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Reading 800 Words of Fortitude

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Reading "Fortitude" has 800 words:

Only by doing what you truly love will last you

I participated in a topical discussion: what kind of work can make you passionate? My answer at the time was that I can only be enthusiastic about doing work that I truly love. Therefore, it is advised that when choosing your own career, it is easier to persist in focusing on the things you love.

The sooner you discover and develop your hobbies, the easier it will be to succeed

It is undeniable that a person's life is short. Except for the freedom during studying at an early age, after graduation, the social life is stressful, allowing you to have flawless contact and the ability to discover your hobbies, let alone start Talking about finding something you really love.

Only when you find yourself a genuine hobby at an early age, and when you have no worries in life, you will work hard to persevere will make it easier to achieve results. I actually love literature, but unfortunately I learned IT in the end. I hope that as my next generation grows up, I will face his affection and encourage him to discover and persist in his affection. Whether it is done or not is not important, what is important is to live without regrets.

Only by trying constantly can you discover your hobbies, and then you can talk about persistence

Some young people often ask me what should I do? My answer is not to decide what career you should do before you are thirty years old. You should try it. Every profession and every industry has to try. If you have not tried N occupations, how can you know which occupation is suitable or favorite? Only by trying this can you find a career that you can stick to for life. Only such a career can give you motivation.


The process of perseverance is deliberate practice

"Intentional Practice" is a book, and everyone is recommended to take a look. The idea is that everyone's achievements are not predestined. They all come from their deliberate practice in certain areas, such as if you like literature. Read more writing books. For example, if you like IT, go for more programming. For example, if you like to sing, then sing every day. As long as you persist, you will get results.

Optimists are easier to persevere and easier to succeed

Research on telecommunications, real estate, office supplies, car sales, banking, and other industries has also shown that optimists have 20% to 40% higher sales performance than pessimists. Pessimists are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, and they are more likely to learn sexual helplessness. An optimist has a positive attitude and maintains a learned optimism, which makes it easier to face failures correctly and persist.

The optimist will habitually find the cause of the pain and change it, in order to find a way to get rid of the pain and return to the joy; the pessimist believes that the pain is permanent and eternal, and cannot be changed, that is, fate.

I am a firm rational optimist, and I have also written the rational optimist after reading this book. I regard this book as a guide, and optimism allows me to accept everything that has happened, and correctly face everything that has happened, including failure, including the elderly. Seriously ill.

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