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"Spider Opens" Sequel 200 Words

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"Spider Open Store" sequel 200 words:

The spider said to her: "Hello sister! Your feet are too much. If I finish knitting all your socks for you, I will need to knit for a whole month, and my silk thread will also All exhausted. "

I heard the spider's words and said in a loss: "Without socks, my feet will be very uncomfortable when walking, and my skin will be frayed if I walk for a long time. What to do!" He cried sadly after speaking. When the spider saw the maggot so sad, it had to bite the bullet and agreed.


The days passed, and the spiders kept weaving and knitting nonstop every day ... A month later, the spider finally finished knitting forty-two socks. My sister-in-law was extremely happy.

But what about spiders? The silk thread in his store ran out, the store closed, and he was tired.

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