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"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

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"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

It took me two weeks to read the fairy tale "Onion Adventures" by the famous Italian writer Gianni Rodari. After closing the book intently, I still indulged in the twisty and vivid storyline. I remember the clever onion, the hardworking: Mrs. Mole, the strong Mr. Bear, and the nasty Lemon King ...

In the vegetable kingdom, the treacherous lemon king rules the world. In the beautiful and peaceful countryside, there is an onion family. The poor innocent old onion head was just inadvertently put into the dungeon because he stepped on the lemon king inadvertently! Onion head tried every means to save his dad out. Who knew that dad would come out without him He was also put in the black jail! Fortunately, the onion is a good and helpful child, so he met many good friends: Master Grape, Dr. Pear, Mrs. Pumpkin, Little Strawberry, Mrs. Mole, and so on. With the help of moles and friends, an onion head dug a tunnel to the countryside under the cell, successfully rescued the old onion head and many innocent prisoners who were locked up by the King of Lemons! They escaped After that, they united, occupied the castle of the Count Cherry, overthrew the rule of the Lemon King, and lived a free and happy life ever since.

The onion is really admirable! He is smart and brave, kind and resourceful. I want to learn his helpful spirit. When others encounter difficulties, he is always eager to help, so he has many friends! I also want to learn his belief that he never gives up, and he has not flinched in the face of difficulties. It is a tenacious struggle until victory is achieved!

After reading this book, I have learned a truth: when others need help, we should overcome difficulties and bravely help others! As long as we all reach out to help others, our world will be better!

"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

Last week, I read a book called The Adventures of Onion. This fairy tale has a bold and unique concept, a vivid character, and a twisty and interesting plot. It is a world-recognized classic.

This book is mainly about the father of the onion who accidentally stepped on the king of lemon and was put in prison. When an onion head went to visit the prison, his father told him that all the detainees in the prison were upright people, which is what the King of Lemons called the bad guys. Some of the insidious and cunning people of the father of lemon were raised in the court, and they were almost a daze. Onion decided to rescue the man in prison. Just as he was about to rescue Grandpa Pumpkin and the villagers, he was put into the jail by the Tomato Knights. He was rescued with the help of voles, cherries and strawberries. Later, because of the betrayal of the green bean lawyer, he fell into the hands of the Tomato Knight and was put in the prison where the old onion was. The voles dug the burrow into the prison, rescued him and all the prisoners, the lemon soldiers laid down their weapons, and everyone overthrew the rule of the lemon dynasty and gained freedom.

Although the onion head has gone through many difficulties, he did not give up in the process, but decided to save everyone. This spirit of not abandoning and abandoning reminds me of the stories in the 5.12 earthquake. Which one is not fighting for survival, never giving up, and fighting suffering to the end. The onion, with its wit, bravery, assertive mind, and righteous mind, opposed rule and evil, and finally overthrew the lemon dynasty, allowing everyone to be free, not controlled by the lemon king, and no longer tortured .

After reading this book, I understand a truth: Evil can never win victory. As long as you have the determination and are not afraid of difficulties, you will surely succeed.

"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

Recently, I read an interesting book called "The Adventures of Onion Heads", whose main character is Onion Heads and his friends.

In the story, I also met a nasty "skunk" bad protagonist: "Lemon King". (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

This story mainly tells about the day when the King of Lemons went to the street, the father of the onion accidentally stepped on the King of Lemons. How could the abominable King of Lemons let the old onions go? So he locked the old onions in Got it. The old onion may not escape for a lifetime, because the King of Lemons has ordered a tombstone for the old onion, yes, the old onion still has to be kept in a prison.

When the onion was known about it, the onion was very angry and sad, and was determined to save his father. In the journey of saving dad, he met his partners such as "Little Cherry", "Sister Apple" and so on. His partners also followed the path of saving people with onion heads. Onion heads confronted the King of Lemons every time. I didn't save my dad every time, but Onion believes that he can definitely save his dad. Really "Cangtian deserves a caring person"! Onion head finally rescued his father. Really happy!

Through this story, do you understand a truth? Well, yes, through this story. We understand: Victory is hard to come by, but you must work hard. If you work hard, you will advance to victory. If you advance, it will be easy to get victory! We must learn from this onion, the spirit of perseverance, march toward victory, and wealth. Onion, we learn from you!

"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

In the summer vacation, I read The Adventures of Onion, which deeply moved me by the sense of justice of the hero's onion. From this I realized that justice cannot be overwhelmed by evil. Therefore, we also need a heart of justice like an onion.

The beginning of the article was resentful: the old onion accidentally stepped on the king of lemon and was jailed. While visiting the prison with onion heads, he learned from his father's mouth that the King of Lemons kept good people in prison and raised bad people in the court, and was determined to rescue dad and folks. In the process of rescuing everyone, he has gone through hardships and has been imprisoned several times, but all were successfully rescued with the help of vole, little strawberry, little cherry and good friends. In the end, the onion head worked with his friends to overthrow the rule of the Lemon King, the Countess of Cherry, and the Tomato Knight, and gained freedom.

We are admired for the tact and bravery of the onion, facing the powerful King of Lemons, the Tomato Knight ... he did not flinch forward, bravely forward. And the story is also very interesting, let us see more and more devoted: the taste of the onions of the onion family makes everyone can't help crying; Uncle Pumpkin's house is small and pathetic; Tomato Knight charges a weather tax ... This makes people laugh .

"If you have something to pay for, you will get it." Onion is not afraid of difficulties. Even if he is in prison, he will not flinch. He must persist in saving the folks. Therefore, we must learn the spirit of onion heads not to be afraid of difficulties and never shrink back. Only with this spirit can we truly understand the spirit and success of onion heads!

"Onion Adventures" 500 words after reading

Every time I see The Adventures of the Onion by Gianni Rodali, a well-known Italian child writer, I always smile forward and backward.

"The Adventures of Onion" describes an intelligent, brave and opinionated boy-onion. He united many oppressive companions, including Professor Pear, Master Grape, Grand Pumpkin Man, Little Carrot, Little Cherry, and so on to oppose the violent rule of the King of Lemons, the Knight of Tomatoes and the two countess of cherry. Although the onion head and its partners had suffered, they overthrew the rule of the King of Lemons and others.

The whole fairy tale has a wonderful idea, rich imagination, and the characters in the article are common fruits and vegetables in our lives. The author also uses anthropomorphic techniques to describe the fruits and vegetables vividly, and the vivid words make the characters' characters leap. And there are many interesting small clips in the article, for example: the old man ran up the stairs step by step, step by step, step by step, and every step he got bloated a bit. He kept getting bigger and bigger, and I was really afraid he couldn't get out the small door on the top of the tower to the outside platform. I heard his terrible footsteps crackling in the silence like a hammer. He was about to reach the top of the tower in a blink of an eye. Can he go out? How much should we bet?

I hope there are more such onions in life, so that our lives will be happier!

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