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"The Elephant's Tears" 800 words after reading

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"The Elephant's Tears" 800 words after reading

The Elephant's Tears story is not complicated. The elephant, who only knew Polish, came after a third of the novel. During the Great Depression of the United States in the 1920s and 1930s, a young college student fell into a lower level circus and became a veterinarian because of family changes. There he met strange figures of all kinds, including the elephant, of course. He also fell in love with the tamer's wife in the circus, which of course caused a storm. The ending of the story is that the elephant killed the tyrannical trainer during the circus riots, and the protagonist of the story also has a lover.

This is a love story that happened in the circus, and the story of those old Hollywood love movies, logically, there is no difference. A rude husband, a wife pursuing true love, a gentle lover, the characters are somewhat typed. There are waves of love, big shots, conflicts intensify, and the plots are slightly the same. It was just an elephant who finally cleaned up the mess. Like the legendary character Kunlunnu, it solved the only stumbling block of the love triangle. There is not much human complexity here. Maybe what the author wants is the contagious power of this simple love story, or maybe in this world, the happy love ending is so mediocre. Either way, the author succeeded. Those readers eager for legendary stories + simple love were moved a total mess.

In this story, the protagonist is not the elephant. At that time, it was not unusual for elephants in the circus to kill staff, especially an animal trainer suspected of animal cruelty. If you call this an elephant's revenge, it's a little fuss. What is really interesting is the life in the lower circus in the United States, which is described in the book. Some people say that Napokov's "Lolita" vividly describes the vulgar aspects of American society, especially that kind of motel, and "The Elephant's Tears" is not inferior to the description of the lower US circus. In order to make the details authentic, the author consulted a lot of data and visited many places. As mentioned in the book, the exhibition of fat women's remains traveling on the street, running lions breaking into restaurants, elephants drinking lemonade, and even killing people, etc., are all available in the history of American circus. The grass-roots lives of the lower circus and the famine of the Depression era are quite shocking to read.

Whose tears are flying? It is the tears of elephants, but also those of readers. Although these touching tears may be just an illusion. As the novel says, in the world of circus, everything is hallucination. There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone is looking at hallucinations. And the people at the bottom never came for the illusion of tears. Even if you are poor and hungry, you have to have fun. This is the real life. For example, the novel writes about the kind of colorful dance performances often found in lower circuses. It is very kind to read the sound and color, which is very kind. It is reminiscent of China in the 1980s, those song and dance troupes commonly known as greenhouses that haunt small towns and villages.

A friend told me that "The Elephant's Tears" is very beautiful. It seems to be a foreign greenhouse novel. This title is very interesting. Novels based on the circus are not uncommon in foreign literature and art. However, linking him with Jia Zhangke's "Platform" and Wu Wenguang's "Jianghu" seems to mean that some kind of low-level thinking is at work. Here, after love and hatred are Hollywoodized, they are processed into a triangle relationship. Some kind of intervention makes the love story have a certain color, in the end, needless to say, a lover eventually becomes a family member.

"The Elephant's Tears" 800 words after reading

"Elephant's Tears" is an old man's account of his life. In high school, his parents both died because of a car accident, which has changed his life ever since. He didn't want to learn any more, he wanted to kill himself, but he didn't intend to jump on a train. It was a circus, so he became a veterinarian. In the circus, he met all kinds of weird figures and the elephant who knew Polish, and fell in love with the circus animal trainer's wife, which caused a storm. In the hunger of the Great Depression, the circus faced dissolution. In the end, the elephant killed the tyrannical trainer during the circus riots, and the protagonist of the story also had a lover. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

The narrative language of the elderly in the text is witty and humorous, and it is easy to read. The plots of the fat woman's body traveling on the street, the lion escaping into the hotel, the elephant drinking lemonade, and even killing people are also quite shocking. But I originally thought that the main character of the elephant came after a third of the novel, and there is not much description in the back. It is just a role that contributes to the plot of the novel. This is actually a story centered on love. Rough husband, wife pursuing true love, gentle lover. Feelings of waves, big shots, conflicts intensified, and finally the messy elephant was cleaned up. Like the legendary character Kunlunnu, it solved the only stumbling block of this love triangle-the moody husband. Maybe what the author wants is the contagious power of this simple love story, or maybe in this world, the happy love ending is so mediocre. Those readers who longed for "Legendary Story + Simple Love" were touched by a mess. The tears of an elephant should be the tears of a reader.

The author stated in the introduction that "Now living with her husband, three children, four cats, two sheep, two dogs, and a horse in an environmental community in northern Chicago", such a description gives the novel a unique The effect of this book is more than 1.2 million copies worldwide. It ranks first in the New York Times and Amazon. Such a "circus" background obviously plays a lot of key roles. The author's detailed information about the circus The collection and detailed descriptions of the circus' life details have all added a new sense of reality to a large extent.

It seems that even if the story is the same as the "suit", under the change of the elements of the story, it may be another kind of "King Kong" type of touching.

"The Elephant's Tears" 800 words after reading

"The Elephant's Tears" recounts some of the events that happened to a Polish guy at the age of 23, which changed his life.

This young man was called Jacob. At the age of 23, his parents were killed in a car accident. His peaceful college years also came to an abrupt halt. In the Depression era, not only did the parents leave no legacy, they also had to use a veterinary clinic to pay off the debt. The troubled young man had nothing, he walked to the railway aimlessly, and pessimistically wanted to kill himself, but then a train passed by, and he jumped up recklessly, in fact he did not know that this train was a The circus train, his jump, is about to change his future life.

