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"Celebrity biography" after reading 600 words

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Celebrities read 600 words

During the summer vacation, my mother bought me a book called "Celebrity Biography". This book attracted me like a magnet and made me look tired.

"Celebrity Biography" is a work created by French writer Roman Roland. It includes three biographies of "Beethoven", "Michelangelo" and "Tolstoy".

The book tells of the difficult lives of Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Tolstoy, and praises their strong will. Beethoven started to practice piano at an early age. Even if everyone was asleep at night, he was still practicing piano. After hard work, he had his own concert when he was 8 years old, but he also tried to learn from Mozart. Such a genius was deaf when he grew up, but he "struck the throat of fate" and eventually wrote the world-famous "Symphony of the Pastoral." Beethoven told us: Do n’t give up when people encounter difficulties. Fermented in the wine cellar, the more difficulties, the greater the suffering, the stronger the aroma of success, and the everlasting fragrance of joy.

Michelangelo was born of a nobleman. He liked sculpture and painting very much when he was a child, but his father did not agree, so he left the house and studied painting and sculpture by himself. After years of hard work, he finally created two world-famous works-"Mourning Christ" and "David". Michelangelo could live a rich life, but he did not use hard-working hands. To open up our own world, we must also strive for our ideals.

Tolstoy also persisted in writing during the war. He wrote sharp stories with sharp pens. Tolstoy tells us: No matter how bad the environment is, people must persist in learning and not give up.

The Book of Celebrities does not tell us the lives of celebrities, and more importantly, it teaches us that people must have big goals, and no one can succeed casually. At the same time, people must work towards their goals, and they cannot give up halfway. Doing so will succeed. Know the source of success and hard work.

This is the "Celebrity Biography" everyone must watch!

Celebrities read 600 words

It is often said that an excellent biography not only allows us to understand the world, but also gives us a deeper understanding of life. The Biography of Celebrities (Biography of Beethoven, Biography of Michelangelo, and Biography of Tolstoy) is just such a famous biography. Its heroes are musician, sculptor and novelist. Although their careers and ages are different, the ideal they pursue is the same effort for truth and justice.

After reading The Celebrity, I was deeply moved by Beethoven's story. Beethoven has been fighting against fate and ideology. Although he has a feeling of arrogance, he has a fragile heart and a strong heart that cannot be tapped by those who do not know him. His enthusiasm for creating perfect songs, his perseverance in finding joy, and his perfect encounters led his life to become a force of nature; a battle between the original force and the rest of nature produced Homer's epic spectacular sight. He created joy with his own suffering, and rejoiced with pain, which enriched his life.

Isn't Michelangelo like this? He has the power, he was fortunate to be born to fight, to conquer, and he also conquered him not to win. That was not what he wanted. He is a spiritual nobleman and a genius. However, he was plagued by genius and could not help his spirit and heart. This crazy passion exists in a too weak body and mind, and he cannot control its terrible life. Michelangelo's life is sacred and painful, but he believes that as long as his soul can be patient and decisive, and will not perish with grief, he will definitely break through the spiritual restraint. He has given his life in the struggle and abandon The energy has created many immortal masterpieces showing true goodness and beauty.

Celebrities read 600 words

During the summer vacation, I read The Celebrity Biography. First of all, I felt strongly about the unstoppable enthusiasm in the works, and I was all moved by Roland's highly inspiring language. The writing purpose of "Celebrity Biography" is lofty, breathing the breath of heroes, so that people get spiritual support in the reality of pain and disappointment, with a strong passion.

The Celebrity Biography is composed of the famous French writer Roman; Roland's "Biography of Beethoven", "Biography of Michelangelo" and "Biography of Tolstoy", all of which were written in the early twentieth century. It has had a wide impact in later generations. In these three biographies, Roman; Roland did not make any boastful narratives about the lives of celebrities, nor did he trace the celebrity's creative process like most biographers, but grasped these three great What the artists have in common is to describe their long journey of suffering in pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty. Beethoven never experienced such a night. Because this night is in the heart of Michelangelo. Beethoven's grief is the fault of society, but he himself is cheerful and longing for happiness. Michelangelo was melancholy, scary, and instinctively avoided him. He created a void around himself. Michelangelo is neither disabled nor poor. He comes from a noble family and is a famous family in Florence. He received a good education from a young age and has a high cultural attainment and artistic skills. But his motherland was plagued by disasters, foreign nations invaded, and the people were enslaved. His hard work was destroyed again and again in war. He is very wealthy. He earns a lot of money for each work he completes, but he lives a poor life, eats only bread and drinks wine, and sleeps only for a few hours a day. His amazing longevity and lifetime Longing for love, he wrote a lot of fiery and pure sonnets, but he was unmarried all his life, lonely and old; his family never gave him any warmth, he always squeezed money from him again and again, and used his reputation everywhere Showing off, but his deep-rooted family ideas and Guangzong Yaozu thought made him generous; he was stubborn and stubborn, he insisted on his independent opinion in art, even at the expense of the pope, but he was weak and ridiculous, always the key Always choose to compromise and surrender, making all sorts of ridiculous actions that are not in line with his reputation; his artistic talent is amazing, ambitious, and he has created amazing masterpieces such as "David", "Slave" and "Moses", but he must not He did not work for the Pope, this task was not completed, and there were new tasks urging him, so the greatest work in his plan was abandoned halfway, and he spent his entire life Overworked.

Looking at the plot in the book that touched me deeply moved me and made me cry, hey, in contrast, how good the environment I am living in now, but I have the slightest I do n’t know how to cherish it. I just think about how to play every day. I only ask for it from my parents, but I do n’t know how hard it is for my parents to support me in order to make money.

The Book of Celebrities has brought me a lot of fun and made my summer vacation colorful.

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