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Good sentence to describe the sun flower

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Paragraph describing sun flower

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Vigorous, tenacious, colorful, strong, unyielding, vigorous and upward


1. In the back garden of my aunt's house, a pot of Taiyiyangyihua was planted. This is a very beautiful little flower, a thin flower with a petal, pink, red, pink and red, extremely bright. Taiyiyangyihua always makes you feel that it is so soft and weak, so beautiful, and the stem is thin, like a bag of green juice, very tender, like a gust of wind that can blow it off of. But its leaves are different, like a heart that always sets off its loyalty to nature.

2. Taiyiyangyihua is said to be dead because it has that amazing vitality. It is not as precious as a peony, but it can grow on barren land; it is not as beautiful as a rose, but it can show people its vigorous and unyielding character.

3. Taiyiyangyihua has a strong vitality. As long as there is soil, a yangyiguang and appropriate moisture, it can grow quickly. Broken a stem and planted it in the soil, and watered it more, allowing it to bask in the sun, and soon it can grow another plant.

4. The vitality of Taiyiyangyihua is very tenacious. One stem and one stem constantly grows and shoots continuously, and new leaves and flowers grow. The flowers bloomed and thanked, so that they kept growing, so that the team of Taiyiyangyihua became more and more huge. Now they are full of flowerpots and become a beautiful scenery.

5. The Taiyiyangyihua blooms as soon as it sees a yang and a light flower. The flowers are lilac, fiery red, pink, red, and the heart is a small golden yellow filament. It is very bright and beautiful.

6. The vitality of Taiyiyangyihua is very strong. As long as there is a yangyiguang and soil, it can grow quickly, and quickly grow the entire flowerpot. Even if you never manage, Taiyiyangyihua always grows so well. Even if you accidentally break a stem one by one, as long as you re-insert it in the soil, pour more water on it and expose it to the sun, it will soon grow another plant and grow very well. Out of a sun and a flower.

7. Every morning when Tai Yiyang first showed his little head, a smile appeared on Tai Yiyang and a flower, Tai Yiyang rose slowly, and Tai Yiyang bloomed slowly. In the evening, when the Taiyiyangyi fell, the Taiyiyangyi flowers also brought the flowers together to form a flower and a bud. Every day.

8. One stem and one flower of Tai Yiyang is Chu red, which is inserted into a flower pot like a curved thin tube. Its flowers hang on a stem like many stars, flickering in the pot. Tai Yiyang looks like curls of human hair from a distance, and looks like a bunch of fireworks in close range.

9. In the early morning, when Tai Yiyang looks like a shy little aunt and a mother as soon as she reveals a small half of her face, Tai Yiyang wakes up from a deep sleep. They stretch green leaves and suck and dew. When Tai Yiyang shed a golden light on the ground, Tai Yiyang immediately opened their gorgeous smiles. Look, the vibrant and colorful Taiyiyangyihua in a verdant green is so beautiful!

10. The flower seeds of Taiyiyangyihua are surrounded by several small leaves. The flower seeds are as big as sesame seeds. After the small flower seeds are ripe, they are scattered in the arms of the grandfather of the earth. After the nourishment of the sun and the light, the more beautiful Taiyiyang flower can grow and open in the next year.

11. For a short time, the dark clouds covered Tai Yiyang Yi and the belief that Tai Yiyang Yihua still stood upright. The torrential rain slammed these flowers and plants, the weeds that were so vulnerable, that they were crooked and messy. Even the lush green leaves on that huge old tree have fallen to the ground!

12, isn't it true in life. Born to be destined for a day of death, why should we fear the power of death? Ordinary life is a lifetime, and scenery is a lifetime. Why don't we choose the latter? Just like Tai Yiyang and Huahua, even if we are beautiful overnight, we have to work hard, even at what painful price, we will not hesitate, so as not to live forever. At this point, I also figured out, having a brilliant life of Tai Yiyang and a flower, why should I be sad and regretful?

