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"Wanting the Moon and Huaiyuan Reminiscences" 800-word composition after reading

时间:2019年09月12日 Source: yjnnfood.com Time: September 12, 2019

"Wanyue Huaiyuan recalls his acquaintances" after reading 800 words:

This is a memory article with temperature, responsibility, and thinking. It is also a good article with high perspective, accurate language, and good grasp! It not only describes the county party secretary's uniqueness and superior ability, but also through the situation of the county party secretary, tells the generation of Communist Party representatives represented by the county party secretary at that time, people-oriented, career-oriented, responsibility-oriented noble Feelings, consciousness and great personality. Borrowing an old metaphor today, the contrast is a good article full of positive energy!

Lenin said that forgetting the past means betrayal. A nation's inheritance and reflection on history represent its understanding and expectation of itself. The period in which Liu Zhong documented the rule of Baode in the text was a very special era. At that time, the physical conditions were difficult and the level of productivity was not high. Compared with us now, many aspects are backward.

However, it is precisely in that difficult and difficult environment that the Communists represented by Liu Zhongwen, in their ordinary posts, worked hard and made every effort to make ordinary and mediocre achievements, and blossomed with struggle. The spiritual flower of the era; the kind and selfless mind and character of their grandfathers, they also released the light of humanity beyond the times.

Therefore, no matter how the times change, we will always be moved, inspired and inspired by such members of the Communist Party and such figures. No matter how the years change, this spirit will always be the soul of the Chinese nation that can stand upright and move forward. and strength. That's why I read the author's article today with ups and downs and excitement.


From another perspective, the author's vision is broad and far-reaching, his thoughts are clear, his emotions are simple and sincere, and his brushwork is fine. His words and narrative language are very old and unique. To be honest, it is extremely difficult to make an objective, calm, and accurate description of that particular era when people are chasing fame and wealth and material desires. However, in this series of articles, the author of Baijia Note Network () used his unique perspective and language to restore the face of that era for us as much as possible, leading readers to approach Liu Zhongwen and a county party secretary. At the same time, it is more like leading readers back to that era, feeling a lot of distant, intimate, familiar and familiar memories and feelings.

The author's particularly valuable point in the text is that he does not explain the truth, does not stack words and talk, but uses meticulous details and real and simple personal language to describe, portray, and reproduce historical scenes. This is a mature writing skill, a sincere writing attitude, and a deep outlook on life and the world-not to kidnap the reader with subjective and arbitrary conclusions and slogans, but to let the reader pass the true and clear details The oral experience of historical participants to truly feel the characters' experiences and emotions, and use their eyes and heart to judge and perceive the true pulse of that era. This style of writing, this calm and calm mind, among my peers, I think it is rare.

So, thanks to the author, classmates, and thank you for letting us know new things about history and people! Author: Liu Min

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