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"Zhuangzi and Keiko Swim on the Beam" 500-word composition after reading

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"Zhuangzi and Keiko swim on the beam" 500 words after reading :

A few days ago, we studied the article "Zhuangzi and Keiko swim on top of the beam." The text mainly describes a debate between Zhuangzi and Keiko. For Zhuangzi knowing whether the fish is happy or not, they both Everyone has their own opinions. After studying the text, I seem to have traveled for two thousand years to understand their different personalities.

Judging from the illustrations in the text, the one wearing white silk clothes with jade pendant should be Keiko, because the teacher said that Keiko had been an official before, so he still had a little money to buy silk satin clothes. Another should be Zhuangzi with plain clothes and hair only wrapped in cloth.

From the analysis of the expression when looking at the fish, the person with a serious expression is Keiko, because Keiko is a person who takes things very seriously and always has his own rigorous views. The man with just a beard in his hands, like a freewheeler, is Zhuangzi, because Zhuangzi is not so serious.

Finally, their personality can also be seen from the language. "Zhi Fei Yu An Zhi Yu Yu Le", Keiko blurted out after Zhuangzi finished speaking, and saw that Keiko cares more about the surface of things, thinking that what he sees is what he is, and he is a person who is inclined to rational thinking, just like Mr. Gong said Is a "technical man". And when Zhuangzi saw the fish, he said, "It ’s a pleasure for the fish to swim easily." This shows that Zhuangzi cares more about his inner feelings and is a "literature male".

From the above analysis, we can see that Zhuangzi and Huizi are different. Zhuangzi is like a free-spiritist, and he can do whatever he wants, while Keiko is a thinker who analyzes things in accordance with objective reality. Author: Cao Zhibin


Zhuangzi and Keiko are friends-"Zhuangzi and Keiko swim in the beam" 500 words after reading :

If I hadn't studied this article, I would have known that Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi were good friends, and maybe they thought they were only friends with similar interests, but my idea was a bit wrong.

These days, the teacher led us to study "Zhuangzi and Keiko swim on top of the beam". At a glance, I felt that it was just a conversation between the two, and it seemed that there was nothing to watch. As the teacher talked about Zhuangzi and Keiko, my heart was attracted. It's fun to steal concepts, identify Zhuangzi, and talk about Zhuangzi and Keiko. I learned that Zhuangzi is a happy and interesting person, and Keiko is a serious but somewhat rigid person. When Zhuangzi said, “It ’s a pleasure to fish when it ’s easy to swim,” Keiko said, “Children are not fish. 'From this, you can feel that Keiko is a bit rigid. Isn't Zhuangzi saying this sentence just to express his happy mood at the moment?

If Yu Boya fell on the piano and Xie Zhiyin, Zhong Ziqi was what we expected, then we might as well say that Zhuang Zi and Hui Zi are even better friends. The teacher said that Zhuangzi was often black Keiko. From the online information, I learned that Zhuangzi and Keiko were actually not a good friend, because they love to debate, so the topic of the debate began, and the more they talked and became more familiar.

In general, it's fun to know how to make friends, and friends to talk to each other are also very interesting. Author: Cold Jiao

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