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500 characters after reading Robinson Crusoe

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After reading Robinson Crusoe: 500 words:

These days, I have read "Robin Sun Drifting", and this book has benefited me a lot. Lu Binsun has lived on an isolated island for 28 years, a total of 28 years, what a shocking figure. I was shocked by the legend of Robinson and his admiration for his amazing perseverance.

The book tells: There was an Englishman named Robinson who was in distress during a voyage and all his companions died. Only he survived. He drifted to an isolated island. There was no one here. He was not depressed. It is with an optimistic and positive attitude that they continue to survive on their own hands and wisdom. He chose a suitable place to settle down, settled on fishing and hunting, and raised the goats he had caught in order to eat more lamb and drink more goat milk. He also repeatedly harvested wheat, and finally in the fourth year ate his own grain. This solves the food problem. In this long process, he also rescued the Savage "Friday" and began to teach him, "Friday" soon became a good helper for him. He lived on this island for 28 years, and was finally rescued and returned to Britain. Lu Binsun relied on his knowledge, wisdom and courage to overcome difficulties and spent 28 years safely.


In a rough and difficult environment, Lu Binsun is helpless. How much difficulty does he need to overcome? What kind of courage and perseverance is needed? Facing the challenges of such an environment, Lu Binsun did not despair and compromise, but faced the reality bravely, fought with difficulties with contentment, a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and created an enduring legend.

Now we are living in a beautiful and happy environment, "to stretch out your clothes and open your mouth to eat," we have never experienced such a difficult life. So there is no such perseverance and survivability. If I encountered such a thing, I would not think about how to survive next, but crying and crying to my mother, I would not be as brave as Robinson Facing difficulties, how many days can I survive in such an environment? one day? Two days? After three days, he was starved to death.

After reading Robinson Crusoe, I was determined that no matter how much difficulties I encountered in the future, I could n’t be intimidated by the difficulties. I had to face them bravely and find ways to overcome them. Like Robinson, no Fearing danger, being brave, and optimistic! Author: Yang Zhirong

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