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500 Words After Reading Maggie's Gift

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500 Words After Reading Maggie's Gift

Some people think that money is omnipotent, and having money has everything, but I have always believed that sincere feelings are priceless. Even if you have millions, that doesn't change the true feelings. Maybe money gives you some feelings, but those are hypocritical. When you no longer have a million dollars, hypocritical feelings will break down, leaving you with extreme pain.

"Maggie's Gift" is a series of stories triggered by money. A couple gave up on their beloved because they wanted to buy a Christmas present for each other. It's a pity that in the end, each other's gifts have lost their use value, but they all got the true love of each other's most precious gift in the world. I think they are happy. Although they are very poor and have a difficult life, in their hearts, money is not important. What is important is the true feelings of the other party. As long as they have it, they feel 100 times happier than rich people.

From another perspective, if the heroine Dara in the novel is wealthy, even if she buys expensive gifts, she can't see the true feelings, and Jem won't feel so happy. Della's beautiful hair, Jem's precious gold watch, and two things that each took pride in were lost. They wanted to make each other more beautiful, but they made the gift useless, but they were even happier. As the author puts it: Of all those who give gifts, two of them are the smartest. I think they are also the happiest of all who accept gifts. Many people will envy this couple.

Maybe some people will ignore this and fail to understand their approach. If Wan Guan's family wealth and a sincere feeling are placed in front of you at the same time, which one would you choose? I will not hesitate to choose that feeling, because the sincere feeling is priceless! I believe that sincere giving will eventually Sincere return, happiness can only be achieved with true love.

500 Words After Reading Maggie's Gift

The charm of language is to give people endless fun and emotional support, and the text jumps out of gorgeous dance under the nib of some great masters. O Henry, who is highly accomplished in novels, belongs to this column. His famous work "Maggie's The Gift is a masterpiece. In his humorous sentences, the expressions of one character after another are revealed. Each character is really alive and full of vitality. As for his humorous style, he does not need to summarize it with trivial words.

This book is a collection of short stories that involve human relationships, society, money, friendship, the beginning of each story, and it always has unexpected endings when you try to guess how bizarre the story will appear Or think about it carefully, or you will regret it for a long time.

When watching "The Busy Broker" and experiencing the memories that have been eroded by work, should you think about life or don't give your time to work?

"Twenty Years Later" makes people helplessly face the choice between friendship in the interests and the law. Friendship sometimes really makes brother very helpless.

"Messenger of Love" was puzzled for the first time, and the second time was hazy. It turned out that romantics like love can make flowers in the pen. Confession is also a technique to recover true love and resolve misunderstandings;

In the face of human nature and justice, "Enchantment and Reformation" does not seem to conserve energy, because courage has played a role;

Reading short stories is a treat in itself. With such a plot, humor, it is a perfect book. It has been the first time I have read this book. Some books!

500 Words After Reading Maggie's Gift

People often turn the frontier, unexpectedly. The ending of the big anti-resident mechanism is called the end of O. Henry's style. I believe that O. Henry's novels are famous all over the world for their unique style and charm.

After reading O'Henry's masterpiece, The Gift of Maggie, I deeply felt the appeal of O'Henry's novel.

This "Maggie's Gift" describes a poor couple. The husband has a gold watch but no matching bracelet. The wife has beautiful long hair but no matching hair comb. The wife sells the long hair and buys it for her husband. Gold bracelet. The two thought about each other's motivation and feat at the same time, which made the wishes of both sides futile. The ending of the work with an unexpected and reasonable ending highlights the sincerity and sincerity of the relationship between the husband and wife, and it makes people cry.

This article reminds me of Tegel's famous novel The Window, which describes two bedridden patients living in a small room with only one door and one window. Only through the window can we see the outside world, and our life is dreary and dull. In order to comfort the patients, people near the window

Weaving the colorful landscape outside the window helped patients get rid of their loneliness and got a relief. At this point the story seems to be over. However, the patients were suddenly jealous, and they could not die for the people near the window. When they were fighting for the berths near the window, they saw only a bare wall. Artistic charm.

This European-Henry-style ending is a way of thinking that turns the character's emotions, behaviors, or things in the opposite direction. It is one of the effective means to enhance the appeal of the article. It generally contains two major parts: the potential is ahead, and the reversal is behind. That is, a mindset is formed first, and then it suddenly turns, breaking the long-term accumulation tendency, which causes a long-term and sudden artistic impact.

Such endings often cause a shock in the heart, giving people a more direct hint to the heart that love is interlinked but unreasonable. As long as we understand each other, support each other, and help each other, the world will be full of gorgeous love flower!

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