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Read "Dust Planet", after reading 600 words of Dust Planet

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Read "Dust Planet" 600 words

I have read a lot of books, there are novels, stories, and science books are almost endless. Among them, my favorite is novels, especially "Dust Planet". I was deeply attracted by the plot in the book, it taught me a lot of things that I could not learn from textbooks.

The novel revolves around the brotherhood and brotherhood. From the brothers who started the neighbor relationship to the brothers in the real sense, their contradictory thoughts were generated in their hearts. The author described their different psychological activities in delicate language.

The story begins with Xia Shengxuan and Xia Zhengyi, two brothers who are two years apart and brothers. Two different types of boys have different lives because of their proudly smearing the boundaries of two years. The elder brother Xia Shengxuan's excellence made his younger brother Xia Zhengyi worship, rely on, and convince a person for the first time since his father left. But because of the increase of age, the transformation of the soul, and the confusion of things, Xia Shengxuan's excellence is already a stress and a shadow to Xia Zhengyi. Zheng Yi is already full of contradictions to Sheng Xuan, his dearest person. Sheng Xuan has always taken care of Zheng Yi as an elder brother, but he ca n’t understand Zheng Yi ’s psychology, and his own growth is also an uneven road. In the end, he can only watch helplessly as Zheng Yi goes further and further away from life. track.

The bitterness of growth is self-evident, so how much I want a sibling to share it, but at the same time sharing each other's help, they also affect each other and hurt each other, because everyone is tasting the bitterness of growth, two hedgehogs want to warm each other, The closer you get, the greater the damage.

"Dust Planet" has taught me a lot about life. Xia Zhengyi's death and Xia Shengxuan's half-depressed life were unwilling to open their hearts and couldn't understand each other. After reading this book, in addition to deploring the bitter growth of the two boys, he also said to himself that during this period of growth, we must understand friends, understand everyone around us, and live a long life!

We all have to believe that love is hidden deep in our hearts. One day, it will push away the layers of thorns in front of you and show them in front of you.


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