13. The flowers and petals of Taiyiyangyihua are single-layered and shaped like plum blossoms. The core of the flower has red and black filaments with yellow dots. Taiyiyang, one flower, one stem, one long, thin, soft and soft, meandering. Its branches are very thin, its leaves are dense, and many flowers bloom.

14. The flower of Tai Yiyang and one flower fell off a little, but it could not be seen that it had been baptized by the storm. With its strong vitality, it was clear that the flower had withered. Crystal raindrops, dotted on the flowers, sparkle like diamonds, which is really beautiful. Under the illumination of Taiyiyangyiguang, it looks more and more bright.

15. Taiyiyangyihua is not only beautiful, but also very interesting. Each Taiyangyang flower has five flowers and one petal. The flower and petal are pink and red, like the aunt ’s face and the red and moist face. Its leaves are three petals, like a butterfly fluttering. ; Its stem is not only slender, but also lightly squeezed by hand, pink and red juice will flow out, very beautiful. Taiyiyangyihua has many stems and stems, so there are many leaves and petals, clumps and clusters, which are full of vitality.

16. There are many flowers in Taiyiyangyihua, including yellow, purple and pink. The time spent by Tai Yiyang is not the same. Some are opened one day earlier and some are late one day. They open more in summer and less in winter. Taiyiyangyihua also has different layers, with one layer, two layers, and three layers. The first layer is flat, the second layer is oblique, and the third layer is standing. Organized together, it is colorful and even more beautiful.

17. The origin of the name Taiyiyangyihua is very interesting. Why is it called Taiyiyangyihua? It may be because as soon as Taiyiyang emerges, it will bloom a bunch of small colorful flowers. Taiyiyangyihua also has a special feature. It is like a sunflower. Wherever the sun shines from one side, its head turns to the other side.

18. I saw a small orange-red flower standing on top of layers of green leaves. From a distance, it looked like a pearl inlaid among green leaves. The diameter of the flower is about 2 cm wide and the flower is 3 cm tall. Although the flower has a small stamen, it has a small beauty that can be loved, and the whole flower is extraordinarily beautiful. At this time, Huazhi was more confident. One after another, thousands of green leaves rose to the ground, adding a strong green background to her.

19. One stem and one flower of Tai Yiyang is Chu red, which is inserted into a flower pot like a curved thin tube. Its flowers hang on a stem like many stars, flickering in the pot. Tai Yiyang looks like curls of human hair from a distance, and looks like a bunch of fireworks in close range.

20. Two months passed quickly. One morning, the sun was shining brightly, and I got up and walked out of the sun and stretched out. Suddenly found that the Taiyangyang flower in the flowerpot was in full bloom. All the flowers had five flowers and one petal, each color was different, there were purple, pink, red, dark red, and beautiful. The flower and stamen of one of the flowers is crimson, the flower and the root of the same flower are crimson, and the end is pink and red. The original color of Taiyiyang flower is so rich.

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Beautiful Words and Sentences Depicting Beautiful Sunflowers (Full Version)


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Describe the beautiful words and good sentences of the sun flower (full version), describe the beautiful paragraph of the sea, describe the beautiful paragraph of running, describe the beautiful paragraph of autumn, describe the beautiful environment, describe the beautiful paragraph in the morning, describe the beautiful paragraph of chrysanthemum , Describe the beautiful paragraphs of flowers, describe the beautiful paragraphs of moonlight, describe the beautiful paragraphs of the moon

Good sentence to describe sunflower and sun flower

Introduction: The sunflower is always facing the sun. It is the sun and the sunflower that are chatting from morning to night. Here are some good sentences and good descriptions of sunflowers and sun flowers, I hope to help everyone!

1. Sunflower flowers generally bloom in April in the solar calendar. They bloom before the leaves grow. They will greet spring with willows; they bloom again in July; in winter, the flowers and leaves of the sunflower are frozen and scorched. The root is still strong in the soil against the severe cold, and has accumulated strength to wait for the spring of the next year.

