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"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" 800 words after reading

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"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" 800 words after reading

Divine power can martial arts, Confucianism is more knowledgeable, Tianri heart is like a mirror, and spring and autumn are just thin clouds.

On that day, three strange-looking people walked into an inn one after another, and as soon as they saw it, they decided to die in Taoyuan, all of which seemed to be doomed. Perhaps no one at the time thought they would do something great, but historical trends made them the most admirable heroes of the three countries.

My greatest experience in reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the brutality of the battlefield, the treacherousness of the rulers, and the loyalty and loyalty of those soldiers. The author portrays each character as lifelike, and I like the beautiful red-faced Guan Yunchang among the three kingdoms. He is different from the reckless man Zhang Fei, who is quick and impatient, and does not understand the big picture; he is different from the Zhuge Liang who can plan, and spends all his day trying to calculate his opponent; he is also different from Liu Bei, who conquered the heart with kindness, But often timid and afraid to move forward.

Guan Gong, whose real name is Guan Yu, was born in the year AD and died in the year AD 29. He slashed the horse, galloped across the field, conquered the heroes, and assisted Liu Bei to complete the three-point cause. He stroked his beard, lifted the knife and got on the horse. For a moment, Huaxiong's head fell to the ground, and his glass of wine was still warm. He had a naked arm and a chess piece in his hand, and his face was calm. Rabbit, hand-held moon knife, passed five levels and cut six generals, he was extraordinary; he went to the meeting with one hand, without fear ... He was a horse and a life of loyalty. When Mai Cheng lost, he resolutely chose to be loyal to Liu Bei. He died tragically and became a headless ghost. . Imagine if he was surrendered, Ronghua riches and endless enjoyment, and honor is also full, will the world pattern change? But how does his respectful elder brother Liu Bei treat him, maybe only about Yu himself knows, and all I can read out The thing is: Cao Cao valued Guan Yu very much, and tried to recruit him. When Mai Cheng did not fall, Liu Bei could go to the rescue, but he gave up his brother for the sake of the so-called overall situation. After Guan Yu's death, Cao Cao held a grand funeral for him. It can be said that Cao Cao's treatment of Guan Yu was no less important than that of Liu Bei, but why Guan Yu chose Liu Bei, it is probably because of the Taoyuan Sanjie that year, because of brotherhood.

He is loyal and loyal, and sincere and brave. He is the embodiment of righteousness. He is the majestic warrior in our hearts. The film "Guan Yunchang" tells the story of Guan Yu's passing five levels and cutting six generals. In the play, Guan Yu's appearance is strong, his heart is tender, and his loyalty and loyalty are as if the warrior in history has been moved to the screen, but it seems to be less. Point three brothers trust each other, maybe this is Guan Yu's regret.

Yu Qiuyu said such a sentence, there is no tragedy without tragedy, there is no sublime without tragedy, Guan Yu's tragedy, how much vicissitudes of sadness and endless desolation

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" 800 words after reading

I have benefited a lot from reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the four great masterpieces in China, is an important literary masterpiece in ancient history of China. "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" portrayed nearly two personal figures. It tells a series of stories from the late Eastern Han Dynasty to the unification of the Jin Dynasty.

Among the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu is the one I admire most. He is not only good at martial arts, but also good at people. When he fought with Cao Cao, he pretended to surrender because he was carrying his second wife. In fact, he still wanted to find Liu Bei and protect the second wife. When he got a red rabbit, he rode on the red rabbit and went to Liu Bei again. When he met Erji at the foot of the mountain, he did not forget to take Erji back. He was a well-deserved man. He did not drop Cao, dropped candles, rode a thousand miles, rode alone, passed five passes and cut six generals, and the ancient city cut Cai Yang. He was loyal to his lord and surrendered because of defeat, but once he learned the news of the lord, he didn't know how to go. I think that although he dropped the enemy, he finally returned. He is not only loyal, but also a rare and valuable loyalty.

