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"Bald King" After Reading Composition 500 Words

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"Bald Bald King" after reading 500 words:

I like the book "Bald King" very much. He let me know that to approach beautiful things, to find solutions to problems, and to use wisdom and courage to solve problems.

After seeing the looks and hobbies of King Bald, I felt that King Bald was disgusting. He even likes to eat human meatballs, eat human meatballs, and drink human blood soup. And the teeth grow bigger as soon as they are angry, and shorten when they are happy. King Bald has three other ministers. The first one is Hundred Baba, the most trusted minister. The second is 274, a minister who often asks questions about King Bald. The third is "——", "——" is the minister who orders food for the bald king.

The plot of the story is particularly interesting, and I feel nervous and worried for a while. One day, King Bald came to a village and saw many people, one of whom was very beautiful. But as soon as they saw the bald king, they hurried home. They were afraid of being taken away by the bald king.

However, there are still some people who did not survive, including Dong's mother, father and sister. Brother Dong was crying anxiously, and quickly called his good friend, Xiao Ming, to help him. They thought about it for a long time, and finally came up with a good way-ask the gods to help. But the fairy came up with a list that said, "It costs 100 yuan to save my father, mother, and sister." But Xiaoming and Donger, how can I have money? They don't even have the money to eat. then what should we do? They had to pick fruits for the gods, and they desperately picked one, two, three ... up to more than a hundred.


They joyfully gave the fruit to the gods, begging the gods to take them to hurry to save people. However, the fairy ran away with fruit. Finally, with the help of the twelve kittens, they led the folks with weapons and ran to the bald palace to rescue the trapped.

After reading this book, I realized that everything can only depend on oneself, and it is useless to rely on others. Because everyone has their own needs, their own things must be done with wisdom and courage. As long as we work hard, dreams can come true! Author: Li Minghui

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