2. A red sun flower was raised in my family. It was a birthday gift from my grandfather. You see, its flowers face the sun all day, no wonder people call it sun flowers!

3, the color of the sun flower can be more: pink, pink and light yellow ... Dress up the flower bed more colorful. After school in the afternoon, I found that the sun flower was closed again, the wind was blowing gently, she was shaking like a cradle ...

4. Learn the autumn wind and the slightest autumn rain. The leaves of the sunflower change from green to yellow, and the petals on the outside of the disc are slowly dying. But under the countless stamens in the flower tray, a full fruit-sunflower seeds. At this time, Sunflower quietly bowed his head quietly, as if to indicate to people that it was time to harvest.

5. The flourishing sunflower is not my favorite. As a child, I liked to go to the garden in groups with my friends, line up in a long line, and pick my favorite flowers. At that time, it was only me, silly, I was picking silly sunflowers, looking up silly at the sky. Right now, I am the only one who is among the flowers and still chooses it-a beautiful and hopeful sunflower.

6. The stem of the sunflower is green. The stem is covered with hair and pointed green leaves. There is a large disk on the top of the stem. The disk is large and bright in color. The petals are golden and the seeds are dense. Emerald flower.

7. Summer is here. In this growing season, sunflowers have said goodbye to their infancy and grown up to be a "lady". You see, its stretched leaves are more like a banana fan! There is a faint flower on the head? —— A small green disk. Its flower plate grew up day by day, and finally blossomed like a wheel. Dozens of yellow petals surround the flower plate, and the middle of the flower plate is densely packed with golden and bright flowering stamens.

8. At the hour, Grandpa said, "Have you seen a sunflower? That's a golden cradle, it's a brilliant light." When older, Dad said, "Have you seen a sunflower? That's a golden heart, it's bright The bright pearl. "In elementary school, my mother said," Have you seen sunflowers? That is golden sunlight, shining stars. "At the junior high school, I said," Have you seen sunflowers? That is Jin Chanchan's dream, is Flaming sun. "

9. There are many flowers around us, but I prefer the ordinary sun flower. Sunflower does not have the fragrant fragrance of roses, does not have the elegant temperament of peony, and does not have the beautiful figure of the rose. But it has a tenacious vitality and is not afraid of difficulties.

10. Every summer, the beautiful sunflowers open as much as possible, giving a sense of generosity. The core is like a big pearl. There are many dense cells. Whenever sunflowers open, they are close to each other, as if their sisters were whispering. The bright sun shines on them and emits a strong fragrance. It is really refreshing and intoxicating! The thick petioles of sunflower chopsticks hold round and earthy leaves. Every time I'm in the wild, I'm like a little bee, I can't help walking to smell it.

11. In the past, I planted a pot of sun flower. Later, because I planted more beautiful flowers, I abandoned the sun flower on the roof, regardless of it. Who knows one day, I went to the roof to play, and found that there was a bunch of beautiful flowers on the ground. A closer look, isn't that the pot of sunflowers thrown away not long ago? The bunch of sunflowers was uprooted and abandoned on the roof. How many winds and rains have gone through, but they are not dead, and they smile at the sun. It will dedicate the next smile to the rising sun and light of tomorrow.

12. From a distance, the sun flower is a bunch of pink flowers, but when you look closely, it is blossoming, similar to a trumpet flower. Its leaves are like small fans, and they are like clover. .

13. Over time, I found that some of the sun flower leaves have buds on the ends, bulging, round, and lovely. I counted, and this pot of sun flower now has 9 buds. This made me feel like I was going to reap. The small buds slowly grew, and the flowers hidden in the buds were finally "broken out," like a shy girl finally unveiled her mysterious veil. The flowers in the pots are colorful and different in color. There are yellow, pink, red, and white, and the flowers are like pure and lovely girls, beautiful and touching.

