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The Destiny of Julian Style——800 Words in "Red and Black"

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The Destiny of Julian Style——Red and Black Read 800 Words:

First of all, there are many funny places in the whole novel, which together with the tragedy part of it makes the novel high grade. Stendhal has a typical French humor. If you are a native Frenchman, you will find more laughs.

Secondly, character shaping has been extremely successful. Germany. Mrs. Rainer's psychological control as a married woman is very accurate, and Miss Mathilde's waywardness is very real (many such women in life). Stendhal has a large bracket inserted in the text to show the reader that Miss Mathilde's character is purely fictitious and unique in the world. This is actually afraid that acquaintances mistakenly think they are insinuating themselves.

Moreover, the protagonist Yu Lian is very furious, relying on his own ability to rise step by step, let readers feel the thrill of pornographic web articles. "Striving for strength" and "strong self-esteem" are both advantages and disadvantages. As an advantage, it really motivates yourself to keep learning and strive to surpass others. But as a shortcoming, the future will be lost because of an impulse.

Yu Lian not only has an outstanding memory, but also loves to read. The recitation of the Latin Bible in large sections has been loved by many senior monks. So the official career depends on the noble, but the ability to get the sincere help of the noble depends on your ability.

Yu Lian seized all the opportunities and was able to cope with it every time someone tempted him to learn. Of course, humans are not all-powerful. After all, Yu Lian has a worldly background and has limited access to books. So when asked about modern poets like Byron Sauser, he couldn't cope. But then he must have resolved this ignorance with sincerity.


That's how talking to literati is. I can't give people too high expectations, always pretending to know everything, and sooner or later they will be ugly. The best way is to face each other sincerely. When a person starts pretending, everyone around them may unconsciously raise their posture due to emotional infection. And if one is sincere enough to make himself feel ashamed, everyone around him will be as humble as a saint.

In order to become a superior, Yu Lian wanted to rely on his achievements in the army. But later it turned out that it was more realistic to become a monk and engage in religious causes. Of course, the bishop's humility and kindness also left a deep impression on him. Hundreds of notes network () let Yulian feel the character of high-level people. Of course, these manners are superficial phenomena, but for the protagonist of a rude civilian family, it seems that only a climb up can find a civilized person like him.

This reminds me of many vice-level corrupt officials. They are humble and kind, not humble. Things are smooth and smooth, making people feel a pleasure to deal with such people. When communicating with this kind of person, even if the topic is not interesting, the other person can cater to you with firm eyes.

But we know that all these appearances are the result of domestication in officialdom. However, I have to say that these false performances do have something to learn. Anyway, it is better than the bottom citizens who open their mouths and close their genitals and sputum on the road.

Yu Lian always laments the injustice of fate. Compared with the nobility in the novel, he has almost nothing since birth. Even family care cannot be obtained. So if it is an easy-to-satisfy person (such as me), I will marry a maid at the mayor's house. But Julian is just the kind of ambitious, plus young and beautiful, so it can be easily. Author: flood

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