Cao Cao's deceit, Liu Bei's modesty, Kong Ming's caution, Zhou Yu's narrow-minded, each character has a different personality.

It is no exaggeration to say that Wei Guo was the most intelligent in the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao's use of soldiers can be described as unparalleled in the world, and Sima Yi even uses soldiers as gods. But both had their own fatal weaknesses: Cao Cao was suspicious, and Sima Yi was too insidious. Besides Shu, the first bearer must be Fulong: Zhuge Liang. His extraordinary wit and skilful formation made all posterity astounding. There are also some characters like Feng Chu: Pang Tong, Jiang Wei, Xu Can, and so on, but I don't think they are as good as Kong Ming. Wu, a country that occupies three rivers and six counties, can be regarded as a strategy, that is, Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu, a boy, was familiar with military books and mastered formation.

It is not difficult to see the importance of human character in these characters and countries. Personality matters to success. In real life, we should not be loyal, but we should also be honest. If a person loses the most precious integrity in real life, what else does that person have? Money, status, and official office? These are secondary. Integrity is a person's permanent identity card. If there is no integrity, everyone will not trust you, and you will be pointing at you behind the scenes. Will you be sad? Are these money, status and official functions made up? You don't want to be an innumerable person with many shortcomings! So let's open the door to integrity and face life with our permanent ID card!

"The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" 800 words after reading

The world famous Shakespeare once said this sentence: Books are the nutrition of the world. Indeed, reading books can bring us many benefits. It allows us to broaden our horizons, enrich our emotions, increase our knowledge, and so on. In the books I have read, "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" was the deepest impression, and "Fire Burning Camp" in it made me deeply touched and inspired by life.

"Burning Camp" mainly stated that during the Three Kingdoms period, the emperor of the Kingdom of Shu Liu Bei was so angry that Dong Wu killed his worshiping brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, so he led a 750,000 army to attack Dong Wu. However, due to improper camping and climatic issues, Lu Xun's military division attacked it, causing the Shu army to burn the company and almost wiped out the entire army.

After reading The Burning Camp, I was deeply touched and couldn't help feeling sorry for Liu Bei. How much miserable it was for the army of seven hundred and fifty thousand to die for Huangquan for a breath that had not been contested! Originally, the Shu country had sufficient food, a large number of soldiers, and a large number of mighty soldiers. There were young dragons and phoenixes and five powerful tigers in the military, and they were fully capable of unifying the world. However, because of the impulse of Uncle Liu Huang, his anger fainted, and he did not listen to his men's advice. He went to attack Soochow with anger, and as a result, lost more brothers' lives. Uncle Liu Huang who had fought for many years on the battlefield was defeated by a scholar and lost so badly. What a shame to Uncle Liu Huang! Since that battle, the Shu State has lost ground due to small losses, not only failed to report revenge, but also began to go downhill, becoming the weakest of the three countries, what a pity! Uncle Liu Huang's impulse led to his defeat in Shu!

After reading The Burning Camp, I couldn't help but think of myself, did I ever have something wrong with me?

I remember when I was young, I had a good friend named Li Li. One day, after class, Li Li and I each took out their own wooden boats to play. While playing, Li Li accidentally hit me, and the small wooden boat in my hand immediately flew out, splitting in half. Immediately furious, I did not listen to Li Li's explanation, and a small wooden boat that captured him fell to the ground and turned into two halves. After Li Li watched, he said angrily to me: I will not have you as a friend in the future! Then he ran out of the classroom. I went away in anger too. After that, we didn't talk again.

Looking back now, I regret it very much. I regret that I had acted impulsively for a while. I regret that I lost a good friend because of a small wooden boat. I regret that I lost a precious friendship because of a noise.

After reading "Burning Camp", I learned a truth about being a human: Don't be a big loser, be impulsive, and be able to stretch and stretch, otherwise you will lose more and more.

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