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After reading "The Most Beautiful Education The Simplest" 300-word composition

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After reading "The most beautiful education is the easiest" after reading 300 words:

The book "The most beautiful education is the simplest" is mainly written for parents. After working in primary education for nearly three years, I realized the importance of family environment and family education to children, and I have benefited a lot from reading this book.

I think there is a sentence in this book that is very good. We can't choose what kind of parents, but we can choose what kind of parents we become. Indeed, parents are a mirror of their children's growth and development. Some parents always complain about their children's poor behavior habits and obsession with mobile phones. At this time, parents should reflect on whether you have these bad habits and see your problems from the children.


In order to cultivate good habits for children, parents must change their bad habits. I have seen such reports. Two families, one parent worked and read a book after returning home from work, and the other family watched TV and played games when they came home from work. There could be a big gap.

So parents are the best teachers for their children. If they want to be the kind of person their parents are, they should try to be the kind of person. If a girl's father is excellent, then the girl's vision of falling in love will be high when she grows up, because she uses her father as a benchmark. The same goes for boys. The most beautiful education is as simple as "doing nothing and teaching without words". Author: Li Xin

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