14. Sunflower leaves are thin, grow on the stem, expand on all sides, and have smooth small teeth on the edges! How petals of sunflowers look like thin red leaves! They hold hands and form a string , Surround the flower in the middle. The dark yellow stamen rose up, as if to say, "Come and see! How beautiful I am!" At this moment, a gust of wind blew, and the sun flower danced like a charming girl. While appreciating, a fragrant and fragrant fragrance came to me. Ah, it ’s the smell of sunflowers!

15. Sunflowers are growing day by day. From time to time, there are new leaves coming out of their cute little heads, which are emerald green in color. These sun flower stems are too long, one by one, squeezed together, comparing each other, and supporting each other. When the sun flower grows

At 4,5 centimeters high, I will cut them in half, and the sunflowers treated in this way can grow up better and look more beautiful.

16. The summer sun shines directly on the ground. The noble peony had long since taken back the petals, and stood dejectedly at the corner of the garden. The sun flower is in full bloom. Looking back at the budding flower, it just bloomed, aren't you afraid of the strong sunlight? Maybe from the moment it sprouts, the fate of confrontation with the sun is destined? The sun is getting hotter and hides me Under the shadow of the house. But the sun flower is still blooming very beautiful and cute, as if showing power to the sun. Finally, the sun went west a little bit, and the sun flower defeated the sun.

17. Now, in my mind, the sunflower is not only sunny, but also strong. If sunny days are good moods, and cloudy and rainy days are bad moods, then sunflowers will be strong no matter whether they are good moods or bad moods. Even sometimes, the unstoppable weather can break the sunflower and break it, but it understands that even if it dies, its own seeds will grow new seedlings, even if its children and grandchildren cannot survive, there will be thousands Thousands of sunflowers stood up and showed their most beautiful smile to the world. In this world, the sunflower is the most optimistic one. I hope that no matter what difficulties I encounter in the future, I will survive it!

18. Mom, I still remember that when you haven't left for survival, you like Sunflower the most. I still remember that Mom once told me that Sunflower symbolizes hope, love, and loyalty, so you like Sunflower the most. . Do you still like sun flowers now?

19. In the morning, the sunflower opened a smile, the first to meet the rising sun; at noon, when the sun is empty, the sunflower always raises its golden face upwards; in the evening, the sun slowly goes down, and the sunflower faces the west, reluctantly and Farewell to the sun. Ah! What a beautiful sunflower! The golden sunlight shines into its heart. Autumn is coming, and in this harvest season, sunflowers have passed through its vibrant youth and gradually matured.

20, sunflower disk round, golden golden, like the golden sun; petals triangular, countless pieces around the disk, like the sun's rays. The whole flower is like picking up the sun and placing it on a flower stem, and it looks like a round sun drawn by a child. The leaves of the sunflower are green, like a cute little hand holding the beautiful sun.

21. Have you ever seen the cutest smile? I have seen it. It's sunflower, it's the "silly" smile of sunflower. That was the brightest and cutest smile I've ever seen. Of course, in the smile of the rose and the smile of Peony, its smile is naturally inconspicuous, but the "exclusive" golden color on the body is compelling, and the dazzling color is as full of passion as its life. , Full of energy.

22. In the morning, the sun rises from the east, the sun shines on the ground, and it shines on the sunflower disk. The sunflower slowly turns around and enjoys the light. The sun passes through the pine trees and shoots on the sunflower's petals. , Like a little sun. In the evening, the sun went down, and the sunflower was facing west. It was a little sad to see the sun gradually go down, and then slowly lowered its head. The sunless sun seemed very quiet, and obviously it didn't like darkness.

23. Sunflowers are always facing the sun. It is the sun and sunflowers that talk from morning to night. I think the sun is the mother and the sunflower is the child. Sunflowers can't finish talking to the mother of the sun every day; I also think that the sun is the teacher and the sunflower is the children. They all laugh around the teacher. The mother of the sun is giving me warmth, the little bee spreads pollen to me, and the little bird flies over to tell me the beauty of the sky. Sunflower is a child, and the sun is a teacher. The teacher imparts knowledge to us and gives us warmth.

