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800 words of essay composition for junior high school students after reading Robinson Crusoe

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The junior high school students felt 800 words after reading "Robin Sun Drifting":

Can you survive on an isolated island with no people, no daily necessities, no shelter, only a sea and a forest? Can you build your own fort on a hulk with only a pinch of food, some bullets and other items of little use? 28 years of loneliness and hardship, can you rely on one's wisdom and strength alone to overcome difficulties and have your own happiness?

In our real life, this seems to be nothing but night and day, but all this impossible things happened to Lu Binsun, the hero in "Robin Sun Drifting".

Lu Binsun was hit by a storm during a voyage. No one except him was spared. He drifted to a deserted and unknown island. His heart was full of helplessness and loneliness. He didn't know how to survive on this isolated island, but he did not despair. With his wisdom and courage, he overcomes many difficulties. Continued his life, and at the same time discovered many joys in life ...

Robust and unyielding, Robinson relied on his own strength and the food and tools found on the scrap boat to build his own residence on a deserted island to meet his basic living requirements. Think about it, his two-story house took more than a year to build; when he first planted wheat and rice, his precious inventory was wasted half because it was not the time to plant it. ; In order to dig a few cellars to store fresh water, Robinson worked hard for several months; in order to make a soup pot, tried many methods, experienced many failures, and finally achieved success.


All these difficulties were conquered by Lu Binsun's tenacity and never giving up. On this isolated island, everything that Lu Binsun made by his own hands condenses his efforts. He will also be very happy with a small success. When I see these clips, my tears always fall involuntarily, it is moved, admired, and even shocked.

We are now like flowers in a greenhouse, occasionally a little bit of wind and rain, and we can't stand it. I remember that time, my test scores were not satisfactory, and the teacher severely criticized me for a meal. I was very frustrated. Now comparing me with Rubin Sun, I am still very ashamed!

Lu Binsun made me understand that no matter how much setbacks and difficulties are encountered, we must be brave and optimistic. As long as we have confidence and courage and perseverance, we will definitely overcome difficulties.

I think: there will be many difficulties in our growth. Only as brave as Robinson is not afraid of danger, optimistic and persistent, can we go through bumpy times and usher in a glorious tomorrow! Author: Wang Jiaqi

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