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700 words after reading Gorky's novel "Childhood"

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700 words after reading Gorky's novel "Childhood"

After reading the last article in Childhood, I was slightly sad, but also revealed the author's optimistic spirit.

The article mainly states that although Alyosha's grandfather and grandmother still live together, they are all separated. After 50 years of working together, even the tea leaves for tea making must be counted and divided in detail, all of which are seen by the young Alesha. disgust. After that, a series of tragedies happened: As the grandfather no longer took care of them, Alyosha had to depend on his elderly grandmother and had to go outside with his friends to pick up the tatters. In addition, the death of the mother was driven out of the house Making a living alone, Alyosha's life is even more miserable. Although life is very miserable and full of hardships, her days with her little friends make Alesha hopeful for life.

This article made me understand the hard, dark and terrible life of the old, and felt the happiness of today; it made me realize that although there are some selfish and greedy villains around us, there are also some bad things. There will also be setbacks in our study and life, but these should make us angry and not be defeated. On the contrary, we should train ourselves to be a strong, brave, upright, and kind person. Because, in addition to the dark side in real life, there are more bright and honest people. And, only after we have gone through all kinds of difficult trials, can we gradually mature, succeed, and be happy! Only when you break through the difficult clouds and step into the happy sun, you will find that the sky after the storm Beautiful outside!

Compared with Alyosha's tragic childhood, our childhood is colorful. Alyosha's childhood is full of ugly things like fights, fights, flogging and lead, and our childhood is full of warmth. However, when facing difficulties, we could not fight as bravely as Alyosha, but chose to evade and retreat. Alyosha is faced with endless atrocities and scandals, and we are facing only small difficulties in learning and living. Shouldn't we take double the courage to overcome these difficulties? Students, if you still have some hardships in your life, as long as you have a healthy and uplifting heart, learn Alyosha's strong and optimistic spirit, Fight bravely, success and happiness will belong to you!

Classmates, childhood life is about to leave, and we are greeted by a vibrant teenage age. Let us cherish the happy and beautiful childhood life now, learn Alyosha's strong and optimistic spirit, bravely fight difficulties, and use a fiery Welcome to a better tomorrow for the motherland! Let us leave the best memories of childhood!

700 words after reading Gorky's novel "Childhood"

On the banyan tree by the pond, I heard the sound of summer and listened to this song, let me know the precious treasures of childhood make us a lifetime, everyone has their own carefree childhood, and Gorky's childhood But unlike us, his Childhood has benefited me a lot.

Maxim Gorky was born in a poor man's house. He lost his father at an early age and was abused by his grandfather. It was because of his hardships that he had a difficult childhood.

Gorky's childhood was so miserable. Compared to him, I was a little princess. Throughout the day, parents took care of us, the teacher encouraged us, and students with difficulties helped us. We don't worry about eating or wearing, how happy our childhood was in the honeypot in our lives! Although we lived like a princess, some classmates were still born in the blessing without knowing the blessing. We seem to be flowers in a greenhouse, and we can't survive independently. It's like a butterfly that just emerges from a puppet, a cicada that emerges from a shell, and is spoiled and can't experience a little hardship. I'm afraid our future figure is the cricket cicada. Therefore, only by suffering that others cannot, can we enjoy the blessings that others cannot. In other words: to be happy, you must first suffer.

I remember once on TV, I saw a seven-year-old child working hard from snacks, and often encouraged himself with a famous saying: Eat hard and suffer hard, just be a good person. Therefore, I think: a piece of stone, without being washed by the wind and sand, will not turn into a crystal diamond; a small sapling, which will not grow into a towering tree if it is not often blown by the wind and rain; the same is true for people Without going through sharpening, it will not become a capital letter.

Yes, the hardships of life at the time let me know that life is hard-won. Therefore, we must cherish everything we have, work hard, study hard, and become the backbone of the motherland, making our country stronger.

Students, what are you waiting for? Let's pursue it! Be a self-improving Chinese!

700 words after reading Gorky's novel "Childhood"

Everyone has their own good times worth remembering and cherishing. For us, childhood is my most precious collection. For Gorky's book "Childhood", childhood should be a tragic experience and an affectionate memory!

I read a lot of books during the holidays, and I was most interested in the book Childhood. It shows us artistically Alyosha's struggle for light in a dark society, as well as the social features of Russia in the 1870s and 1980s.

After reading the book "Childhood", I felt the tragic experience of Gorky, and felt that we were a lucky generation. When Gorky was 3 years old, his father died, and his mother took him home. It is a pity that Grandpa is a selfish and imperious small owner, but the development of capitalist Russia interrupted the good dream of Grandpa's fortune, and she went bankrupt and became impoverished. After the poor mother remarried, she fell ill and died. The eleven-year-old author was brutally kicked out of the house by his grandfather and went to work for himself in the society.

Gorky truly described my childhood in misery. I am grateful that I was not born in that era, I did not suffer this kind of suffering, and I did not lose my parents. I am very happy, because I had a wonderful childhood. I remember one time, my mother bought twenty or more swimming tickets from others. At noon, my mother took me to my grandma's house for dinner. After a while, my mother asked me to give these ten swimming tickets to my aunt. I went to my aunt's house. At that time, I gave the swimming ticket to my aunt, and ran back to my grandmother's house in an instant. Suddenly, my aunt called her mother, and her aunt said, "Why are there so many swimming tickets? My mother asked me and said: I don't know My daughter said she didn't take it. My aunt asked strangely: so there are only five now. My mother repeatedly asked me many times, and my mother said: I don't know. My mother said to me in comfort: Did you get it? Why did my aunt say she would disappear? I cried and said: I did n’t take it anyway, you do n’t believe me. Later, my aunt called to her mother and said it was uncle's take. My mother later said sorry to me, and I said no more. My childhood was so full of joy and happiness, so I want to cherish everything I have now.

After reading the book "Childhood", I was very inspired. The book tells us to be persistent in learning, not afraid of difficulties, and persistent and positive attitude towards learning and life!

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