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"Execution" 2000 words after reading

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"Execution" 2000 words after reading

The author of "Executive Power" tells us such a truth through a lot of vivid examples. Executive power is an important factor that determines the success or failure of an enterprise, and an important part of the competitiveness of the enterprise in the 21st century. In a fiercely competitive market, how an enterprise executes will determine its rise and fall.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part describes the importance of execution; the second part describes the three basic conditions for achieving execution; the third part describes the core process design of the execution organization. In these three parts, the core process design of execution organization is explained, which is the essence of execution. The author's analysis of many large companies that have outstanding performance, stable operations, and are called industry giants has drawn the following conclusions: They have succeeded because they have strong execution capabilities, and they all have There are a few things in common: 1. An executive culture is established within the organization. 2. Organizational salary design is more linked to performance. 3. In the execution organization, the three core processes of personnel, strategy, and operation are closely linked. 4. Organizational leaders all have something in common. 5. Organizations pay attention to evaluation. In the in-depth analytical research, the author made a high degree of generalization. An organization with strong execution ability must have three conditions at the same time. It also points out that the combination of strategy, operation and personnel is the essence of execution ability. Although the author did not give a specific explanation of execution, it is not difficult to conclude that execution is the competitive advantage of an enterprise or an organization, specifically how an enterprise or an organization allocates its existing human resources, financial resources, Material resources to achieve the organization's strategic goals through the development of thorough and detailed plans. In this process, it is emphasized that we must have the spirit of being practical, practical and cooperative.

The author mentions Wal-Mart Supermarket at the beginning of the book, a world-renowned retail giant, and we can get some inspiration from his founder Sam Walton's secrets of success.

1. Dedication, have great enthusiasm for work, if you love your work, you will do your best to achieve perfection.

2. Treat your colleagues as partners, share your profits with them, and play a public servant leadership role in a partnership spirit, not a high slave master.

3. Motivate your partners, set high goals to encourage competition, and evaluate. Let your colleagues switch jobs to stay challenging. One person always does the same job in one position. As time goes by, inertia will increase. Inertia makes inefficiency. Everyone is eager for fresh stimulation, so appropriate mobilization to give them the opportunity to accept the challenge is also an incentive for them.

4, frank communication and communication.

5.Thank your colleagues for everything they do for the company. Almost everyone likes the sincere gratitude of others. If you have done the simplest one, your nature will be evoked under the grateful stimulation of you at the same time, and a sense of ownership responsibility will emerge.

6. Go up against the current, open up another path, and despise tradition. If everyone is going the same way, and you choose a different path, then you will have a good chance, but you must be prepared to withstand the pressure from all sides, unwavering.

The second part of the book covers three conditions for achieving execution:

First, there is a higher requirement for leaders, requiring leaders to do seven things.

1. Know the company and the employees. Understanding here requires leaders to know what your business, your organization is doing every day, what your subordinates are doing every day, how the work is going on, whether you have encountered difficulties in implementing the goals, and whether you have come up with solutions. To do this requires leaders to communicate frequently with employees, listen more and ask more, and listen to the voices of their subordinates.

2. Face reality. A qualified leader must have the courage to face reality, dare to face his weaknesses, and actively find ways to remedy.

3. Set goals and priorities. As a leader, you must not only formulate a realistic goal, but also make these goals clear and specific, so that everyone knows their tasks, and then choose three or four goals to prioritize and let people know what to do first. What, what to do next.

4. Track goals and solve problems. As a leader, after formulating the goals, he must draw up a detailed execution plan, translate the goals into specific behaviors, and always pay attention to the implementation of the plan and find out that problems are resolved in time.

5. Discuss rewards for merit and rewards.

6. Let employees grow. As a leader, you must find ways to improve the quality of employees through organization, learning, training, etc., because a strong executive organization not only requires leaders to have high executive power, but also proposes to other employees. Higher requirements.

7. Know yourself. As a leader, you must have a certain degree of emotional strength, that is, have a strong personality. Only with a strong personality can you have the courage to face reality, accept opinions from all sides, and make correct judgments on things. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the emotional intensity of subordinates in order to know people's good responsibilities.

