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Read 800 words when I meet someone

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Read 800 words when I met someone:

Today we are going to recommend a book by Li Xue, "When I Meet Someone". This book by Li Xue gives me a completely different feeling, because she really hits my heart.

Before I read this book, I went online to check the content and review of the book. The mixed opinions made me more interested in this book. This book is about mother-to-child relationships, and I think this reflects problems or suggestions that are not just problems in infancy, as long as it is suitable for children who are still under the supervision of parents. When I read the first time, I put in my childhood memories. When I read the second time, I put in the problem students I have come into contact with. I think it is not inconsistent or even completely consistent.

This book is written around "love and freedom", and sorts out the problems encountered from the perspective of the child. Unlike other psychological books, she does not ignore the needs of the child itself, not only from the perspective of the parents. set off. Among them, "Limitations are fake love", I really agree. Most parents are reluctant to think about the behaviors that children show, because they feel that what they have experienced as parents is sufficient to draw the right point of view, and what they have to do is to give the child the correct conclusion. Misconceptions are unnecessary. But this often ignores the mental thinking process caused by children's curiosity about things.


There were several students who told me that they wanted to play games, and their mothers always refused to let them even touch their mobile phones. The more their mothers did n’t let their children play, the more they wanted to play, not only It is rebellious psychology, which is a normal reflection of restricted children. Later, I told the child that if you improve your grades, the teacher is willing to talk to your mother and ask him to use the game as a reward. The dubious child finally agreed with excitement. He told me that he didn't believe his mother would agree. Immediately afterwards, I asked the child's class teacher to hold a parent meeting, explain the situation to the child's mother, let the mother try to let the child play the game as a reward, and let the mother take the initiative to tell the child. In the end, the child ’s performance has really improved a lot, because he is no longer tangled in games. Games are also the instincts of each child and are the real needs of the child's heart. As the child ’s performance continues to improve, he actively reduces the amount of time he plays.

Since I started working as a teacher, I have gradually discovered that children who go to tutoring classes to make up for poor students have many problems with their behaviors, and the relationship between a child's performance and intelligence is not as great as expected. After reading this book, I feel that these children's psychology needs our attention. Maybe it's trust, maybe it's attention, maybe it's resonance, maybe it's encouragement .... When love and freedom are satisfied at the same time, the child's progress is beyond our imagination. Author: Canaan

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