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800 words after reading "Gone with the Wind"

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800 words after reading "Gone with the Wind":

I want to read some books recently, but I don't know what to read. Scientific writings are somewhat arduous. Reasonable articles and books are repulsive. Then I checked it online and found that there are actually one of the world's top ten masterpieces. This caused my curiosity. Good guy, it's really amazing to be named one of the top ten masterpieces in the world. As a result, I opened the webpage and saw that only the tenth "Gone with the Wind" was the one I watched, and the rest were never seen. This really made me feel ashamed, but fortunately I didn't shave my head, and finally there was such a cloth.

The book "Gone with the Wind" was a classmate I borrowed when I was in middle school. The film "The Beauty in Troublesome Times" is adapted from it. I have read books and movies many times and I still remember them. The basic version of the movie is the same as the original. I really want to say that the two are different. That is, the movie is more vivid and interesting, more intuitive, more flesh and blood, and the character and era background are more realistic and delicate. In particular, the hero and heroine acted really well and could even be said to be perfect.

But that doesn't mean that the movie completely exceeds the book. Movies are not only good, but also the limitations of movies. Of course, movies are lively and interesting. However, it is not as deep as a book in terms of intriguing thinking, and the detailed descriptions are not completely in place. This is not a problem of the movie itself, but a question of human understanding and concern. Even if the movie may be expressed, the audience may not be able to find it. Can sense. So movies have the charm of movies, books have the depth of books, it's not easy to say which one is better.


What impressed me most about Gone with the Wind or Gone with the Wind: It felt like an illusion in many cases. Therefore, I have stopped feeling superstitious since I watched Gone with the Wind and Beautiful Woman. What follows the feeling, in my opinion, that is very ignorant and very stupid.

Hao Sijia (Scully) has loved Wesley (Ashley) for many years, so that Wesley was still entangled after marrying, but looked down on Bared, she would rashly dislike herself in order to protect him. People, unfamiliar people get married. She married and remarried, even if she married an old man she didn't like, but she always refused Bared's pursuit. She considers Bared to be a hooligan and a rogue. Even after she married Bared to live for money, she still "never loved him". It wasn't until Bared's departure that she realized that she loved Bared, not Wesley, and she wanted to find him ...

This is a very human question, a very difficult proposition, and very philosophical thinking. I thought that 99% of the people who had watched Gone with the Wind and The Gone with the Wind still had no answer.

This is like Ning Zhong in "Swordsman" will fall in love with Yue Buqun, Yue Lingshan will fall in love with Lin Pingzhi. Just like the popular phrase "Surface brother". Yue Buqun, Lin Pingzhi's popularity is just a gentleman on the surface. However, people prefer "face value", "prestige", "feel", "external", "image", "surface". Therefore, it is inevitable that we will finally be disappointed, and we will inevitably encounter gentlemen on the surface.

Sometimes people think that what they like is actually not what they think they are after, but they are not. What they think they are longing for is actually not. This is just like in the chapter of Saint Seiya Pluto's Zodiac, the truth is often difficult to reach. It ’s like a big change in the ending of the new edition of Mr. Jin Yong ’s “The Eight Dragons”. When Wang Yuyan pushed down the statue of the fairy sister, Duan Yu finally realized that she liked the fairy sister. No, the fairy sister he had never seen. The old lady who has been for many years, so he only likes the statue of the elder sister. He has never loved Wang Yuyan. This is the fact. What is Dachen Dawu, this is Dachen Dawu. Author: Huang Huang

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