The second is to build an executive culture. Corporate culture is a force, and with the development of the economy, he will play an increasingly important role in the rise and fall of enterprises. The role of corporate culture is extraordinary. If you want to make your company and enterprise rich in execution, you must integrate it into your corporate culture, and only integrate execution into your culture to make it an integral part of corporate culture. In order to make everyone in the enterprise understand and practice in depth. Only in this way will executive power come into play. Because an enterprise or an organization not only needs an executive leader, but also the executive concept of all employees. Mike Dell, the chairman of Dell, is a person who attaches great importance to corporate culture and has a strong humanistic flavor. He once said: As far as I know, to build or maintain a healthy and competitive enterprise, the simplest and best The solution is to become a combat partner with colleagues through unified goals and strategic alignment.

Third, it is a person who knows what is good, and who can perform it. Talent is undoubtedly the most important asset of an enterprise. The most fundamental competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Without first-class talents, there will be no first-class company.

"Execution" 2000 words after reading

The project department organized a concentrated study of Yu Shiwei's executive lectures. I felt quite a lot and learned a lot of new knowledge, but I think the key is to seriously understand it and use it in actual work. As a member of the project department, I think we should pay special attention to the following aspects:

First, we must carefully study and formulate the various systems of the project department's operation and management, decompose the strategic intention of the project department into various specific management measures, and ensure the scientific rationality of each system. Such as the internal economic responsibility system of the project department, if the economic indicators formulated are not reasonable, it is impossible to fully mobilize the production enthusiasm of employees.

Second, lead by example. Don't be late and leave early. Keep a sense of tension when you work. Have a passion to infect the staff of the Economic Management Department and drive them to complete the various tasks of the Economic Management Department together.

Third, be diligent and good at analyzing and thinking about problems. When encountering problems, analyze and think from multiple angles, and find the best solution. For example, there will be multiple construction plans for the construction of a project. It is necessary to compare and evaluate each construction plan economically and choose the best one. Construction plan.

4. Work out the work plan carefully every month, decompose the overall plan goals of the project department into specific work every day, and carry out according to the plan carefully. The work of the personnel of the Economic Management Department should be clearly and reasonably divided, so that they clearly know what they should do every day, regularly evaluate their work and make correct evaluations.

Fifth, automatic and spontaneous. Have a high sense of responsibility for the work, within the scope of their job responsibilities, automatically and spontaneously deal with and solve problems, and improve the ability to handle problems autonomously, when the tasks arranged by the leaders encounter difficulties in the implementation process, they must I think of my own way and try to solve it by myself. The work can't wait until the leader arranges or urges. The situation may already be serious.

6. Pay attention to details and be meticulous in every link. Especially in the contract management and settlement work, we must be meticulous, without any carelessness, the expression of a number or a word, if there is an error, it may directly cause economic losses to the project department.

Seven, strive for perfection. The unit price of the project contracted by the project department is extremely low, and the overall cost management of the third branch bureau is relatively rough. As an economic management department, it must have innovative thinking and strive to achieve refined management to control the construction cost of the project department to the lowest. In terms of engineering change claims, we must normally collect the basis, and strengthen communication with the owner, supervision and design units. We must complete each claim report with high quality, and strive to be as perfect as possible for the project department. Strive for benefits and make the project department turn a profit.

8. Have good interpersonal relationships. It is necessary to strengthen communication and cooperation with various departments and operation teams. Among special departments and departments, many things need to be coordinated to complete. If there is no timely communication, things may not be completed on time or the results of the completion. Deviations will directly affect site production or cause losses to the project department.

At present, many sub-branch projects are not operating satisfactorily, and the development of the sub-branch is in a relatively difficult period. However, most of the employees of the tri-branch office are impetuous, unmotivated, and unable to seriously think about how to do their own work better. One day, this analysis is as follows:

I. The main reason is that the employees have insufficient confidence in the future of the branch office and do not have a sense of stability, so there is no cohesion. It is recommended to first strive to form a corporate culture that is in line with the development of the branch office, so that all employees of the branch office have a common goal of struggle, encourage morale, and stability. Army mind, retain talent.

