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800 words after reading the Life Efficiency Manual

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After reading the "Life Efficiency Manual" 800 words:

After reading the chapter on time management in the "Life Efficiency Manual", there are thousands of books on this aspect, and this book is the life planning book that the company has equipped us for this year. Sincere and honest, fresh and sharp, compared to other related books, this book is more about the experience sharing and summary brought by the author's personal experience, which is also a company's expectations for employees.

A true, simple yet rigorous and efficient book about how to improve yourself and maintain self-discipline. Follow the four elements of time management: planning, practice, summary, and evaluation. The author is strictly self-disciplined, regardless of all pursuits of self-life goals, and ultimately achieves the outstanding achievement of the spirit of death and perseverance, which is still very worthy of appreciation and admiration! She has something I like but currently lacks, she must study hard and do her best To practice.

What inspired me most about the book was time management. 1000-day grove plan, early rise and efficient learning methods are simple, unique and effective. A celebrity once said that "success is a person who cherishes time" cherishing time is an eternal topic. The ancients told us, "Tomorrow is coming tomorrow, there are so many tomorrows." People with different identities have different understandings of time. For doctors: time is life, because every minute and every second of them determines a person's life and death.


For workers: Time is power, and as much power as they give will pay off. For me: time is protection, because every minute of mine brings convenience and speed to taxpayers. To be successful, one must work hard, and more importantly, don't get discouraged to succeed. The road to work cannot be smooth, and when you encounter setbacks, don't get discouraged. As long as you are a caring person and work hard, you will overcome a difficult task.

After reading this book, plan your goals daily, make a daily list, and summarize daily. I have never made a list of work before, and follow the feeling and easily forget things. Only after setting goals for yourself, do you know what to do every day? How can we do things well, reassure customers, and worry about leadership, every day must be done today. Only in this way I also have more confidence to improve efficiency, getting closer and closer to my goals, and meeting myself. Author: Shi Feng

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