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Crying Marriage: 400 words after reading, Crying Marriage: 400 words

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Article 1: Laughing Marriage Feelings After Reading 400 Words

Zhang Henshui's book, I've only read "The Family of Gold Noodles" before, but now I read this "The Laughing Marriage". To be honest, I don't feel like "The Family of Gold Noodles" is good. Still worth a push.

In fact, the story was not as shocking as it was supposed to be, it was just Mr. Zhang Henshui's description of the relationship between material and love. From the present perspective, it seems to have more practical significance. At that time, although our dependence on matter had greatly increased, it had not yet reached the point where it could not be separated. But love will still endure the test of materiality, and ideals will fall apart in the face of reality. Especially in this materialistic world, if we want to live, we must get more material than in the past. You rarely use a mobile phone for communication, and rarely use a computer network to find a job. You must at least take a car where you go. The higher the cost of living means that the reality is more capable of yielding to us. If the background of This Laughing Marriage is to be modernized, I am afraid it will be another ending.

But just looking at this book is enough to make us sigh. After all, Zhang Henshui arranged an acceptable ending for us, and did not make everything clear one by one. No wonder the book has so many sequels. As far as the general public is concerned, we always hope that the characters we like continue to live in the novel.

Article 2: Feelings of Reading Zhang Henshui's "Crying Marriage"

Mr. Zhang Henshui's "Laughing Marriage" has been heard a long time ago. It is said that Zhang Henshui has won a large number of female fans for these romances, including many middle-aged and elderly people. Reading today, I ca n’t help but sigh, and today ’s similar cries of love and cries of marriage are incomparable.

The rich master fell in love with the poor girl, helped her, and helped her return to school to read and read. For Feng Xi, who sings big drums on the street, it is really God ’s greatest gift to her. Like all women in love, Feng Xi is happy and content. Later Fan Jiashu returned to visit his mother, Feng Xi encountered the biggest change in life. She was fancyed by a commander Liu, who had been retaliated and placed under house arrest because she rejected her pursuit. For these poor people drifting on the street, what to do with power. After a meal of intimidation and humiliation, Feng Xi was forced into a state of survival, and then a lure of money was launched. Let Fengxi suddenly feel that she has the opportunity to live another life, and truly change from a chicken to a phoenix. She shook, she was disarmed, and she, and her family, needed safety in that situation, food and clothing, and protection. And they thought they found it.

Therefore, Feng Xi became the bad woman in the eyes of readers, greedy for vanity, empathy and love, and disloyal to love. We hate Feng Xi and sympathize with the family tree. Even when Feng Xi was tortured by Commander Liu into a lunatic, he did not necessarily win the sympathy of all people. Many people would say: take care of yourself and blame yourself. I thought about it this way. But after thinking about it, Feng Xi is really so sinful, isn't it worth forgiving? She is only a 17-year-old child. She has been bullied since she was a child. Her life is difficult. If you think about it, Feng Xi will be even more pitiful.

Now there is no previous power to bully people. Flat-headed people have been forced to live without a road, but there are still many Fengxi, and so many modern white-collar workers are shouting: I would rather cry in a BMW car than to be big on a bicycle laugh. From this point of view, Feng Xi, Zhang Henshui, makes us more pity.

Article 3: Laughing Marriage Composition after Reading

I watched a little bit of "The Laughing Marriage" TV before, but I watched it against Yuan Li, but I don't know the ending on the TV. Today, I turned up the book and read the novel carefully from the perspective of text.

The moment I read the novel, it really made me laugh. The hero's love is indeed bumpy and ups and downs, and this kind of ending fits my appetite.

In my opinion, Guan Xiu should have become the heroine. In the first place, Fan Jiashu did fall in love with her later, and in the second place, Xia Nu has always been my respected character, not to mention a modern lady who dares to act like her, who is just and brave!

From Zhang Henshui's novels, I can always see another realm of human nature. In "The Family of Gold Powder", I mainly see the sexuality of men. In "Laughing Marriage", I think I saw that marriage has its own set number, and everything should not be missed.

This is exactly the theoretical guidance that I need so much now. Young people always have casual thoughts. Since there have been such thoughts in the past that have led to the situation today, I can no longer stand still. But in the face of reality, we must lift it up. This move is to let it go.

Thinking about it this way, I feel that I have taken another step out of my little world.

Chapter Four: 700 Words of Reading Notes

Zhang Henshui came into contact with the popular "Family of Gold" many years ago, and reading of his literary works began with the recent "Crying Cause".

The original intention of reading this book was simple, because it was classic. Recently, there has been an extremely strong interest in literature, and in addition to the Chinese language course, the desire to read the classics has become even stronger. As the book says: the classics of literature, the classics in old-fashioned stories and the spirit of oldness in old-fashioned discourse, are intriguing or even fascinating.

"Yin Xiao Yin Yuan" depicts the intricate emotions of Fan Jiashu, a rich son in the 1920s and 1930s, and three women in different positions. Fan Jiashu is a knowledgeable young man who accepts new ideas. He has a sense of justice to help the poor and weak, and at the same time sticks to the human body, naturally attracting three women.

Fan Jiashu and Shen Fengxi had a true love. In terms of the social background at the time, the gap between their status and status was destined to the tragic end of this love. Feng Xi is a woman who sings a big drum book at the bottom of the society. Later she betrayed Jiashu and married General Liu, which reflected her love for money and status to a certain extent. If Fan Jiashu is a poor poor scholar, the result will be How about it? As for Guan Xiugu, there are many times when the relationship with Fan Jiashu is one-sided, but after the sister and brother ended the relationship, it was quite satisfactory.

He Lina, as one of the protagonists of the novel, eventually came together with Fan Jiashu. Although He Lina is a wealthy girl living in a Western style, she has a very different temperament and lifestyle, but since they met, I think they are the most suitable couple. I don't know why I think so, maybe there is no reason like some love in reality.

After going through all kinds of twists and turns, Fan Jiashu and He Lina can be regarded as lovers and finally become dependents. At this time, all the tragedies of fate have accumulated for them to think deeply about life.

Fan Jiashu's cozy love in the tragic life makes people laugh and make him laugh. For this kind of love we are even more difficult to conclude, can not help but think of this sentence: fate is destined.

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