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"Little Caterpillar" 200 words after reading composition

时间:2019年09月12日 Source: yjnnfood.com Time: September 12, 2019

After reading "Little Caterpillar" 200 words:

Today I learned the text "Little Caterpillar" and found it very interesting.

This text is mainly about the process and changes of small caterpillar growth. The caterpillar is not like other insects. It neither sings nor runs, and it does not fly. Even moving a little bit will cost nine cattle and two tigers. But it is not pessimistic, disappointed, or envious. Just silently weaving the cocoon house, trying to do what they should do. When the hour came, he woke up and found that he had become a very beautiful butterfly, and he could fly freely and happily.


Through the study of this text, I know that everyone has their own things to do. I also have to learn from the little caterpillars, work hard, and do what I should do, and it will definitely get better! Author: Yi Chun

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