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Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

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Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

Today, we read "Lei Feng's Diary" in the composition class, and I was very ashamed.

The book tells that when Lei Feng was a child, his father was severely beaten to death by the Japanese army during the War of Resistance Against Japan, his brother died in misery, and his mother hated and committed suicide. He studied hard, sacrificed the country, and won praise from Mao Zedong: Learn from Comrade Lei Feng!

After hearing this, I was ashamed. Compared to myself, I feel too happy. When Lei Feng became an orphan, I was coquettish in the arms of my mother; When Lei Feng was studying hard and sweating, I was still running and playing in the fields freely and carefree; At the age when Lei Feng served the people, And I'm reaching for my clothes, and I'm open to enjoy the joy of heaven!

I remember one morning, I got up and stretched, my mother came over with a smile, and handed me a piece of sesame bread, saying it was my breakfast. I was so angry that I thought: Why can anyone eat KFC and McDonald's every day, and I can only eat bread! So I went away in anger. The next night, my mother showed me a diary of Lei Feng. I was really annoyed that I had done something wrong! So I rushed to admit my mistake. I am even more ashamed.

I admire Lei Feng very much, he is very strong! Although he lives so hard, he still studies hard.

Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

Today, I read a book called "Lei Feng's Diary" at Teacher's House.

The voice of the party is the voice of the people. From here, I want to say to my father and mother: I used to be too naughty to make you angry, and I will obey you later! Remember once, my mother spent 2,000 yuan on the vase I bought from Tibet and I was Broken while playing with toys, my mother punished me for housework. I bargained hard with my mother, unwilling, but there was no way but to listen to my mother. In retrospect, I still feel very ignorant, and now I realize the truth: Uncle Lei Feng listened to the party and did not talk about prices. I also want to learn this spirit of not bargaining!

A single flower is not spring. When I read this sentence, I could not help but think of unity as strength. Only unity can defeat the enemy. Just like ants, ants can be said to be the most united animal in the world. For example, if they saw something to eat, if they couldn't move, they would go to rescue the soldiers, and everyone moved together. We should learn this spirit.

Uncle Lei Feng was once rated as a model worker, a model worker, and an advanced producer in the workshop where he worked. I thought I was also rated as a good student, learning activist. Am I learning from Uncle Lei Feng exactly?

I think that although Uncle Lei Feng was sacrificed, his spirit will always live in our hearts.

Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

Lei Feng is an example of serving the people wholeheartedly. "Lei Feng's Diary" is one of my favorite books. Lei Feng's life was short-lived, but his selfless dedication has deeply moved my heart.

This diary of Lei Feng introduces Lei Fengdi's life: he was born in a poor family, and lived in an old society without clothes and less food. At the age of seven, he became an orphan and relied on the villagers to help him survive. After the liberation of his hometown in August 1949, he attended school with the care of the Communist Party and the People's Government. After reading this, I feel quite: ah, we are living a happy life now, we have such a good teacher and parents meticulous care, and the enthusiastic help of my classmates, my childhood and Lei Feng childhood, compared The difference between heaven and earth!

A diary in "Lei Feng's Diary" wrote a comrade who found that the toilet was blocked by a large dung, so the comrade drew a large dung. This reminds me: in real life, I am afraid of dirt, odor, and do not love labor, but this comrade cleans the toilet automatically, and I really admire him.

In my dream, I dreamed that Uncle Lei Feng was by my side and patiently said to me: "Child, your idea is correct. I hope you can do more good things in the future. As my successor, you must learn the skills and grow up." Building our new China.

The image of Lei Feng was deeply imprinted in my mind. His selfless dedication spirit stirred my young heart. Lei Feng, Lei Feng! I will hold up your banner, follow your footsteps, learn good skills, and build a great motherland.

Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

Today, at the teacher's home to study composition, we read the book "Lei Feng's Diary". I was deeply moved.

Lei Feng was born in 1940 and died in 1962. In these short 22 years, he was a model of serving the people wholeheartedly. He was once regarded as a model worker and an advanced model producer. He joined the Chinese People's Liberation Army in January 1960 and joined the Communist Party of China in November of the same year. His famous sayings are: do no harm to oneself, benefit others exclusively, or just to make others live a better life, devote limited life to unlimited service to the people, and praise the people: Lei Feng has traveled a thousand miles and done good things. train.

We must learn from Lei Feng, his outstanding character and spirit of serving the people, and praise his heroic deeds. (After reading the net yjnnfood.com)

Being helpful is Lei Feng's classic spirit. We must help others a lot. In fact, helping others is helping myself. I will help my classmates to help my father and mother in the future! I will never sit idly when my classmates have difficulties. My parents ask me to do housework, and I will never talk about the price again. I will openly accept your suggestions and face everyone with enthusiasm.

Although Uncle Lei Feng has passed away, his beautiful character remains in the hearts of all of us, encouraging us to align with truth, goodness and beauty.

Reading "Lei Feng's Diary" with 300 words

Today, I read the "Lei Feng's Diary" with reverence. After reading it, my eyes were wet unknowingly, and a big teardrop was dripping on the page where Comrade Lei Feng was sacrificed severely.

As the saying goes: Lei Feng has traveled a thousand miles, and a good thing has done a train. In fact, it really is. This fellow of Mao Zedong has dedicated his life to the revolution in his early twenties, and he has done countless things for the people. When he was in elementary school, he was already the first captain of the Young Pioneers and the head of the class. He has excellent academics and often helps students with problems in their studies or life. When he grew up, he joined the Communist Party of China as he wished. He was not afraid of difficulties and set off towards the limits of humanity. Whenever the party assigned a task, he always completed it first, or did his best. He has been awarded the advanced individual title several times, and the people in his class are also affected by him, thinking everywhere and being awarded the advanced collective title!

At that time, the spirit of Lei Feng affected the whole country, and even Chairman Mao himself wrote an inscription for him. But now? Where did the spirit of self-denial go? Did it disappear? No! We can still see the epitome of Uncle Lei Feng from some people, such as the entrusted brother, the grandmother who saved Xiao Yueyue, The most beautiful driver Wu Bin, they all have the spirit of Lei Feng! And they are all worth our learning!

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