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800 words after reading "Island"

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Growing in the sun-800 words after reading "Island":

"People who live in the gutter have the right to look at the stars."

This book tells a story of a family about Spinalongo, an island with only leprosy. Followed the author's footsteps and came to the coast of Crete, Greece in 1903. It was an era of leprosy. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that can cause patients with numb skin, nodules and spots of different sizes on their bodies. . In the era when leprosy could not be treated, leprosy patients were regarded as ugly and unclean, and their lives were sentenced to life imprisonment from the moment they became ill, and they could only be forced away from their families to go to Spinalongo. .

In such a hopeless and gloomy background, the story is unfolded by a family in Braca. Her husband, Gyogis, is a boatman who is responsible for the delivery of goods to Spinalongo Island. His wife, Elena, is unfortunately infected. She had been affected by leprosy after being sent to the island. After years of fighting against leprosy, she died unfortunately. After a few years, her younger daughter Maria was also sent to the island because of leprosy. She did not give up her life after losing everything, and finally received treatment. Healed and married her doctor.

The novel does not focus on describing the pain and despair of leprosy patients. They are abandoned by the world, but they never give up their struggle and resistance. They forced themselves to forget about their past lives and work hard on this island sentenced to life imprisonment. They decay before they get old, the skin ulcerates little by little, the nerve endings gradually lose consciousness, and the plaques on their bodies gradually expand.


Despair is the foundation of this island, but the people on the island know the value of life better than the people in the outside world. The island's leaders lead everyone, build hospitals and schools, open stores, show movies, and create a democratic, free and equal society. Spinalonge is no longer a symbol of despair, it is full of love and hope. After her illness, Eleanor was still obsessed with educating every child on the island. Maria brought herbs to every patient on the island. The dedication and persistence of Dr. Lapaski and Kritis eventually brought her back to life. To everyone on the island. After reading this horrible hell of Spinalonge, breaking up countless happy families, but witnessing the most noble virtue. In the interweaving of beauty and ugliness, accompanied by disease and despair, only hope, like warmth and boundlessness, illuminates the path of despair.

The novel has many metaphors for real society. The eldest daughter of Giorgis, Anna, has the beauty of upside-down beings, but was finally killed by her husband because of indulgence and indulgence after marrying a wealthy man. Fighting against the people, they became impoverished after the victory of the war and were abandoned by the beloved woman. The author does not try to beautify the dark side of society. It exists objectively and grows wantonly, but even in that "defiled and desolate" unknown place, there are gorgeous flowers growing in the sun. Unpredictable conflicts and repeated fragmentation, from the destruction and reconstruction of life, the destruction and re-emergence of love, sadness is the keynote of life, but those flashy moments are worthwhile.

What matters is not love, but the courage to live for it. Unforgettable pain makes love immortal. Author: Chai Yichen

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