2. Although there are system drawbacks in state-owned enterprises, current institutional problems can be solved. The impetuous work of the staff and workers is mainly a problem of the mechanism without enthusiasm. The ideological education alone cannot solve the problem and must follow the laws of the market. Some projects have serious losses, they are accused of too high requirements for employee benefits, employees did not do a good job, and did not first find problems from the project team, is it rude management, or even eat a big pot of rice; Intrigue, the total wages increase but the work efficiency is still lowered. Is it because the employees have poor responsibilities, serious waste of materials, and poor use of machinery and equipment? The main problem is that the project leaders have not fully explored and utilized the employees' potential. People are the most critical factor. If the project department has a flexible mechanism, a perfect assessment method, and strives to make the best use of each employee, I think that the higher the employee's income, the greater the benefit he brings to the unit. Why? To limit the income of employees? I think there are still problems with the views of some leaders of the Engineering Bureau and branch bureaus. The three branches will then artificially limit the employees' income, instead of trying to solve problems in management and mechanisms, it will only cause the operation of various projects. Vicious circle.

3. The branch bureau's previous evaluation of the economic responsibility system of the project department was unreasonable. The main reason was that the assessment index had not been formulated for the differences in the unit price level of the bids for each project. As a result, the assessment could not be perfect, and it became an artificial assessment. The evaluation of the department is not enough. The project managers who have made great contributions to the branch have limited income in all aspects and the absolute value is too low. The functional departments of the branch have too much involvement in the specific work of the project department, which has caused the functional department of the project department to be unaware. The project manager should listen to the sub-bureau, which affects the efficiency of work. I think that the function of the sub-bureau's function is to serve and secondly to supervise and evaluate. It is enough to do a good job. The project department must have full autonomy.

4. Some projects have poor operating conditions. One reason is that the leadership of the project department is not united, which is the most deadly for the construction of hydropower projects. The project must achieve good performance in the high standard and high intensity construction process. In addition, it is also necessary to control the construction costs. A sincere and united elite team is the first requirement.

"Execution" 2000 words after reading

Whether working in an enterprise more than a decade ago or later engaging in life insurance marketing team management, daily work is inseparable from execution. The implementation of corporate strategies, the completion of team tasks, and the achievement of personal goals all require execution to be realistic. Related I have participated in many trainings on how to improve execution, and have read a lot of books related to execution. I recently reviewed Paul and Thomas's "Enforcement", which has new inspiration and alternatives. Feelings.

Let's talk about new inspiration first.

"Execution" mainly discusses the importance of execution around the company's operation. The author has long tracked and studied the development of enterprises, and has thoroughly studied the execution. Among them, a large number of detailed cases make this book easy to understand. In the open door, a question was raised: How important is execution?

In the book, the author lists many successful cases: only the Starbucks coffee shops are full of coffee shops in the street; both are PCs, but Dell is the best; they are all supermarkets, but Wal-Mart tops the retail industry, and these different reasons lead to these. It is the difference in the execution power of various enterprises. Those companies that can ultimately win in the fierce competition undoubtedly have strong execution power. Such is the case with General Electric, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, etc., their success is directly related to their outstanding execution capabilities.

There is an imperceptible gap between corporate strategy and reality, which often makes it difficult to achieve corporate goals. Many companies always have a very beautiful development vision and ambitious goals in the early stages, but in the end they cannot achieve even The business ended in failure. The reasons are different, but the most common and most important thing is the lack of implementation capacity to implement the plan. The book proposes ways to bridge the gap and fill the gap, so that the company can actually achieve its goals and continue to climb the peak of growth. Enterprise managers and team managers can definitely get inspiration from reading "Execution", which will help solve the current problems encountered in the work. I will combine the successful cases in the book with the actual work problems and re-examine them. Clear thinking, quite a sense of openness, a lot of benefits.

Talk about alternative perceptions.

