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Read 800 Words in "One's Pilgrimage"

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Reconcile with yourself-read "One's Pilgrimage" with 800 words:

Everyone's life is a pilgrimage for one person. Give yourself time, don't worry, step by step, day by day, please believe that the tenacity of life is amazing, cooperate with your upward heart, don't give up on yourself Love.

In fact, I read "One Man's Pilgrimage" three years ago, and read it again this time. In the flat storyline, I was always inadvertently touched. The first time I read this book was when I started running in the morning. At that time, I was very persistent. The world was full of doubts, doubting my ability, doubting my beginning.

"All he has to do is keep one foot in front of the other. This simplicity is pleasing. As long as you keep going, you can certainly arrive."

When I was in trouble, I remembered this sentence, and forgot all my thoughts (what goal, why they ran so easily, I'm so tired ...), simply letting myself go and constantly moving one foot to the other In front of my feet, the simple process, the simple forward, my morning run has been running happily to the present.

Reconciliation, reconciliation with life, reconciliation with yourself, gentle treatment of life, family. These five years have been the most difficult time for my husband and I. They are full of mistrust and burnout, as described in the book: "Because all of them are stagnant, as if all joy is drained. Some cars are sitting in the car. With the mother and the child, it looks equally exhausted. Those partners like Maureen and him are also stiff and tired. "


"Harold hoped that the woman could not bear the words of her husband, and hoped that the man could laugh and grab her hand. He thought of Maureen and himself, and 13 Foster Bridge Road these years Will Morin tell him in the cafe's eyes that his voice makes her want to scream? When he leaves, the hiker is still pointing on the map, and the wife is still talking to the air, She held the rest of the napkin in a ball. Neither of them noticed Harold's departure. "

Each clings, hurts, and lives suffocating. After seeing Harold and Maureen separate from each other, they let go of their minds and recalled the days they had spent together, thinking about the possibility of thinking together. I think, since the worst is separation, why not give each one a chance to try another solution. Try to treat the differences between us gently, without tangling, deliberately, not controlling, returning to the original life, and returning to the original intention of the two of us. We do n’t have love and affection, but they are comfortable and natural. Conflict. "Giving and receiving is a gift. It takes both humility and courage." We give love and have the courage to accept each other's love. This is an ability that we need to keep learning.

"She endured these years because no matter how lonely she was with Harold, the world without him would only be more lonely." In fact, it is the voice of many couples. In this case, let yourself go, let alone For each other, love and live well.

Life, leave yourself more blank, accept something you do n’t understand, fight for, and believe that you can change something. Author: Rainy

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