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800 words in "Red Rose and White Rose"

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800 words after reading Red Rose and White Rose:

There are 12 stories in this book. After reading some stories, I have to sigh to Zhang Ailing. Her portrayal of the characters can only be described in four words: drawing silk and removing cocoons. And some of them impressed me.

The hero of the first story, The Young Story, Pan Ruliang, is patriotic, but doesn't like the Chinese much, and hates his family. The mother in their family is a typical poor man oppressed by the old feudal ethics. His father does business outside and often drinks. There are many brothers and sisters in the family. In the old society, women were sacrifices, which reminded me of Zhang Ailing ’s background, the noble deceased, the father of smoking films, but the beautiful stepmother, no matter what, seems to be a powerful background behind her book . I have always thought that people without stories cannot write good articles, but I have recently realized that people with stories may not write good articles.

It is said that one day Pan Ruliang encountered a real-life version of the silhouette that he has been painting—Qin Xia, a foreign girl. Qin Xia is a Russian. Just after he contacted for a while, Qin Xia suddenly told Pan Ruliang that she was getting married. I always thought that a girl's wedding should be particularly beautiful, but I saw Qin Xia's wedding in Zhang Ailing's pen and it was completely subverted. "The pointed dome of the Russian chapel, in a drizzle like mist, is like a light green garlic head impregnated with vinegar in a glass jar. There are not many people in the chapel, but they are full of rainy leather shoes. The priest wears flat gold A satin-like blanket, with long hair and shoulders, fluttering with golden beards, sweat kept flowing, and the bottom of his hair was wet out. He is a tall and handsome Russian, but for the sake of greedy cups, His face was red and swollen. He was an alcoholic and spoiled by a woman. He couldn't open his eyes when he fell asleep. "


Especially my favorite paragraph, "A fragrant man came out quietly behind the altar, holding a tray. It was a hemp and black Chinese. The monks exposed white bamboo robes and sucked shoes barefoot under the dark night. There was also a black hair. It is literally covered on the cheeks, like a ghost, not the ghost from "Liao Zhai", but from the righteous family. The white ants got out of the ghost. "On the contrary, the bride's own emphasis on the wedding It seems that this is not like a wedding but a funeral.

According to Zhang Ailing, women in the old society were all sad. They married and became vassals of their husbands. They seemed vulgar and uncultured. They are only suitable for bringing children at home, responsible for serving their husbands. What makes me feel cruel most is that in the story of "Flower Wither", Chuanxiong had lung disease. When Mrs. Zheng was going to buy Chuanxiong for western medicine to cure the disease, Mr. Zheng strongly opposed, saying, "This child has been sick for two years. Not only you, but you love sacrifice, and you find sacrifice, even me with a lot of sacrifice. Not sorry for her, the fat chicken and big duck are tired of eating, two apples a day- What time is it now, an aunt who is Lao Tzu ca n’t support her to eat apples! I think we can only do this, you can buy it if you have money. ”I ca n’t believe this is her father Watching her daughter die, this is the human nature in Zhang Ailing's pen. In such a society, the biological daughter is worth nothing.

And as I keep reading this book, it increasingly gives me the feeling that reality is too cruel! Author: Sweet Accounting 1604

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