Since the publication of "Executive Power" and "Details Determine Success or Failure", they have caused a great sensation around the world and set off a wave of research on executive power. These books have also become the Bible of Western business management It ’s a classic, and I ’m also reading it. It ’s really useful, but it always feels familiar. When I finished studying the “Red Army Spirit” that swept the whole China a few years ago, it seemed like a gimmick. Ancestors in China.

Chinese culture is very profound. As early as two thousand years ago, it has thoroughly studied the issue of execution. Military orders such as downfalls, unsuccessful benevolence, smashing ships, stubbornness, etc., are concise and concise, and highly summarized the essence of execution. The ancients also had many unique insights and extraordinary wisdom. Through the form of idioms, the four idioms listed below can give a lot of inspiration to modern people.

First, it is Xiao Gui Cao Sui. This is the value orientation of execution.

Second, do it by yourself. This is an inherent requirement for execution.

Third, keep improving. This is the fundamental attitude of execution.

Fourth, it is good beginning. What this is saying is that the evaluation standard of the execution ability exerts the core essence of the execution ability to the highest level and it is the Red Army of the Workers and Peasants (Chinese People's Liberation Army) led by the Communist Party of China. The Red Army Spirit elaborates the theoretical ideas in this aspect. Through studying the history of the Chinese revolution, we can deeply understand that in the history of mankind, no one and no political party has brought so many brilliant people such brilliant achievements in such a harsh and cruel environment as the Communist Party of China has experienced. The frustrations and tribulations are unprecedented. What do Communists rely on? Beliefs and ideals! The reason for success in practice is strong execution!

Looking at the world, I would like to ask which army can brave the red iron cable bridge with bare hands in the rain of guns and forests? Use Xiaomi plus a rifle to defeat the powerful enemy armed to the teeth?

Who can cultivate a large number of steel fighters like Huang Jiguang who used his chest to hold the muzzle of the enemy's machine, Dong Chengrui who used flesh and blood to lift up explosives and slammed bunkers, and Qiu Shaoyun who burned to death?

Only the Communist Party of China armed with communist ideology! What kind of execution power is this! The execution power of the Red Army (Chinese People's Liberation Army) is unparalleled in the world! Guaranteeing the completion of the task is a loud slogan, and it is deeply rooted in every one. The soldier's inner conviction is the best interpretation and interpretation of execution.

When it comes to execution, there is another book that is also highly respected, which is "Send a Letter to Garcia", which is a messenger who receives an important letter to Garcia deep in the jungle. The messenger said nothing. Said to set off, and finally completed the task after hard work. This story is widely used in western management as a classic case of strong execution.

In fact, there is a real story in China ’s Anti-Japanese War that is widely extolled, perhaps better than the execution ability of the messenger sent to Garcia, and that is the story of Jimo Xin: a seven-year-old herding sheep Baby, accepted a mission to send a very important feather feather letter to the Eighth Route Army, so she released the sheep and rushed away with her letter. On the way, he fought with a large group of ferocious and sly Japanese devils, and finally completed the mission successfully. . Imagine that this is only a seven-year-old shepherd baby who can accomplish the task so well in such a difficult situation. What is the execution power?

Why does the Red Army (the Chinese People's Liberation Army) and many of its heroic fighters and even a herding baby have such a strong execution? It is because each of them has a lofty ideal and firm conviction in his heart, and is willing to make self-sacrifice for the realization of the ideal. At the same time, ideals and beliefs can also stimulate unlimited potential and wisdom. The resulting execution is very efficient, so we can achieve brilliant achievements. (Explained in detail in the Red Army Spirit)

What I feel is that the West has a lot of advanced experience in corporate management that we should learn from and learn from. We should not just copy the hard copy of the book, or let ourselves be indifferent. Many of the results that have been researched in the West in recent years are actually concluded in the Chinese millennium culture. The Chinese Communist Party has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in leading the revolution and socialist economic construction. These are very valuable assets. We should follow the ideology of ideology, combine China with foreign countries, and integrate theory with practice. Only in this way can we help enterprises succeed. Make your career brilliant.

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