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800 characters after reading "White Deer Plain"

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800 words after reading "White Deer Plain":

The book "White Deer Plain" describes the underlying changes of an era. By describing the people of this place in Bailuyuan, it reflects the lives of people in that historical era and describes their difficulties. Reading this book, I feel back to that era, there is a kind of immersive feeling, as if I am one of them, is going through what they are going through. I realized how difficult it was for them to survive, the feudal nature of the thought of that era, and the author's meticulous skill when describing the characters.

Bai Jiaxuan was the patriarch of Bailuyuan. He married a seven-room woman in his life, but his wife died shortly after. Once he encountered a geomantic treasure land, the designer bought that land, transferred it, and got poppy seeds to make money and live a good life. Although Bai Jiaxuan is sometimes bad in writing, his main character is still faithful and conscious. He has three sons and one daughter in his life, Xiaowen, Xiaowan, Xiaoyi and Lark. Bai Jiaxuan's tutor is very strict, if it does not meet his meaning, it is addition. As the head of a family, he attaches great importance to his own face and cannot let others gossip about himself. However, because of this, Xiaowen and Tian Xiao'e were linked together, and the position of the patriarch Xiaowen disappeared, and he sold himself as a soldier. Xiao Wan and Xiao Yi inherited his father's career and continued to live as fathers. Lark joined the Communist Party, and the relationship with the family broke up. Lark is a woman who came out of the cage of thought in this novel. The Communist Party participating in it achieved her personal freedom. Because of the harsh tutoring of Bai Jiaxuan, his eldest daughter-in-law died of starvation at home.


Lu Zilin is cunning by nature and has been against Bai Jiaxuan all his life. On the surface, he was called a brother and a brother with Bai Jiaxuan, but he hated Bai Jiaxuan. He urged Tian Xiao'e to seduce Xiaowen, causing Xiaowen to lose his position as patriarch. Xiaowen's life was ruined from then on. He also sold the house in his courtyard to Lu Zilin, in the middle of it. Lu Zilin's son participated in the revolution, in which he almost killed his father. Under Lu San's obstruction, Lu San's hair was cut off. After Lusan returned home, he hanged himself.

Tian Xiao'e in the book was actually a victim of that era. She cannot be said to be a scum, but can only be said to be forced by life. She came from Shuxiang Mendi and received some education. After his life fell, his parents married him to an old landlord. In the long-term lack of sex, in contact with Heiwa, he broke through the thoughts of the time and was not afraid of the world's spitting together secretly. However, it was later discovered that both were kicked out. Returning to Heiwa's home, Lusan knew that Tian Xiao'e was the youngest son of the old landlord and would not let him live at home. The two went to live in the cave, and the good times didn't last long. Heiwa fled, leaving Tian Xiao'e alone at home. There are many wrongs in front of widows, and Tian Xiao'e has slowly become a romantic slut in people's mouths. She finally died in Lusan's hands, and she paid the price of her life. This is actually the sadness of the times. White Deer had a plague, and it was said that it was made by Tian Xiao'e. She was trapped under the tower and must not be born. Tian Xiao'e is actually a rebel in the book. She is not afraid of the gossip of worldly people and pursues love, but in that feudal era, there was no good ending.

There are many descriptions in this book that are distressing. After watching "White Deer Plain", I deeply felt the difficulty of that era. Whether Tian Xiao'e or other characters think, the description is deeply rooted.

I think the end result is the feudal nature of that era, the firmness of thought, and Bailuyuan's lack of communication with the outside world. The second is the inaction of some officials, just holding positions as a cover to collect money. The third is the impact of some new ideas.

In fact, in this book, Tian Xiao'e feels the most pain for me. She didn't do anything wrong. She just wanted to live peacefully, just wanted to have her own love. Without knowing it, she was provoked by others and turned into a slut in people's mouth. I want to get revenge on the person who hurt him. This era is wrong, and turbulent times make life difficult for people.

"White Deer Plain" describes the changes and sorrows of the people at the bottom of an era. Reflecting the real life of that era, it is worth letting people reflect on history. "Fiction is the secret history of a nation." This sentence still echoed in my mind, making me always remember "White Deer Plain".

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