He slowly discovered that the circus actually has a strict hierarchy. Artists and workers have very different treatments. Under completely unpredictable circumstances, he made friends with the pygmy golden branch and the old alcoholic old Luo, wearing pink. Marina in a sequined skirt appeared charming on the white horse's back. Unfortunately, Marina's husband was his boss: he valued his veterinary qualifications and promoted him to Auguste.

However, the elephant Rosie linked him with Marina, and finally chose an unexpected but romantic way out. The book uses clever narrative techniques, and the plot changes obviously. Although it is written in ordinary love stories, there is one in the line. This feeling: What the author wants is the contagious power of this simple love story. In this world, the happy love ending is originally so mediocre.

Many of the characters in the book are based on real people, and the background of the story is based on the traveling circus of the 1930s. Perhaps because of these relationships, the author can write such a wonderful novel.

The elephant Rosie appeared only after a third of the novel. It is not the protagonist, and I think the arrival of this elephant is the beginning of the climax of the story, the beginning of the love between Jacob and Marina, is Jacob's battle with Marina's husband August begins. In the novel, it is lightly written that Jacob is actually a person who cares about friends. He can't bear to see Rosie being ruthlessly abused by August, and the later part of the story shows Jacob's marina and Austria being beaten by her husband. Gust's clashes all showed that he was a strong character. His enthusiasm, unyielding, pursuit of love, and compassion for animals are in line with the theme of this book.

The elephant's tears, as the name suggests, are written about the events caused by the elephant's tears. In the book, several words are written about the elephant Rosie shed tears because of being beaten by the grumpy August. But in the true sense, whose tears are flying? It is the tears of elephants, but also the tears of readers! Although these touching tears may be just an illusion.

As the novel says, in the world of circus, everything is hallucination. There is nothing wrong with it. Everyone is looking at hallucinations. And the people at the bottom never came for the illusion of tears. If you are poor or hungry, you have to have fun. This is the reality of life. In this depressed world, people are very helpless. This novel makes me feel the ugliness of human nature. But I am even more relieved that there is also a kindness in human nature. The city of Jacob and Marina towards people makes people see the light of that dark world.

No one is perfect, but there are more kind people who use the touch of life to wake up those who are addicted. There are more touching and regretful tears intertwined. I believe that there is love in the world, and we can all born to love.

"Elephant's Tears" is moving and thought-provoking. It is really a good-looking book!

"The Elephant's Tears" 800 words after reading

There are no tears in "Elephant's Tears". If you read through the article, you can only see the words "want to cry" and "can't bear to cry". Unfortunately, you can't find who is in which chapter. What kind of scenes really shed tears, but reading this book, you have the imprint of tears in your heart.

The owner, Jacob, was a veterinary student at a prestigious university. Just a few days before graduation, his parents both died in a car accident. The bank found a reason to confiscate the only heritage house left by his parents. Jacob instantly changed from a happy college student to a homeless person. He was sorrowful and astonished when he saw his parents, who were unrecognizable, but no tears; he returned to school because he was sorrowful, sane, and gave up the exam. , Turned into a tramp, almost lost his life, he had no tears; Jacob jumped on the circus train, doing coolies, despised, ridiculed, he had no tears; he fell in love with the circus that was sometimes handsome and violent Augustina's wife, Malina, was suffering from acacia, without tears; he was misunderstood by August, and was beaten up by his nose and ears, and he had no tears; his old man was taken by the circus The man dropped the train and died, distraught, he had no tears; he wanted to take Marina away, no money, no direction, no future, no tears; circus chaos, the animals fled collectively, and the elephant killed Austria Gust was protecting Malina, and he still had no tears.

The homeless man in the book is sad; the animals in captivity are sad; the poor life of America in that era is sad. This sad feeling is exactly the melody of "Lovers in the World".

If Jacob hadn't met and fell in love with Malena, perhaps he would have become a premature tramp. But it turned out that the circus' best animal performer, Malina, and Jacob met. However, she is already the wife of someone else, his husband August, suffering from delusional schizophrenia, often brutally whipped the animals, and every whip is like hitting Malina. Because of her husband, Malina was miserable, but her family completely abandoned her because of her rebellion when she fled. She can't go anywhere except the circus. Until her uncle's face met Jacob, their sympathy and love for the animals from the heart, they belonged to the same fate of the fallen people, and evoked endless love in each other's hearts. However, how easy is it to overthrow a marriage and overthrow the helpless oppression?

When Jacob was already a 93-year-old grumpy old man, he couldn't remember his family, but he clearly remembered every bit of the circus. He has kept the secret of the circus for more than 70 years, and when he was about to be alone, he began another wandering career.

As for the elephant in the title, it should be the only Rosie who can understand Polish. The elephant is a turning point of Jacob and Malina's circus, and also a turning point of their destiny. It was over, but Jacob and Malina were made. Had it not been for the elephant to protect Malina around her legs, perhaps Jacob would have been a prematurely dead tramp.

"The Elephant's Tears" is a wandering, loving story. After listening to "Lover in the World", you won't even feel that it is different emotions in different countries. On the contrary, you will be touched by the perfect and endless love when Hongyan was met.

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