24. A pot of sun flower is planted on the balcony of my house. The general sun flower colors are: light white, dark yellow, fiery red, and lilac. The sun flower on my balcony is lilac and looks simple. Sunflower leaves are dark green, and the edges of the leaves are red. Almost every stalk is covered with lush leaves! The stalks are thin and round, lying flat or oblique, with hairs on the nodes. Its color is the same as the leaf border, and it is also red. This is the stem of the sun flower.

25. The flower of the sun flower is small, red, very delicate, and beautiful. It is like cute little red lanterns hanging on the twigs. It is so cute. It is called a sun flower because it can be found where there is sunlight. Whenever the first bright sunshine gives them warmth, the sun flower seems to feel the coming of light, the darkness will leave, and the warmth will come quietly, so it will be open, facing the sun, showing its bright smile. .

26. The flowers that have been cultivated for more than ten days finally bloom their beauty. My efforts have been rewarded accordingly. In these more than ten days, I experienced the joy of hard work and hard work, and finally the joy of harvesting results, let me know that only 100% of the work can be achieved 100% of the time. At the same time, I admire the sun flower that I planted with my own hands. It has the simplicity and simplicity, and can grow tenaciously and optimistically in any environment.

27. At six in the morning, the sun came out. The buds of the sun flower with the package can not help but bloom beautiful petals. Flowers are only as big as buttons, just like little sparks. It does not have the noble style of peony, nor does it have the soft posture of lotus. But it has the splendor in the sun! It turned out that this plant is called sun flower because it bloomed when the sun just came out. When I posted it, when did it bloom, I found that it is a plant that blooms when it sees the sun. Will slowly close until no light at night. Sunflower is gradually closing its lilac petals and entering dreamland! Sunflower is a plant that depends on sunlight to grow. So it is suitable for planting outdoors. It can grow beautiful flowers only in the sun.

28. In the summer, I went to my grandmother's house for a holiday and stopped by to see my sunflower. Ah! It ’s incredible. Although the grandmother ’s sunflower is not tall, it is strong and powerful. The faceplate is also very large, some are large enough for a washbasin, and others are about to bear fruit. Looking at this golden sunflower flower, it looks particularly beautiful.

29. The color of the sun flower is very beautiful. The red ones are red, orange, purple, and pink. The yellow ones are goose yellow, pale yellow, orange yellow, and golden; a thick layer. Because the flowers are not big, and the leaves are like carpets, they are like furnishings on the ground, so they look very furry and cute. If I weren't afraid of damaging the petals, I really want to lie down! The gap between flowers makes them more like a delicate hollow pattern.

30. In the early morning, the dew on the petals glittered like a falling meteor. The sun shines on it, reflecting the real garden and sky, and it looks even more lovely. The overlapping petals and leaves gave me a very kind feeling. Opened in clusters, colored small round flowers, consisting of five or six petals, pressed one by one, covered one by one. Butterflies are falling on the middle flower. Some flowers have already seeded, and with one touch, a small black grain smaller than sesame popped out and fell to the ground. 姥姥 Indicates that the annual meeting came out.

Good words and good sentences to describe the sun flower

Give me some sentences for sunflowers.

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Thanks for taking my advice!

Sentence about sunflower

Good sentence to describe sunflower

Beautiful Words and Sentences Depicting Beautiful Sunflowers (Full Version)


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Describe the beautiful words and good sentences of the sun flower (full version), describe the beautiful paragraph of the sea, describe the beautiful paragraph of running, describe the beautiful paragraph of autumn, describe the beautiful environment, describe the beautiful paragraph in the morning, describe the beautiful paragraph of chrysanthemum , Describe the beautiful paragraphs of flowers, describe the beautiful paragraphs of moonlight, describe the beautiful paragraphs of the moon

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