masses, understood by the masses, and supported by the masses.

Combining with the actual work, how to run the logistics group business service center well and satisfy the teachers and students of the whole school is the most realistic problem. Continuously improving service attitude, service quality and service skills are the eternal research topics of business services. Only by continuously strengthening learning and training, constantly improving the management system, establishing a sustainable improvement management system, and striving to build a logistics group business service center into a service project that satisfies teachers and students. As the saying goes, ordinary people's affairs are bigger than the sky, but it is not easy to do it. If we can always stay close to the teachers and students, do a good job and get the support and satisfaction of the majority of teachers and students, then our image will be better and the relationship between teachers and students will be closer, and the meaning and role of serving the people will be More obvious.

Feeling 4: Serving the people requires pragmatic and practical results.

Seeking truth and being pragmatic is the consistent fine style of our party. The thinking and behavior of Communists in serving the people should be truthfully tested in actual work.

Serving the people wholeheartedly is the most sincere embodiment and the most fundamental requirement. What are the people's wishes, requirements, and difficulties? What are the masses' anger and sorrow? We must first understand. Only by understanding the reasons can we serve the people in a targeted way. In order to do things for the people, they must do their best. Sincerely serving the people, we must not be afraid of restrictions and restrictions, fear of offending others, fear of suffering, and tiredness; too high requirements, too many conditions, too much trouble, too much, and so on. To serve the people sincerely, we must stand on the people's stance and position, listen patiently to requests for opinions, seriously consider methods and measures, and solve difficult problems in a timely manner.

Serving the people must not only have a service process, but also a service result. The effect of serving the people is most important. Each thing done, one thing done, and the satisfaction of the guests, is the performance and effect of serving the people. Therefore, in actual work, continuously enhancing service awareness, improving service attitudes, innovating service methods, and improving service levels and service efficiency are the best services for the people, and the most true and true services for the people.

Feeling five: Serve the people needs to improve their skills.

Article 1 of the Communist Party of China's Articles of Duty on Party Members explicitly requires Party members to seriously study the important ideas of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, and the Three Represents, study the Party's line, principles, policies, and resolutions, and study the Party's Basic knowledge, learning scientific, cultural and business knowledge, and strive to improve the ability to serve the people. The purpose of learning is to improve the ability to serve the people. To serve the people, we must strengthen our learning in order to improve our skills. Especially in the new historical period, social contradictions, people's needs, and service concepts have undergone profound changes. Only by strengthening learning can we meet the requirements of the development of the situation, and only by strengthening capacity building can we meet the needs of the people and better serve the people.

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