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"Colorful and Sweet Wind" 500 essays after reading

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"Colorful and Sweet Wind" 500 words after reading:

This winter vacation, the teacher assigned us a task, the content of the task is to let us read an extra-curricular book, and write down the real feelings after reading this book. On the second day of the winter vacation, I could n’t wait for my mother to take me to the bookstore. When I saw a large variety of books, I did n’t know which one to choose. Finally, with the help of my mother, I chose "There are colors and sweetness." "The Wind" and started my reading journey.

In this book, the brown bear is a very hard-working bear. He planted trees on the hillside and planted a beautiful orchard. No matter who walks here, he will be praised, and everyone likes him very much. However, Wind Girl is very distressed. She thinks that she is colorless and tasteless, and sometimes it causes some pain to everyone. People don't like her. At this moment, the brown bear comforted her and said, "As long as you often come out and talk to everyone, and treat each other sincerely, everyone will like you." After listening to the brown bear's words, the girl from the wind slowly integrated into everyone. In the spring, the leaves turned green and the peach blossoms bloomed. Everyone felt that the wind was also colored. In the summer, when she was blown, the fruits and the fragrance were sweet. Everyone felt that the wind was sweet.

At night, the wind girl quietly asked the brown bear: "Everyone said I was a wind with color and sweetness, is that true?" The brown bear smiled and didn't answer.


I think it ’s not that the wind has really changed, but that her mentality has changed. She can integrate with everyone, make friends with everyone, and treat each other sincerely. Only then will everyone like her and think that what she brings to everyone is beautiful , She will think that she is a wind with color and sweet taste. The same is true of our children. We must be optimistic, communicate with others, and treat others with sincerity so that others will like us.

Teacher's comment: The author's article is clear and narrative. It not only vividly explains the origin of "the wind with color and sweetness", but also can get some insight from it. The author is awesome! By Huang Mengqi

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