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Read "Letter to Son" 500 words after reading composition

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The best gift for children-reading "Letter to Son" 500 words after reading:

Today, I read the Letter to My Son recommended by Dean Cheng. As a mother, I felt a lot.

The characteristics of home education in China are: give birth to you, support you, and inherit to you. Chinese parents want to leave all their property to future generations, but this father's approach has subverted the image of my parents in my heart and changed my thinking as a mother: how to make children learn to adapt to society and love themselves? How to survive with positive energy? This is worth thinking about by each of our parents.

From the child to the ground to learn language, from kindergarten to elementary school, from junior high to high school, no matter what he learns, we are guiding the child how to survive. But no matter from school, family, or society, we will promote the good side of children. But when a child walks out of the house and sets foot on society, it is like the child walks out of the greenhouse, and must go through a storm. We cannot accompany our children throughout their lives, as the father said, we must first teach them how to protect themselves. The body is the root of life. Only when we learn to love ourselves and have a sound body can we be qualified to talk about something else.

Secondly, society is a network of relationships. There must be people and things you like and people and things you don't like. These will not change because of personal preferences.


So we have to teach children the ability to love, love themselves, love the society, love what they like, love what they hate, as the text says, love what you love is instinct, love what you love is educated, because Only in this way will the heart become better and better, and the road will become wider and wider!

One day, children will grow up, and one day they will leave our arms and adapt children to society. It is the responsibility of each of our parents. As parents, the best gift to a child is not a planned life, not countless. Money is not the value of parents. Love children, so that children warm heart rich, know how to appreciate life, love life; love yourself, do an optimistic independent individual, living as children to follow; love the world, give the world some of the good will and a smile ...... Author: Du Jiao

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