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"Holmes Detective Collection" 600 words after reading

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"Holmes Detective Collection" 600 words after reading

I have a delicate walnut bookcase. A thick, brand new "Holmes Detective Collection" is sandwiched in between. It was this "Holmes Detective Collection" that led me into the ocean of books and enriched my life.

Sherlock Holmes, needless to say you know. He is a world-renowned and well-known detective. So who shaped him? F. Conan Doyle (1859 ~ 1930), an outstanding British detective novelist and playwright. Famous for "Four Signatures", "Returns" and "Terror Valley".

The "Holmes Detective Collection" mainly talks about-Holmes is a descendant of a rural gentleman, who knows both the customs of the country and how to live in the city. Sherlock Holmes has made himself an amazing detective through continuous learning, continuous research, and continuous practice. Therefore, the various detectives he carried out were both logical and reasonable; his interpretation and judgment of various cases would only be convincing, and one by one the outstanding problems would be solved, and one mystery case would be brought to light.

This book is not only fascinating with its vivid stories, its structure is ups and downs, its plots are tense and twisting, exciting and thrilling, which makes me put it down, but also reflects a profound saying-"Every hardworking person has a persistent spirit . "

Holmes is one such person.

Although he had become a famous detective in Britain at that time, he was still studying hard. He deliberately rented a small house near the British Museum of Fine Arts, using materials and opportunities to study the science and experience of detectives, so that he could resolve all mystery cases, and finally make the crimes known.

I think: Holmes has been studying all his life, and has been studying the science and experience of detectives. His indomitable spirit is worth learning by our young people.

I love reading this book, The Sherlock Holmes.

"Holmes Detective Collection" 600 words after reading

Wearing a magic hat and a black suit, holding a pipe in hand. The hawk-nosed eyes, a pair of eyes with sharp eyes! He can not be described as a household name. Yes, he is the famous detective Sherlock Holmes!

That day, I arrived in the Sherlock Holmes Collection, which I had thought about for a long time. Looking at the cover, I was not attracted to it. "Holmes is standing at a table, analyzing the case. Behind him is his partner, Dr. Watson. The woman on the other side is frightened, and there is a very surprised man standing next to it." Because she was attracted, she calmed down and read the book Book it!

After reading it, I greatly appreciated the things inside, admired Holmes more, and was deeply convinced by his ability!

In The Study of Blood Words, Sherlock Holmes's ability is undoubtedly demonstrated. He recognized the man there by the dirt on the ground. There is also the image of his big-heartedness and ill-will in the book. His clever brainstorming has added a lot of fans to him! After reading this book, he never remembered his sentence in his mind, "Don't easily draw conclusions before you know the cause of things. Otherwise, it will affect Your judgment! "

After reading this book, I learned a lot from it. People need to know themselves fully. Sherlock Holmes can list his strengths and weaknesses. But some people can't, including me. Therefore, one should know where he is, and don't forget his "surname" at any time, and don't forget his goal!

Please remember Mr. Holmes, he will spur you to progress and give you strength! And the person who created him "Arthur Conan Doyle"!

"Holmes Detective Collection" 600 words after reading

This summer I read a famous book by Conan Doyle—The Sherlock Holmes Collection. The heroine of the book is Holmes. It is a hero in the eyes of all of us. In the face of endless suspicious cases, Holmes can always use his eyes and mind to clear the mist and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The book also reflects various phenomena, such as: "Baskerville's Hound" showing evil and clever trickery; deep motherly love in "Yellow Faced Man"; "a sense of hatred" in "The Study of Blood Words"; the whole story is thrilling , But very real.

Holmes can always find some clues at the scene of the crime that are useful for solving the case. He can also see from a small detail or appearance what this person does, and where he has been, it is really a clever trick.

But Holmes was sometimes arrogant and proud, sometimes anxious and irritable, sometimes disappointed, depressed, and sometimes even odd. But the author wanted to render Holmes's erudition, wisdom, composure, perseverance, and modestness, and once the case was solved, it did not conform to reality. Instead, he accepted it modestly and asked himself to be more meticulous.

After reading this book, I also had some reflections on myself. Sometimes when I take the exam, after half an hour, I always do nothing. After checking up to two times, it seems that I can definitely get a perfect score. However, in fact, many places have not been checked out. I am not meticulous. Some easy questions will be wrong. After testing the curls, I will be annoyed. I feel that I will do all the questions, that is, careless, without a question. Check carefully. After reading this book, I finally realized that, like Holmes, to grasp every small detail, do the questions rigorously and meticulously, so that I can get excellent scores.

Sherlock Holmes gave me a lot of truth, I really like him!

"Holmes Detective Collection" 600 words after reading

"Holmes Detective Collection" is the work of "Father of Detective Fiction" A Conan Doyle, which has been in existence for more than 100 years from its inception to today. It attracts detective fiction hobbies around the world with ups and downs and exciting suspense. By.

The hero of the book: Mr. Sherlock Holmes is a great detective. He is both intelligent and possesses extraordinary talents. With his rich knowledge, strict logical reasoning, meticulous observation ability, and unprecedented courage, he fights against cunning criminals and evil and brutal enemies, upholding justice for society and protecting the people's Life and property. And Sherlock Holmes has become a detective in people's minds. It is a nemesis for criminals to change color and become a well-deserved defender.

Sherlock Holmes has detected hundreds of thousands of cases, but "The Tragedy of Lawrence Garden Street" is entirely based on Holmes' careful observation. "As soon as I entered the courtyard, I saw the path in the garden with two carriage wheel tracks, so Last night I must have entered a carriage ... One horseshoe mark is much clearer than the other three, indicating that it was just a new one ... "After reasonable reasoning, the murderer's whereabouts were finally found.

The reason why Sherlock Holmes has been well received by readers for 100 years is because his outstanding qualities of never giving up, believing in truth, and promoting integrity are worthy of respect and study. This is why the Sherlock Holmes Collection can attract countless Chinese and foreign people. The root of the reader.

And I have benefited a lot from reading this book. I realize that all sins will be punished. If people do n’t know, they will do nothing. It's the same with learning. You can't rely on small cleverness. You must be true gold and not afraid of fire.

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