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Read "Ferryman" with 1000 words

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Reading "Ferryman" has 1000 words:

"If fate is a lonely river, who will be the ferryman of your soul?"

01. This is the words on the cover, and also my first impression of it.

When I was young, I was always afraid of loneliness, especially of myself. Eat together and go to the store together, for fear of others saying: Look at that person, not even a friend. Later, I grew slowly and realized that there are many things in this world that can only be done by one person, and there are many paths that can only be taken by one person, whether parents, lovers, or friends.

I think of Long Yingtai ’s "Watching", "I slowly and slowly learned that the so-called father and daughter, mother and son, it just means that your fate is constantly watching this life and this life. His back is drifting away. You stand at this end of the path and watch him gradually disappear where the path turns, and he silently tells you with his back: Do n’t chase. "

Sometimes adapting to loneliness is like adapting to a disability. Chai Jing said, "Loneness is the bone of a person." Every soul walks lonely in this world, some unwilling to be lonely, immersed in the world of paper drunkenness, and the voice is full of anger, but even more lost.

Someone asked me, "Did you say that two people must be more lonely than one?" I was silent for a moment. Actually I met. A cold light, sitting next to the window, slowly drinking and speaking slowly. But every sentence is so heavy and so profound, it asks the question directly to the soul. You asked so sincerely, he thought so seriously. So you are surprised to find out that among this vast crowd of souls, the soul in front of you seems to need no more words, and he will understand you.


I certainly understand how rare this is. There are no unsatisfactory things in the world, but there are no two or three who can speak. I think this is true, but it is not necessarily sad. Shi Tiesheng is an elder brother I respect very much. He has an article called "Good Luck Design". If a person has been lucky from birth and has never encountered the bumps in life, will he feel happy and happy? Bitter, how sweet.

Misery in life is not without meaning. At the very least it will give you an idea of the suffering itself, as well as the self-confidence and experience that come with it. It's like climbing a mountain, without experiencing the dark night and pain, how can the surge of excitement rise at dawn and sunrise.

Destiny is a lonely river. We decide from the moment of life, and we will face death by ourselves. However, in this lonely journey, some rivers will converge, and they will walk together the original lonely journey together, and spend the unsatisfactory together. But there are two or three language speakers, how lucky.

02. Tristan said to Dylan, "I am your ferryman."

Wasteland, the site of this story, this mysterious area that makes people shiver. As the ferryman Tristan introduced, "The wasteland is located in the middle of the two worlds, and each soul has to pass through their own wasteland. The wind and rainstorm, sunlight and grassland in the wasteland are actually your inner mapping."

I later had the chance to realize that the world in the eyes of different people is completely different, even if it is the same thing and the same person. Maybe what the world looks like depends on how you look at it. Just as Descartes said "I think, therefore I am", the world is the world in your eyes.

The task of the ferryman is to guide the soul through the wasteland and let them accept the fact that they have died. The road is full of demons, and if you don't pay attention, they will bite you and pull you. Once you are caught and dragged into the ground, you can only lose everything. Tristan has ferryed many souls, and sometimes self-protection often prevails, so sometimes souls are caught by the devil. But this soul is so important right now, Tristan must protect her even if she sacrifice herself. When Dylan watched his bruises appear, tears couldn't help bursting out. If I really exist, it's because of you. Reaching the border, Dylan turned around and said, "I love you." She had thought a lot of words, but it didn't seem to make sense. Tristan hesitated. He knew he couldn't cross the border. After Dylan's success, they should have no future.

If she was told the truth, Tristan was convinced she would never leave. Sorry, I'm sorry. Those who can do it themselves can do it, but Dylan is not Trieste's ferryman. At all costs, to return to the wasteland, which most people would not even think about, is it just for this feeling that it is worth the risk of sinking forever?

I think a lot of things are because they are precious at all costs. Even if the world is good, I can't stand it without you. He sat on the left side of the tunnel exit with his hands on his knees and stared at her. ... "Hello," "Hi," she retorted softly, his lips trembling smiled, "So you are here". "I am here" Author: Sub-vine

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