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"Diary of a Sailor" After Reading 300 essays

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"Diary of a Female Sailor" After reading 300 words :

During the winter vacation, I read a book called "The Diary of a Female Sailor" and I knew the heroine Tao Xueluo.

This book tells that in the summer of 1832, a thirteen-year-old girl from the upper class, Tao Xueluo, boarded the Seahawk heading for the United States without knowing that she was waiting for a thrilling transatlantic travel.

During the voyage, the sailors had been plotting rebellion in the dark. At the beginning, Tao Xueluo was on the side of the distinguished and elegant Captain Shekley, but gradually, after learning about Captain Shekley's cruel nature, Bian resolutely joined the ranks of sailors, and soon she was involved in a bizarre In the murder case, she was tried and sentenced to death, but she used her courage and wit to escape the calamity. Finally, when the Seahawk arrived at her destination, she had become the captain of the whole crew. However, when she returned to her parents after much hard work, she found that she was out of step with the world that she was familiar with.

After reading Diary of a Female Sailor, I think Tao Xueluo is brave, smart, and hardworking. I will learn her advantages like cleverness and bravery in the future! Author: Ni Zimiao

Female sailor diary after reading 300 words :

"The Female Sailor's Diary" tells that when the heroine Tao Xueluo boarded the "Sea Eagle" sailing to the United States alone, people were constantly reminded not to get on the ship, but she boarded the "Sea Eagle" for various reasons. ".


During the voyage, the sailors had been betraying the captain secretly. At first, she thought the captain was very nice, so she stood on the side of the captain. Slowly she learned the captain's brutal nature and joined the rebellious side. Soon, she was involved in a bizarre murder and sentenced to death. She was very strong and brave. She used her own wisdom and courage. Fight bravely and escape the calamity. Became the captain of the Seahawk. After going through all kinds of hardships, he finally returned to his parents. But she found that the original world was incompatible with her. Finally, she returned to the Seahawk.

Her courage is worth learning for each of us. She does not believe in her own destiny and fights stubbornly with them. She was a good girl, but when she found danger, she did not bow to her destiny and went forward bravely and won. Let me understand that when faced with difficulties, only with a brave face and an indomitable spirit to resist difficulties, can we usher in real victory!

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